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Gerda and Lillian are enemies who hate each other, so they decided to set their differences with a fight with no quarters given.

The story is divided in two parts of the same time, 8 minutes each.

The fight is very even, the two girls girls give each other the same amount of punishment, from start to finish none of them ever gets the upper hand in the fight.

Part 1:

The video begins with two girls are facing each other, their fists up, already ready to fight.

Gerda: "I am glad i am going to fight you. I'm going to put you in your place. There is only champion here and it's me."

Lillian: "You couldn't be more mistaken. I'm the real champion and i'm going to show it to you, by punching your pretty face in. By the end you will not be pretty anymore."

Gerda: "I say the same to you. I'll be the winner and it's your face that is going to get ruined".

Lillian: "Bring it".

The fight begins and the two girls punch each other at the same time, sending both backwards a few paces.

Lillian: "That was the last time you managed to hit me".

Gerda: "You wrong, this was the last time you hit me".

The fight proper begins. There will be no more dialogue until indicated. If Gerda and Lillian feel like it' helps her action to have a moment where one of the girlçs calls names to the other, that's OK, as long it's very short and doesn't happen when they are hitting each other.

In this first part, the choreography is more graceful and sophisticated.

But that doesn't mean the fight is quite the contrary, the fight is very rough indeed, each girl wants to destroy with other and do the most damage they can to the other girl.

In this part the girls sometimes avoid or manage to defend hits from the other. But for the majority of the time the punches/strikes hit the other girl.

The fight goes one and never once a girl manages to gain the upper hand on the other. The fight is totally equal and even handed.

I wish that the fight for the most part is not a complete mirror of the way one attacks the other, so that the fight feels more organic and happening naturally.

For example, if Gerda hits Lillian with 5 puches, Lillian would hit back on Gerda with 4 or 6 punches, then the situation is reversed and so on. But in the end the two girls hit each other the same amount of hits or close to it. The fight has to feel like both girls gave each other the same amount of punishment with no one gaining an advantage.

They both get angry that the other had managed to wound them.

Gerda:"You will pay for that!"

Lillian: "This is the only blod you will get out of me, i'm going to smash your face in".

The fight continues as before, with none of the girls getting the upper hand, and both gaining a few more red liquid in their faces as it goes.

During the fight sometimes the girls punch the spit out of each other.

By the end of part one the two girls give each other another mutual facepunch that sends them both the the floor.

Part 2:

Both girls are on the floor and look at each other, both furious that none have yet won what they both beleive would be an easy fight for them.

Lilliam: "Have you had enough? If you give up, you save yourself the worse beating of your life".

Gerda: "I always goe the distance in a fight, i never give up. and it's me who will win, not you. You should give up instead".

Lillian: "Never! I'll never give up!"

Gerda: "Neither do i!"

In this part the fight is more wild and vicious. The two girls no longer even bother to defend from the hits, they are focused on winning the faster possible. But since thwe two are so equal, this only makes them both getting an even worse beating from each other while none gains any advantage at all.

The fight continues to be very equal but more brutal, with more moments of spit being punched of each other.

In this part the girls manage to send the other against a wall and beat the other very badly, but then later it's the other girl who sends the other against the wall and beat the other in return.

Whatever damage one of the girl gives to the other, the other soon payback in equal measure.

The two girls give and take so much punishment that they get tired and became even more brutal and simplistic in their attacks.

In this part, there are more falls to the floor, but the girls still raise from the floor very fast so they can continue the fight immediatly.

Close to the end, all attempt at clever fighting is gone and the girls are just using brutal power facepunches to knock each other out.

Both girls start to deliever strong single punches one after the other, Lillian hardpunches Gerda that make Gerda spin, her hair flying, Gerda hardpunches Lillian back that makes Gerda spin, her hair flying, and so it continues for a while.

After a while both girls fall on their knees in front of each other. On their knees, they give each other successive hard punches to one another, until they do another mutual punch at the same time that sends them both on their back.

They rise again to their feet, visibly wounded and damaged by the mutual beating they received from each other.

They start to give mutual punches to each other, both making them spin hard. After a few of those, they again fall on their knees. They do a final mutial punch that knocks both of them out f the fight, in a mutual KO.

Both girls end the fight fainted, lying on the ground on their back, side by side, with their hair all spread on the floor, looking yet beautiful.

The end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Girl's fight. Lillian vs Gerda

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