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  • I will destroy you slowly. POV

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As a great actress, I would like you to be sadistic at the most, to really frighten me, as You want to finish me and are going to do so. Strike me with Your hands and fingers in the most painful way you can. Uses pressure points to paralyze me, karate chops to break my bones, serpent strikes to pierce my flesh. Crush my larynx, sever my carotid arteries, destroy my trachea... and so on. I want to suffer under your lethal karate hands. It is probably not easy to do but I really want you to make me panic and think you are going to finish me while you strike me to my end. I want to see hate in your eyes and to see different expressions on your face. Hate, satisfaction when you break something... 20 min of pire cruelty and punishment, breaking me and butchering me with your bare hands. 

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I will destroy you slowly. POV

  • Brand: LESLEY FOX
  • Product Length: 20 minutes
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