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Scene 1

Scene 1 begins in an abandoned building. Two men escort a woman in a long black cloak into the building. The coat is slightly open at the front so we can see the woman’s legs / boots as she walks forward. Each of the two men escorting her are walking behind and either side of the woman with each man having one hand on each of the woman’s shoulders. The woman’s head is slightly bowed with her head covered by a hood so we can’t fully see her face (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Picture 04 - Long Cloak with Hood). Lillian’s arms are extended slightly out in front of her body allowing us to see that her long black gloves are bound by a metal chain wrapped around both wrists (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Picture 09a - Chain Bound Wrists). The two men direct Lillian to the centre of the floor until she is standing opposite a man sitting on a chair (he’s the boss) with a fourth man standing behind him with his arms crossed.

One of the men behind Lillian addressees the man sitting on the chair, “Boss, we finally caught this little minx. She’s a hand full though. She put several of your best men in hospital.” The man in the chair now stands, walks over to Lillian who still has her head bowed and covered by the hood of the cloak, he speaks, “So this is the Mistress Lillian I have heard so much about? She looks harmless enough!” One of the men behind Lillian pulls the hood off her head and scolds her, “Look at the boss when he’s addressing you bitch.” Lillian remains silent with her head slightly bowed. The boss man now grabs Lillian by the face (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Picture 10 - Grabbing Someone’s Face by the Hand) and lifts her face up to look at him as her speaks to her, “What, nothing to say bitch?…….Not to confident now?” The boss releases his grip on Lillian’s face and takes step back and continues to speak, “You’re not going to be so pretty once my men finish playing with you.” The boss now slaps Lillian across the face and although Lillian’s head turns with the slap, she is unhurt. As Lillian turns back to face the boss a determined, fierce look comes across her face as she finally speaks, “I really wouldn’t start what you can’t finish.” The boss laughs and replies, “And why not?” Lillian speaks calmly, “Because, by the time this is over, you are all going to be face down on the floor and I’m going to sitting on your bodies.” The boss responds, “And tell me…..Just how do you plan to do that ….you little whore?” Lillian, first looking at the boss, calmly responds with a half-smile, “Well……I’m going to begin by kicking in your head…….Then after I break free from these chains…” Lillian raises her wrists towards the boss before turning her head toward one of the men standing behind her and says, “I’m going to break both of your legs….” Lillian now turns to the other man behind her and continues speaking, “And I’m going to break all of your ribs.” Lillian now finally turns her head back towards the man standing behind the boss who is holding a weapon and with a confident smile continues speaking, “Oh, and boyfriend, I’m saving the best for last with you. I’m going to use my beautiful long boot to pin you against the wall, crushing your throat until you suffocate.” Lillian maintains her half smile.

Arrogantly believing that Lillian is restrained by the chains around her wrists, the boss moves in close to Lillian’s face and speaks, “Boys, she’s all yours, just make it slow and…..” But before the boss can finish his sentence Lillian has driven a fierce front kick into his groin making him to collapse to his knees in pain. Lillian now takes a small step back and kicks the boss in the head knocking him backwards onto the ground. Lillian now spins around to the two men behind her and raises her chained hands (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Picture 09b - Chained Hand Pose) in a martial arts position. A look of fierce determination comes across Lillian’s face as she now pulls her wrists apart with ninja strength that breaks the chains as they fall the floor (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 04 - Breaking Chains Chun Li). I imaged that if Lillian had the chains wrapped around her wrists with the ends of each chain being hidden in her palms (very similar to the photograph of the chained hands I included), as Lillian pulls her wrists apart, she would let go of the chain ends in her palms giving the appearance of ‘breaking free’. Lillian, now free of the chains, and with a confident look on her face now raises her hands to the top of the cloak and slides it off her shoulders allowing it to drop to the floor round her boots.

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Lesley and the four men using Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Fight Videos before knocking them all with Videos attached. Can Lillian please do a brief nunchuck fighting scene… She did wonderfully well in my last custom. At the end of the scene with defeated men all lying on the floor, Lillian positions herself on the back of one of the men in the sitting meditation position (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Picture 11 - Sitting Meditation Pose).

Scene 2

Scene 2 begins with the camera focusing on an man propped up / half sitting / leaning against a wall. As he becomes conscious, he lifts his head up to develop a startled look. As the camera pans outward, we see Lillian walking towards him swinging the chains the once held her in a circle with her right hand. As Lillian reaches the man she places the chains on the low set wall, or windowsill, (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Picture 12 - Lillian Crouching Near Low Wall) before crouching next to the man with her chin on her hand, head slightly tilted and smiling at him as she speaks, “You are awake my hero!” The man tries to move away from Lillian but as he twists his body he groans in pain. Lillian speaks, “Oh, you poor thing. Does that hurt? It might that broke your ribs?” The man replies, “Fuck off bitch.” Unimpressed, Lillian rolls her eyes before she delivers a right cross punch to the man’s face stunning him senseless, before speaking again, “Now, that’s really no way to speak to a lady!” Lillian now stands and using her ninja strength grabs the man by the jacket and lifts him up against the wall. Unable the defend himself Lillian grabs him by the throat with her left and begins to squeeze tight. Lillian continues to hold his throat as she squeezes tighter, she tilts her head slightly to one side as she smiles.

Lillian is now distracted by a noise behind her. Still holding the man by the throat Lillian looks over her right shoulder to see another man slowly rising to his feet from the floor with the intention of escaping. Lillian smiles, looks directly at the man she’s pinned by the throat and says to him, “You will keep until later my hero!” before looking back at the man across the room on the floor and speaks to him, “Stay….I’m not finished with you yet!” With Lillian still looking over her right shoulder she slams an open palm strike into the man face that she’s holding by the throat (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Video 02 - Look Away Palm Strike to Face) before she releases the grip of her left hand holding the man against the wall allowing his body to slide down the wall.

Lillian now takes the chains for the wall and starts swinging them in a circle by her side. The man, with the look of fear starts turning away from Lillian with the intention of escaping. The camera now shows Lillian swinging and then throwing the chains towards the man. The camera then cuts to the man with chains wrapped around his ankles as he is immobilised and falls forward. Lillian now purposefully walks to towards the man as he tries crawling away from her. On her way across the room Lillian now picks up the chair used in Scene 1 and brings it with her to the second man. As the man slowly crawls across the floor Lillian easily catches up with him and places the chair, with the back of the chair facing the man’s head, to block the man from moving. Lillian now sits facing backwards on the chair (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Picture 13 - Sitting Backwards on a Chair) with her legs spread either side of the chair and her arms crossed on the back of the chair back resting her chin on her arms as she looks down on the man below her. Lillian speaks, “Why the rush my hero!” The man on the floor turns his head in Lillian’s direction before replying, “Who are you?” Lillian, still sitting on the chair, responds mockingly, “Oh boyfriend, ….. I’m both your biggest fantasy and your worst nightmare!” The man replies, “You arrogant bitch, nothing will save you once my extra men arrive.” Lillian, on hearing that more men would be coming, now sits upright in the chair with her back straight before speaking again, “Well, I hope they are better fighters than these men?……One little girl….Kicking all these….BIG….STRONG… men!” Lillian now stands up off the chair and removes it from being placed over the man on the floor. Lillian then crouches down next to the man and reaches into his karate uniform pulling out his mobile phone and hands it to him as she speaks, “Here….. call your friends. I love a party. The more the better.” The man takes the mobile from Lillian and speaks, “The bitch is here, get over now and finish her.” As the man hangs up and puts the mobile phone down, Lillian now uses her ninja strength to lift the man by the collar off the ground as she drives several straight punches into his face before releasing her grip and allowing the man to collapse on the floor (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Fight Video 03 - Straight Face Punches).

With the man Lillian now stands and walks towards a wall so that nobody can attack her from behind. As she leans against the wall with her arms crossed (see Lillian Custom 2021 - Picture 14 - Raised Leg Leaning Against The Wall), Lillian slowly raises her right hand with all 5 fingers extended and apart. Lillian now slowly starts counting backwards aloud, “Five….four…three…two…one”, with each number Lillian bends closed her fingers in succession, starting with her thumb as she counts down the numbers. Once Lillian has counted down to ‘one’, she gazes up as we soon hear the sound of men charging toward her.

The next section has Lillian with her back against the wall as several men charge at her in succession (see Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 06 - Lillian vs Many). Lillian defeats each man with a single kick. Can the part of the video be filmed from a distance that allows us to see Lillian’s whole body so we can see the full length of her boots as she kicks her opponents in the head? If need be, Lillian can rest a hand on the wall behind to lean against while she kicks to give her greater balance.

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Lesley and the four men using Lillian Custom 2021.2 - Fight Videos before finishing them with Videos I sent to you.

At the end of the scene with defeated men all lying defeated on the floor, Lillian walks over to her black cloak. She casually dresses herself with the black coat leaving the front of the coat open before lifting the hood to cover her head. As Lillian walks towards the exit, we suddenly hear an unexpected call from behind. Lillian stops but doesn’t turn around. The camera now focuses on one of the defeated men, some how still alive, he has managed to stumble to his feet. The man now raises his arm, points towards Lillian, and yells, “Hey bitch, we are not finished with you yet.” Lillian remains motionless, facing away from the men. The man again yells, “Hey, I’m talking to you……..Bitch!” Lillian is still standing still facing away from the men with her head covered by the hood and slightly bowed. We then see Lillian fully extend the fingers in both hands before curling them up into tight a fist such that her knuckles crack. Lillian now, from inside her cloak, produces the chains that once held her in the beginning of Scene 1. She begins to twirl the chain in a circle before, in one quick move, Lillian now bends her knees and swivels her body around towards the men as she releases the chain. The camera now cuts to the man with the chain tightly around his neck (to create the impression that the chain has been thrown and wrapped around his neck) before falling to the ground. Unmoved Lillian turns away from the man with the chains around his neck. Lilian, with her head still covered by the hood and her head slightly bowed leaves the building as the scene and film finishes.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian Unchained

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