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  • Sven takes the arrogance out of Gerda

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Girl: Gerda.

Gerda plays a badass, so she only grunts when taking punches, there's no crying or moaning from her, she stays determined to go the distance to the bitter end, even when the fight is all but lost to her. She does down a badass and only after receiving the mother of a beatdown.

Like i mentioned above, i'd like Gerda would act and fight like Stella did in the original video.

By that i mean way Stella sold the punches and kicks to the face and head she took and the way she moved to sold the impact of those punches. I'd like for Gerda to do the same as Stella did, that same type of super dynamic reaction moves.

Guy:  Sven.

I hope he can perform fast fighting moves. For the guy i want somebody who is both physically imposing but also very fast and Sven seems to look the part.

I'd like the performers both girl and guy would dress very much like Stella and the guy in the original video.

The Fight: 17 minutes

Fighting style:

A dynamic fight, that is the name of the game for this video, just like in the original video.

The vast majority of the punches Sven gives on Gerda are left and right hooks, with some good crosses, jabs, uppercuts and kicks for good measure and to make the fighting dynamic and exiting. Use of combos thrown by Sven on Gerda is very desirable as well, i love how combos looks on camera and makes the fight dynamic.

Gerda only hits Sven with body hits, punches or kicks, she never hits Sven in the face or head.

Sven hits Gerda with lots of fast and strong punches and some kicks too to the face and head, with only very few kicks to Gerda's body.

Sven mostly throwns fast punches mixed with some very strong punches or kicks to keep the advantage.

Like in the original video, i want the fight to be very fast paced and non-stop, and the punches be thrown quickly and strongly, with Gerda really selling the impact of the punches as both fast and hard.

Gerda is very strong so it takes a huge amount of punishment for her to finally go down in the very last of the video.

So Sven spends most of the video punching Gerda.

I want the fight to not be static, as in, one fighter is in the same spot taking punches.

Like in the original video, i want the fighers to be moving about, back and forth, moving back when taking punches and moving forward when hitting the adversary, and they changing positions or being thrown by the other to another spot on the fight set.

Really, the reference is the original video for how the fight choreography and camera work. 

The fight is divided into 2 parts:

Part one: 4 minutes.

The video begins with a more compressed and fast dialogue scene than in the original, 30 seconds long tops, where the two are already in the set, facing each other, Gerda finishing her shadowboxing while the guy is paciently waiting for her to stop kidding around.

Gerda is cocky and over-confident in her belief she will be the obvious winner.

Sven acts with quiet determination and quiet confidence.

Gerda tells him he is in for big trouble, she will destroy him.

Guy responds: "We shall see."

Both assume a fighting ready position and raise their dukes and for a few seconds are hesitating to throw the first strike.

Gerda goes first and pulls her arm back to thrown a punch but Sven is faster and lands on Gerda a strong powerful jab that catches her off guard and procedes to give Gerda 9 more punches that send Gerda backwards a few paces and the last punch makes her do an half spin from the impact..And this is how the fight begins.

Gerda laughs it off  and says this is the last time he will ever hit her. Both resume fighting positions and then fight.

Sven is the first to hit giving Gerda 5 punches, and Gerda hits back with two body punches but misses a 3rd punch to the head and and Sven hits back with 5 more punches on Gerda. And the figth continues,

The fight hits moves goes like this:

Gerda hits Sven with 1, 2 or 3 punches or kicks, and they all land on Sven's body. Gerda never lands a single hit on Sven's face the entire time and everytime Gerda thrown a punch to Sven's face, he either avoids it or parries the strike with his arms.

Sven hits back on Gerda with 4 to 8 facepunches, with 5 punches combos to be the most moment attack from Sven.

Sometimes Sven hits Gerda with hard long punches or hard kicks to her body/belly to push her back as a prelude to thrown lots of punches.

Before the middle point of this part, despite Gerda taking more punches than Sven, the fight feels even matched.

By the mid of the first part Gerda hits the floor after Sven hits her with a non-stop 12 facepunching long strike.

On the floor Gerda laughs it off again, dismissing the fight so far as she still being kidding about.

The rest of this part goes like the second but Gerda misses more punches and kicks on Sven, both to the head and body, whioch Sven takes advantage of her misses to hit back.

This means there are moments in this part of the fight where Gerda takes hits from Sven, strikes at him and misses and Sven hits back.

In this part of the fight it becames clear that Sven is the one dominating the fight.

Again this ends with Sven hiting Gerda with another 12 facepunching strike that again throws Gerda to the floor.

By now Gerda seems to realise the fight was not going to be as easy as she though it would.

Gerda: "I admit i understimate you, but now i'm going to get serious. You are going down".

Sven smirks and replies: "Come and get it".

Part Two: 13 minutes.

This entire part of the fight is Gerda getting a one-sided beatdown from Sven and never once hitting him a single time, neither punch or kick or any other attempt at strikes from her, with Sven doing the whole punching and kicking.

This part is also sub-divided into two segments, a first with 5 mins and a second with 7.

First segment of 1 mins:

In the first minute, Gerda throwns a strike, misses and Sven hits back with a very one, two or 3 hard punches and sometimes a kick and this repeats for the whole minute.

Then the rest of this part goes in arcs with cycles as described below:

The cycle:

Gerda tries to hit Sven with one or two strikes and fails, Sven hits back with 12 to 24 long facepunches/headpunch and some face/head kicks strikes on Gerda (and an occasional kick to her body to make things dynamic).

The arc;

The cycles repeats 2 or 3 more times until Gerda hits the ground, making it for an arc in the fight.

And them the whole arc above repeats again until the 5 minutes ends.

During this segment, Gerda is sometimes punched back into a wall receiving an "against the ropes" beating from Sven.

Second segment of 7 mins:

Gerda is again in the floor, and this time she seems to realise full extent of her predictment, that she is in real trouble.

Sven: "If you want to stop, there's no shame, you fougth well but if you don't stop, there will be no mercy".

Gerda: "I'm not affraid, i never am. I always go the distance. I can do this the whole day. And I always win".

Sven: "As you wish".

Both raise their fists, but Gerda hesitates on throwing a punch and Sven strikes faster, beginining a non-stop 24 punches attack on Gerda that ends with her on the floor again. She gets up and keeps going.

In this segment, by now the fight is pretty much lost for Gerda but she persists fighting out of pride and sheer determination.

Gerda no longer throwns punches, she dosn't have the time as now Sven is in complete control of the fight. Sven does all thw word and Gerda all she does is taking the beating.

Sven goes for fast non-stop attacks of 24 to 40 punches, until Gerda falls to the floor. Repeat until it's past 5 minutes in this segment.

Everytime Gerda falls to the floor, Sven kicks her in the face one to 3 times.

In the last 2 minutes of this segment, Gerda falls to her knees. Sven strikes her with lots of punches, grabs her by the hair and Knees her face many times while holding her up until the last knee strike thrown her back to the ground. Sven sits over Gerda and groundpunches her hard, grabs her by the hair again and strikes her with hard.

Gerda in the ground by now semi-conscious. Sven stomps on her face a few times and then kicks her in the face, finally knocking her out.

Sven:"So much for pride. You should have asked to end sooner".

Sven leaves.

The last 20 seconds of the video is showing Gerda on the floor, fainted, her long hair spreaded all over the floor, like the painting of an Ophelia.

The end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sven takes the arrogance out of Gerda

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