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  • Goddess Lesley gets what she wants

Custom clip request 

The clip should be a mix of "Superheroines SuperLora and LesleyMarvel play with criminals", "Bionic

Carly shows her supremacy 2" and "bionic woman and the burglar"

main actress: Lesley

outfit should be the same like Amazon Lesley squeezes the Little one or similiar

Powers: telekinetic power, superstrength, invulnerable, superspeed, height growing, lasereyes

clip name: Super Lesley can take whatever she wants

-the clip starts with a close-up of Lesley grinning what comes next

-the first two armed gangsters face Lesley

-Lesley orders the men to be your new boss and to get them both on their knees

-the men laugh

-lesyley uses your telekinetic skills and pulls your weapons towards you

- Now she has the weapon in hand

-The men look puzzled

-lesley uses her laser eyes and vaporizes the weapon

-The men are trying to flee

-lesley uses her super speed and is first at the door and locks it

-she walks slowly towards the men with her hands on her hips

-The two men are slowly walking backwards

-lesley reaches out her hand and begins using her telekinetic skills to choke a man while lifting him up

-the other man cannot believe what he sees

-After a while you break his neck with a gesture

- the now even more frightened man looks at Lesley

-lesley looks at him with a grin and says and now to you

- Again she runs dominantly towards him with her hands

-The man backs away

-When the man reaches the wall, Lesley grins at him and says that he will now get a lesson that he

will not forget

-In this moment Lesley begins to grow physically and is significantly taller than him (2.60m)

-He looks up at her in shock and she looks down at him smiling

-she grabs his neck and starts to lift him up

-she asks him where your boss is

-With little breath, the man replies that he only knows the middlemen

-After sharing the information, Lesley breaks his neck and he falls to the ground

-In the next scene the bouncer will reach you

-She grins mischievously and holds her hands on her hips

-the bouncers don't understand your situation

-lesley says if one of you can beat me by armwrestling then I'll disappear

-but if I win then you will kneel in front of me

- After a person has been chosen to do armwrestling against you, the scene begins

-After a one-sided match, lesley moves her arm down so that she is thrown away from the table

-she grins

- a other guy trying to grab you by the arm

-she takes his hand and squeezes

-she press so hard that he kneels in front of her and you can slowly hear the cracking of bones

-after you let go of your grip, you will use your laser eyes and vaporize it

-lesley laughs while the other 2 are scared

-the others get the weapon out of their pocket and start shooting at Lesley

-All the balls bounce off her and yet she caught a few parts with her hand

-She shows her hand and starts blowing on it

-the bullets hit and pierce a victim and he falls to the ground

-lesley laughs while the others look at you in shock

-The last victim runs ahead and tries to hit Lesley

-lesley dodges the punches with your super speed

-In the next moment she will be behind him

-The man is shocked about it

- She now walks dominantly towards him with her hands on her hips and the attacker backwards

until he reaches the wall

-The last thing he tries is to hit you, but the hit ricochets off Lesley's body

-She grins angrily and says it's time to fly

-lesley telekinetically grabs the victim by the collar, lifts him up and walks across the room with him

-At the window she lets go of her telekinesis and at the same time grabs him by the collar so that he

stays in the air and throws him through the window

-In the last part, the boss and his bodyguard are waiting

-You order that they both kneel in front of you and hand over the business to you

-both laugh and wonder why you should do this

-lesley tightens both of her arms and says because she is a powerhouse

-She grabs the bodyguard by the shoulder with both of her arms and lifts him up

-she carries it dangling in the air across the room and hangs close to the wall

-The boss tries to escape

-However, Lesley uses her telekinetic skills to get back to her

-she puts you on a chair

-she crosses her legs and uses her telekinetic skills to beat him up / slap him

-After a lot of fun, she orders him to get on his knees in front of her and kiss her shoes, otherwise she

would break every single bone

-he kneels and kisses her shoes


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Goddess Lesley gets what she wants

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