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  • Terminator Carly gets the papers

Custom clip request 

I want to send you the details and script for the clip with Carly.

Clothes for Carly:

Capartine, black thong leotard, black sunglasses, black tights that end a little higher from the knee,black high heel platform. Exactly what she wears in clip ''Carly kicks the guys who dared to touch her'' plus black sunglasses. (* black sunglasses wears all the clip except scene 4)

1st scene: She arrives with a car. Guard 1 comes close to the car. She opens the car window, laughs sadisticly shoots him. He falls down. She opens the door of the car and we see her legs and heels. She gets out of the car starts to walk with the capartine open so we can see her legs and steps over Guard 1.

2nd scene she gets into the building without her capartine and walks in the corridor seeing and listening her heels. Guard 2 come and she shoots him. He lies on the floor and steps over.

3d scene Guard 3 and guard 4 come.She shoots guard 3 and steps over. Behind her as she walks we see the guard 2 and 3 lying the floor. Guard 4 fall on his knees and beg her not to finish him because he has family but she also shoots and finishing him stepping over. Behind her we see the 3 guards (2-3-4) lying in he floor. (All of the 3 actors in the same scene)

4th scene. She gets in the office and see the boss. She takes off her sunglasses and asks him where are the papers with the passwords. He says that he don't know, she takes off and leaves glasses in the office and starts kicking him mercilessly in face and balls, he lies on the floor and walks near his body.He holds his balls. After many kicks she takes the g... and shoots him, steps over him and goes in the office. She opens the drawer and finds the papers. She wears again her sunglasses, takes the g... and gets out of the office.

5th scene she walks slowly in the corridor and we see the 3 guards (2-3-4) lying on the floor. She steps over them one one and gets out of the building stepping over guard 1 and get into the car. I would like in this scene in the corridor to see her from her back and ass walking.

I am sending you the photos from the camera angle i would like to see the stepping. Also the exact position of the guards i would like to be such as the photo vlcsnap-2021-07-28-15h49m32s556 and such ass the last scene of  the clip with you and Melanie punishing the clerk.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Terminator Carly gets the papers

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