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I’m wondering if I can have a custom video. I was hoping to use one with Lilian. I’m hoping she wears a red bra and red underwear. I want to recreate the Sasha vs kano video but this time with Lilian. It’ll be Lilian fighting kano just like the movie mortal kombat from 1995. I want it to be identical. I want it to be just like the movie where Lilian is preparing to fight and kano walks in and blows her a kiss and says “hello baby did you miss me? Then have kano pull a night and have the fight start from there. I want Lilian to moan and scream a lot whenever kano hits her. I want the fight to go evenly matched but Lilian winning for most of the time. Also when it comes down to when kano kicks Lilian in the stomach I want it to be just like the movie where kano throws down Lilian and he tries to stomp her and she moves out of the way and kano kicks her. When kano kicks her I want her to moan super loud and be in pain as she’s moaning in pain. Then I want kano to tell her does it hurt baby. After kano tells her if it hurts I want him to pick up Lilian by the hair and just look at Lilian and say “I said did it hurt baby” then kano throw her back down and stomp her on the stomach many times. After that Lilian can roll over and then catch kano with her leg grab and then finish off kano. Once the fight is over I want Lilian to have her leg on top of kano with her arms up as victorious.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian vs Kano

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