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  • Agent Cobra is on a mission

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Story: Agent Cobra is on a mission to assassinate the leader of a powerful and dangerous criminal/terrorist organization. She must infiltrate the base and eliminate any opposition.

She approaches the entrance to the base to find a guard standing outside. He tells her that nobody is allowed in and to turn away now. She tells him that she’s here for the boss and has no intention of leaving. The thug attacks but Carly is ready for him. She blocks and dodges his strikes and defeats him quite easily with punches and kicks, eventually pinning him to a wall with her boot and twisting her heel to break his neck.

She continues into the building and meets two more guards. They are surprised that someone made it past the doorman. Carly tells them that she put him to lay down and she’s coming for the boss. The two men attack but Carly is quick and dodges and blocks them. At one point, one of them tries to use a blade but Carly dodges and kicks it out of his hand. The men fight hard but Carly takes them down without taking many hits. When they are both down she finishes one by pulling his head back and karate chopping his throat. The other, she pulls to his feet, pins him to a wall and tears out his adams apple. She reaches into the pocket of one of the guards and pulls out his phone and uses it to call the boss.

We see the boss at his desk planning an attack with one of his henchmen. (I like to establish that he’s an evil villain) He recognizes that one of his men is calling. He picks up and asks “What is it? You know I’m busy!” Carly smiles and mockingly says something like “don’t worry. It’ll all be over for you very soon.” The boss angrily asks “who is this and how did you get this phone?” Carly replies “My name is Agent Cobra and I’m here to finish you.” “The phone was a gift from one of your men. He won’t be needing it anymore.” “I’ll be seeing you soon” she hangs up and drops the phone and continues on.

She sneaks up behind another guard and grabs him into a hold and tells him to point in the direction of the boss’s office. He struggles and is in a lot of pain but doesn’t answer so she tightens her grip and asks again more seriously. He eventually gives up and points and Carly continues to choke him until he is out.

She enters the boss’s room and he is at his desk with the last guard. “You must be Agent Cobra” He says. I don’t know how you managed to get here but this is where you’ll be finished.” Carly smiles and says “We’ll see about that” The boss sends his thug to fight her and he puts up a decent fight but eventually Carly gets him into headscissors while pulling his arm. As he is running out of air he says she’ll never beat the boss. She finishes by snapping his neck with her legs. As she gets up she is ambushed by the boss and he knocks her out with a ch..... rag.

She wakes up with her hands tied (either to a chair or hanging from the ceiling). The boss is there and starts to punch her and she reacts with pain. He angrily tells her that it will take a long time to replace all of the gang members that she finished. She tells him that he and his gang have harmed and finished innocent people and deserve it. He pulls out a weapon to shoot her but she kicks it out of his hand and frees her hands. Carly and the boss get into martial arts stances and prepare to fight. He says “many men have tried to stop me but I have finished them all. I certainly won’t be beaten by some woman” Carly and the boss have an intense back and forth fight. (With both fighters taking hits) The boss is a formidable opponent (please include scenes where maybe he gets her into a chokehold or bearhug and she has to escape) Carly fights hard with many skills including punches, kicks, karate chops, serpent strikes and palm strikes. Eventually Carly manages to gain the upper hand and starts to beat the boss until he falls to his knees. As he begs for her to spare him, Carly walks behind him and snaps his neck (just like the neck breaks in “Carly enters the game”). She puts her hands on her hips and puts her boot on the boss’s chest in a victory pose with the camera panning from the ground to her face. Mission Complete.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agent Cobra is on a mission

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