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Custom clip request 

Scene 1

Scene 1 begins with Lesley alone in a room sitting on a table in a meditation position with her legs crossed and her hands resting on her knees with the thumb and index finger forming a circle (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Picture 07 – Sitting Meditation Position). After about 10-15 seconds Lesley slowly opens her eyes before extending her legs and stepping down off the table. Lesley now steps into the middle of the room where she begins practicing her martial arts skills (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Special Video 04a – Scene 1 – Martial Arts Warm Up). After 1-2 minutes of martial arts practice Lesley finishes and moves into a standing meditation position with her head bowed and her eyes again closed (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Picture 08 – Standing Meditation Position). The camera now closes in, so we only see the upper half of Lesley’s body from her arms/hands and above. Lesley remains poised and motionless for 10-15 seconds with her eyes closed, hands together and head slightly bowed in a forward direction. Suddenly, Lesley shoots her left arm straight out horizontally in a sideways direction beyond the camera’s view (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Special Video 04b – Scene 1 – Meditation, Throat Strike and Face Punches). The camera holds this view of Lesley, her head slightly bowed, eyes closed, with her left arm extended straight out to the left however her hand remains out-of-camera-view as we start hearing a male voice gasping for air. Lesley slowly opens her eyes as the camera now pans out to reveal she is grasping a stunned male opponent by the throat as he struggles to breathe.

Lesley, still looking forward at the camera, confidently smiles before saying “Can I help you with something?” before turning to her opponent. The male opponent struggles to retort “We are going to finish you, you stupid bitch”

With that Lesley responds, “So there’s more of you?” As she tightens her grip on his throat with her left hand, Lesley now turns to face the man and speaks again, “What a pity you won’t get to see the coming beating.” before Lesley pile drives several punches with her right fist into his face, subduing him (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Special Video 04b – Scene 1 – Meditation, Throat Strike and Face Punches). 

Lesley, still holding the man aloft by his throat with her left hand now senses an attacker behind her. Using her right-hand, Lesley removes one of the chopsticks from her hair bun and without looking swiftly throws the chopstick behind her. The camera now cuts to another male opponent holding the chopstick against his face as he falls backwards to the floor (please shot the from two angles either front or side and from the back has he falls backwards).

Lesley now returns her attentions to the first male opponent whom she still has by the throat. Sarcastically she torments him “Who sent you?” With this Lesley releases her grip on his neck and takes the male opponent’s arm as she aikido flips him onto the floor (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Fight Video 01 – Aikido Throw). With the man on the floor, Lesley leans down and grabs him by the karate uniform collar with her left hand pulling him up towards her before unleashing several straight punches to his faces before releasing him back onto the floor (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Special Video 04c - Scene 1 – Lift Up Man and Punch in Face).

Standing over her opponent, three other male opponents now enter the room ready to fight (the fourth opponent on the ground will get up and act as a new male opponent as well). As the men line up opposite Lesley, she takes the ends of her black belt, pulls them tight and speaks, “It’s play time boys!” A big fight scene now breaks out with Lesley using the attached Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Fight Videos. Can Lesley please also incorporate her weaving from side-to-side avoiding and then blocking male attacks before she counter-attacks. Eventually Lesley finishes three her male opponents using the Videos I dent to you leaving one male opponent still left alive, Lesley now steps over the other men’s bodies to reach the last man alive as he tries to crawl to the doorway. Easily catching up with the last man, Lesley takes his leg, lifting it up before using her boot to crush his hip as Lesley then twists the leg outward, breaking it with a loud snapping sound (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Special Video 05 – Leg Break). After the man cries out in pain, Lesley interrogates the man, “Who sent you?” The man, clearly in pain, replies, “Fuck you bitch.” Lesley now drops the broken leg and picks up the other leg before speaking again, “You have three bones in your ankle, once I break two of them, you’ll never walk again.” The man replies, “Go to hell.” And with that Lesley uses her boot to crush his hip before also twisting the leg outward, breaking it with a loud snapping sound (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Special Video 05 – Leg Break). With the man unable to move, lying on his stomach, Lesley now drops his leg and walks to his head where she crouches down next him (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 – Picture 09 – Crouching Next to Opponent) before pulling his head upward so she can speak to him, “You do realise that you have two arms I can still break!” The man finally answers Lesley, “Okay, okay, the karate sensei sent us.” Satisfied that Lesley has all the information she needs, she wraps her hands around his neck before violently snapping his neck finishing him instantly before speaking, “It’s time I pay the karate sensei a visit”. As Lesley stands, she surveys the bodies around her. She takes a slow deep breath in and out with a satisfied look on her face, all suggesting she had just enjoyed finishing these men with nothing but her body as the weapon.

Scene 2

Scene 2 begins with the door to a large room opening. Lesley enters first as she is half-pushed through the door with two big men behind her. Once all three (Lesley and the two men) are through the door the two men stand behind Lesley, each placing a hand on Lesley’s shoulders. The men now direct Lesley to the centre of the room where there is a table with two chairs. Sitting in one chair is the sensei karate master. Lesley is now moved, by the men behind her, to the empty chair at the desk. Once Lesley is in front of the chair the two men behind her powerfully push down on her shoulders, as one man says, “Sit bitch.” making Lesley sit in the chair opposite the karate master. The men have now let go of Lesley’s shoulders but continue to stand behind her with their arms crossed as one of the men now speaks, “Sensei, we found this wildcat outside. She’s a feisty little thing though, she broke two of your best men’s arms before we subdued her.” An unperturbed Lesley quietly raises her eyebrow in acknowledgment of her earlier deeds. The karate sensei now speaks from his chair, “What? This little girl is who my men are afraid of? She looks harmless to me.” Lesley maintains an expressionless face as the karate sensei continues speaking, “Why are you here?” Lesley half-smiles but says nothing. The karate sensei continues threatening Lesley, “I’m in impatient man, even with beautiful women…..Why are you here?” Lesley again says nothing. The karate sensei is now clearly becoming frustrated with Lesley’s silence. He now reaches across the table and slaps Lesley hard across the face. Lesley’s head moves only slightly in the opposite direction, but she is unhurt by the strike. Lesley now pouts her nose and tilts her ear towards her shoulder in one direction making her spine crack in an intimidating manner before speaking, “I don’t think you quite realise who you are dealing with.” The sensei is now enraged. He now stands up from his chair, moves to the side of the table to get closer to Lesley and slams the palm of his open hand on the desk in front of Lesley as he continues speaking, “I know exactly who you are, you’re the bitch who’s about to become a play toy for my men.” While this is happening, Lesley has seductively moved her right hand up to her hair bun and onto one of the chopsticks in her hair. With the sensei’s hand firmly placed on the table Lesley removes one of chopsticks from her hair and swiftly drives through the back of the karate sensei’s hand pinning it to desk (I appreciate that your team will be much knowledgeable about shooting this scene but I imagined this could be achieved by initially showing Lesley driving a full chopstick downwards but then switching the camera view to the karate sensei’s hand at the very second Lesley strikes it with a shortened chopstick that has been cut in half so as to create the impression its gone through his hand). As the karate sensei cries out in pain Lesley, still sitting in the chair, drives both of her elbows into the groins of the two men standing behind her temporarily immobilising them. Lesley now stands up from the chair and leans over to pull the chopstick out of the karate sensei’s hand. Without looking, Lesley now, without looking, throws the chopstick out to her right-side with such great power that it strikes a fourth man on the opposite side of the room directly into their throat causing him struggle to breathe before collapsing backwards. Lesley now returns her attention to the karate sensei who’s holding his hand in pain. Lesley delivers 4-5 successive brutal punches to his face (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Fight Video 02 - Straight Right Punch With Raised Left Arm) before the karate sensei collapses. The two men behind Lesley have now removed the chair and approach her from behind. Without looking behind her Lesley now simultaneously strikes backwards at both men with a series of blows (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Fight Video 03 - Double Groin Grip and Back Elbows and Fists). Lesley now turns her attention back the karate sensei who has slowly stood up and pull a g...n from inside his karate uniform, eventually raising it to shoot at Lesley. In the same instant Lesley removes the second chopstick from her hair bun and throws it again with such power that it penetrates the man’s shooting hand making him to drop his g...n to the floor.

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Lesley and the four men, who have all stood up again to attack Lesley. Lesley uses the Videos I dent to fight and finish them. 

Lesley leaves finishing the karate sensei for last. Using her ninja strength, Lesley easily lifts the defeated karate sensai off the floor by grabbing him by the back of the neck, lifting him and throwing him against a nearby wall. Lesley now uses her out stretched boot to pin the sensei by the throat against the wall as she speaks, “Now….I don’t think YOU KNOW who you are dealing with……so….tell me….. are you willing to beg for your life?” As the karate sensei struggles to breath, he mumbles incohesively, Lesley retorts as she continues to pin him by the throat with her boot, “Come on, don’t be shy, speak up or I’ll snap your neck like a twig.” The karate sensei now realising his hopeless situation speaks out, “Spare me….Sensei Lesley” With that Lesley lowers her leg and releases her boot from his throat, turning her back to him and crossing her arms. As the karate sensei continues to lean against the wall struggling to breathe, he taunts Lesley, “You stupid bitch, my dojo is full of the most vicious fighters. They’re going to have fun and destroy you slowly.” Lesley waits a moment before responding, “We’ll see………Oh, and one last thing.” Lesley, as she faces away from the karate sensei, now unleashes a spinning roundhouse kick to the senseie’s head knocking him down as he slumps to the side. Lesley speaks, “I really hate being called a bitch.” Lesley turns and walks to the door, before she leaves, she reaches into the side of her long boots to remove two more chopsticks to replace them in her hair after she leaves the room.

Scene 3

Scene 3 starts with Lesley seductively walking into a large room with upright pillars. Initially she leans against the wall with her arms and boots crossed (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Picture 10 - Leaning Against a Wall with Crossed Arms and Legs). Two male opponents are standing in the middle of the room, beckoning her forward in the belief that Lesley is unaware of the trap they have set for her. After Lesley has slowly entered walks the room a man enters the room quietly behind her with a baseball bat. As he creeps up behind Lesley’s right shoulder, raising the bat above his head in preparation to strike from behind, Lesley raises her right arm and releases a loud karate “Ki-ai” battle cry as she simultaneously fires her right elbow back into the man’s head 4-5 times knocking the man down on the floor. Lesley looks back to the men in the room with a satisfied smile as the men again call her forward, “Come on bitch, we’re waiting right here to smash you.”  Lesley screws up her nose and gives a slight shake of the head (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 01 - Cute Facial Expression) as she walks past a concrete pillar. The camera now focuses on a fourth male opponent hidden behind the pillar, waiting to ambush Lesley with a baseball bat/steel pipe from behind (See Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 06 - Scene 3 Opening - Surprise Attack). As Lesley passes behind the concreate pillar the fourth male opponent, with his baseball bat/steel pipe raised, moves in preparation to strike. Lesley now re-appears on the opposite side of the pillar in preparation to surprise the hidden man from behind. Standing bewildered, the fourth male opponent now feels Lesley’s black leather glove on his shoulder. As he quickly turns towards Lesley, now standing in front of him, she tilts her head slightly to the side and smiles confidently. The male opponent now hastily raises his baseball bat/steel pipe over his head, but Lesley is too fast for him. She drops onto one knee and launches a series of straight punches into his groin before punching the inside of his right knee with such power that the man hunches forward in front of Lesley. Lesley now stands to her feet and performs multiple rapid-fire punches to his face (See Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 06 - Scene 3 Opening - Surprise Attack). With her male opponent now immobilised, Lesley grabs his right arm (which is carrying the baseball bat/steel pipe) with both of her hands and slams his arm down onto her raised knee, breaking his arm. As the pain screams out in pain as he drops the weapon. Lesley now drives her left hand up into is throat grabbing his windpipe. As the male struggles to breath Lesley slowly walks him backwards into the middle of the room towards the remaining two attackers. Calmly, Lesley taunts her male opponents, “Really gentlemen, is this how you treat a lady?”. With that, Lesley launches several open-handed palm-strikes with her right hand into the fourth male opponent’s face, jarring his head backward with each strike. After the last blow, Lesley releases his lifeless body as it crumples to the floor. With Lesley now standing only a few metres away from the remaining two men, she first wags her finger at them before saying, ““Why do men always underestimate me? You really need to be much more respectful to women!” before bringing both of her hands up in front of her chest to form two clenched fists. As she squeezes her fists hard Lillian’s knuckles can be heard to crack, intimidating her opponents. Lesley continues to speak, “Gentlemen, I really had hoped we could be civilised about this!” The two men now growl and move forward with no intention of being civil, Lesley smiles, and speaks, “I guess not then?”

Now begins an intense fight scene where Lesley destroys all her opponents in a very one-sided battle. The third and fourth male opponents also gets up to participate in the fight, so it is Lesley versus four male opponents. Can you please replicate the fight scenes in the videos I have attached.

Halfway through Scene 3 Lesley removes the nunchucks from behind the knot in her black belt and goes on to pummels the four men with her nunchucks for the next 2-3 minutes (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 07 – Nunchucks). As the scene draws to a close Lesley replaces the nunchucks behind her belt before she finishes three of the four male opponents using attached Videos.

Lesley now moves to the last male opponent before using her ninja strength to lift a semiconscious man up. Supporting his bodyweight with her left hand, Lesley uses her open right palm to smash him in the face several times before wrapping her arm around his neck as his head was facing towards Lesley’s back (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 08 - Back Kicks and Neck Break). As Lesley slowly chokes him, she brings up her boot backwards to kick him in the face before interrogating him, “Where are the remaining men?” The man responds, “Fuck off bitch” to which Lesley kicks him in the head several more times before responding, “Let’s try again!” The man, struggling to speak says, “Upstairs waiting for you.” Lesley now calmly responds, “I thank you for your cooperation.” Lesley now wrenches his neck up powerfully with a loud snap as she breaks his neck. Easily holding his body’s weight, Lesley now releases her hold as the man’s body slumps to the floor. Lesley now steps over the bodies as she walks to the door and exits the room.

Scene 4

The scene starts with 2 men in a room practising their martial arts when they suddenly hear a loud ‘thud’ from behind the main door in the room. This is quickly followed by the loud sounds of punches and kicks and the groans of men in pain from behind the door. The door then swings open as a man comes flying out of the door onto the floor. As the men in the room look down in amazement at the man their gazes are quickly focussed back to the open door. Coming through the door both backwards and awkwardly, is a second man. As he enters the room it becomes apparent that Lesley is right behind him with her outstretched left hand strongly grasping his throat and directing his every movement as he struggles to breathe (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 09 - Scene 4 Opening). Lesley slowly walks into the centre of the room dragging the man by his throat out to her left-hand side. Once she is opposite the two other men in the room Lesley stops, smiles and says, “If you leave now, I may just let you live” The man that Lesley is holding by the throat now speaks, “Destroy this bitch.” Lesley now squeezes her left hand tighter around the man’s throat, choking off his voice as she calmly replies “Nobody is speaking to you, asshole” as Lesley rapidly punches him in the face several times. Still holding the man’s body, she now talks to the men in front of her. “Now, where were we?.... That’s right......” And with that Lesley unleashes several front kicks to the faces of each of the men standing in front of her. Stunned my Lesley’s assault, Lesley now uses her ninja super strength to throw the man she’s still holding by the throat towards the other men. As they collide with each other they remained stunned but standing allowing Lesley to approach them and deliver several round-house/crescent kicks to all their collective heads with each kick. Eventually the male opponents all end up in a line as Lesley delivers a powerful spinning side kick into the first male in the line that sends every male opponent to the floor. Lesley now cracks her knuckles and neck bones in preparation for the next fight.

Two of the four men slowly stand up and move towards Lesley. Still dazed, Lesley distracts the men by majestically waving her arms (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Special Video 10 - Martial Arts Hand Movements) before delivering a series of fast punches (see Lesley Custom Video 2021.2 - Fight Video 01 - Straight Punches) to the men. This leads into a big fight scene against all four men using all attached Videos.

The scene (and film) finishes with Lesley assuming a meditation sitting position (see Lesley Custom 2021.2 - Picture 07 - Sitting Meditation Position) on the back of one of her defeated male opponents. As Lesley assumes her sitting meditation position, she initially has her eyes open looking towards the camera before slowly closing her eyes and after about 5-6 seconds the scene fades out to finish.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Never Underestimate Lesley

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