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  • The Mistress of the lethal moves Lillian.PartII

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Scene 2

Lillian enters one end of a corridor / hallway. As she enters there are 4 men waiting for her at the other end of the corridor in karate uniforms. As the first man moves down the corridor towards Lillian, she folds her arms across her chest, completely confident that she can easily defeat the men, she sighs, shrugs her shoulders, and rolls her eyes as she barely sees her opponents as a challenge. Lillian then grabs both ends of the black belt around her waist and pulls firmly to tighten the black belt (see Lillian Custom - Picture 01c - Black Belt Tightening) before she slowly moves down the corridor knowing that the male opposition with not provide any real challenge to her superior fighting skills. As the scene plays out, Lillian will easily defeat the men in a series of short, sharp one-on-one fights along the way. I have included a video example (see Lillian Custom Opening Scene 02a – Hallway Fight). This video is not exactly what I am after because in this example the heroine uses weapons and swords to finish her opponents but is does give some idea as to the camera angles and intensity. The second video (see Lillian Custom Opening Scene 02b – Hallway Fight) give a better idea about the hand-to-hand combat. If there was a hallway with at least one door where a male opponent could appear to ambush Lillian (see Lillian Custom Opening Scene 02b/c – Hallway Fight examples) that would be really great. Please also use some of the example fight videos and finish videos supplied. Please incorporate lethal touch moves into some of the “Finish Videos” to help Lillian immobilise her opponents before she delivers a final blow.

As Lillian defeats the last male opponent the camera’s final shot is of the 4 men on the floor of the corridor. Lillian shakes her head in from side-to-side in amusement as she surveys the carnage before leaving the corridor.

Can this hallway fight scene please be repeated using different fight videos to make it look as though Lillian as turned into another corridor/ hallway to fight another 4 men. At the end the second hallway fight (and the scene) please have Lillian squat down next to a defeated semi-conscious male who is sitting, leaning against the wall (see Lillian Custom Picture 09 - Squatting and Hand on Chin). Lillian then playfully speaks “Oh sweetie….You are still conscious! I need you to do me a favour.” as she reaches into the man’s karate uniform and pulls out his mobile phone she then continues, “Call your boss,…Would you do that for little me?”. The man speaks, “Go to hell you bitch.” Lillian now tilts her head to the side with a slightly bewildered look before striking forward with her right hand to the front of his neck. With the man now clearly in pain and struggling to breath Lillian speaks with a firm tone, “I really hate being called a bitch, so be my hero and call your boss. Tell him you’ve eliminated me and find out where he is?” Slowly the man, in pain, raises his right hand and takes the mobile phone from Lillian. He calls his boss, “Boss……. yes, it’s done. Where do we meet up?..... Good, we are coming.” As he ends the call the man looks towards Lillian and speaks again, “He’s waiting in the car outside with his best bodyguards….you won’t survive.” Lillian, still squatting in front of the man, smiles before she applies several lightening lethal touch finger strikes to his chest in rapid succession. He slumps to his side…. Lillian stands. With a determined, and defiant look on her face, she squeezes her fists tightly so we can hear her knuckles crack, she speak “We will see who doesn’t survive”. She walks off to the final battle.

Scene 3

The scene begins with the leader of the dojo in the driver’s seat of his car with window wound down. This could be either in a garage, or carpark, inside or outside, which ever works best for the team. The man is on a mobile phone confidently claiming that his men have eliminated Lillian when a long black boot appears through the window to kick him several times in the face (see Lillian Custom - Opening Scene 3 Video – Car Fight). With the man now stunned, the camera scene widens out to show Lillian reaching in through the car window to grab the man with both of her gloves by the front of his shirt as she pulls his head outside the car window. Lillian now steps back so she can deliver several round house kicks to his head. With the man completely stunned Lillian now drags him out the car window onto the ground (alternatively, if this is too difficult then Lillian could push his head back the car window, open the door and drag him out using her ninja strength). As the man gets up off the ground, he throws a clumsy right punch and then left punch which Lillian easily blocks before Lillian simultaneously slaps both of her open-handed palms over his ears before delivering several short jab punches to his face. Using her ninja strength Lillian now grabs the man by the karate uniform and throws his back against the car. With the man stunned, Lillian does 2-3 spinning round-house kicks to his head before pinning him against the care with her extended boot.

As the boss man slides down the side of the car, Lillian turns around to find three other male opponents. Lillian pulls on the ends of her black belt to tighten it before raising her hands in defensive position using her tiger claw technique. Confident of her abilities Lillian invites her opponents to attack her, “Show me what big, strong men you all are, I just love to play rough.”

A big fight scene now occurs with the Lillian savagely beating all four men. At some stage during the fight scene could Lillian pull out the nunchucks from behind her black belt beat some of her male opponents with them for 1-2 minutes. Please use the example fight videos and finish videos supplied. Please incorporate lethal touch moves into some of the “Finish Videos” to help Lillian immobilise her opponents before she delivers a final blow.

The scene (and film closes) with Lillian standing over one of her defeated male opponents in a dominant position, her boot on his chest (see Lillian Custom - Picture 10 - Standing Victory Pose). As Lillian flicks her hair playfully from side-to-side she says, “I am bored now……..Now where did I park my motorcycle?”. Lillian walks away from the camera as the scene finishes.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The Mistress of the lethal moves Lillian.PartII

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