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  • The Mistress of the lethal moves Lillian.PartI

Custom clip request 

Scene 1

The scene opens with the camera focused on Lillian’s right leather glove (see Lillian Custom – Opening Scene 01 – Tiger Claw). Lillian’s hand works through a series of martial arts moves before the camera pans out to show all of Lillian as she practices her lethal tiger claw techniques. Can Lillian also please use the Tiger Claw hand technique like she did in “Never Underestimate Lillian” (see Lillian Custom - Picture 05a/b/c - Tiger Claw Palm Strike) during her subsequent fight scenes. After approximately one minute of tiger claw practice, Lillian assumes a meditation position (see Lillian Custom - Picture 06 - Meditation).

As Lillian calmly holds her meditation position the door bursts open as 4 men confidently enter the room, all dressed in karate uniforms and black belts. The group stops about 2 metres away from Lillian before the largest male steps forward to within 1-2 feet of an unmoved Lillian, still in her meditation pose. The lead man now mocks Lillian, he speaks “This little girl is the person who has terrorised our men.” The big man now turns back to face his group, “Our dojo is the most feared in all the city. I won’t let this little whore ruin our reputation.” He now turns back to face Lillian again, “I have an army of men with me here and outside, but I think going to enjoy having you all for myself, making you beg for..........” The lead man is interrupted as Lillian now moves, bringing her right index finger up to her lips as she makes a soft “Sushhhhhhhh” sound. 

Angered by Lillian’s gesture the lead man retorts “Why you arrogant bitch” as he raises his right fist. As the man strikes out at Lillian, she easily avoids the punch by stepping inside his punch as she simultaneously strikes with her extended index and middle fingers of her right hand to the front of the man’s right shoulder, causing the man’s arm to be remain extended but immobilised and in pain. Lillian now grabs the man’s right wrist with her left hand and then strikes the inside of the man’s right elbow with another right-handed finger strike to the sound of a loud crack. Lillian’s finger strikes are such that they hit specific nerve pressure points that both inflict pain and cause paralysis (unable to move) of the arm. Foolishly, the man now strikes out with his left arm, only for Lillian to easily evade this punch as well by moving inside it to again strike the front of the man’s left shoulder and then inside of his left elbow with her extended index and middle finger in a repeat of what has just happened to the man’s right arm. With both of the man’s arms and immobilised and now by his side, Lillian is able to now easily direct two further short, sharp finger strikes to the base of either sides of the front of his neck. With this the man is instantly paralysed dropping forward onto his knees struggling to breath and unable to move. Lillian remains standing in front of him. She now waves her right index finger across his face before raising her fists in front of the subdued man, squeezing them tightly until her knuckles can be heard to crack (see Lillian Custom - Special Video 04 - Knuckle Cracking). Lillian now speaks, “I don’t think you quite realise who you’re dealing with? I am a 10th Dan black belt in tae kwon do and karate. I am also an expert in ninjitsu and, as you have learnt the hard way, can see that am the Mistress of the lethal touch.” With the man still straining to breath, Lillian grabs his hair with her left hand to support his head while she pile-drives several brutal punches into his face. Now, with the man subdued, Lillian extends his neck before crying a loud “Kiiii-yaaaahh” as she delivers a final strike with the side of her hand (see Video 01 - Throat Strike) using bent fingertips (see Lillian Custom - Picture 05c - Tiger Claw Palm Strike) to the front of his neck with a loud crack. As Lillian releases her grip on his hair with her left hand, the man falls forward onto his front. 

Lillian now steps forward over the defeated man towards the other men. Stopping about 1 metre before them she crosses her arms and rocks back on the right heel of her long black boot (Please include a camera shot starting with Lillian’s boots before slowly moving up her legs, body to her determined, scornful face). Lillian now speaks, “Really boys….. You really want to do this? You know I just love bad men, but let me warn you, by the end of playtime the lucky ones will end up in hospital…..The not so lucky ones…..well…..” Lillian has a confident smile as she as Lillian raises her arms in indifference (see Lillian Custom – Picture 07 – Arm Gesture).

Now a big fight scene breaks out with Lillian versus all 4 men (the other man has now recovered to take place in the fight). Please use the example fight videos and finish videos supplied. Please incorporate lethal touch moves into some of the “Finish Videos” to help Lillian immobilise her opponents before she delivers a final blow. The scene closes with Lillian sitting on the back of one of her defeated male opponents in a meditating position (see Lillian Custom – Picture 08 – Meditation Sitting).

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The Mistress of the lethal moves Lillian.PartI

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