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  • Naomi demonstrates her flexibility to Ivy

Custom clip request 

Also, Can i please have another movie with Naomi and Ivy. Essentially it would be few punches, all types of high kicks, flexible/gymnastic type move sets for both.  You can add more dialogue if needed. For a fight sequences you add can you please add some jump kicks (by both) and a few POV scenes. If they can do gymnastics moves, not mentioned, please feel free to add. Thinking  11-12 minutes long. Can you do for $200?

Outfits are as follows:

Naomi: black socks, karate pants, black top and hair just like “Naomi punishes the bad guy”

Ivy: same out as karate girl Ivy.

Please see below.

Starts out with them practicing kicks. They both (at the same time, side by side) do a high side kick, then axe kick and finally round house kicks. After the kicks both stretch, Naomi in a split on one side and Ivy leg on wall as high as possible on other side. Ivy tries to get Naomi attention, but Naomi ignores her. Ivy does a cartwheel forward towards her and does a split in front of her. Naomi is surprised, but Ivy smiles and hits her in the face.

Now standing facing each Naomi says “your going to pay for that” and begins to walk towards Ivy. As she gets close, Ivy does a high side kick right to her chin, but stops before hitting her and holds it there and says “am sorry what did you say was going to happen”. Naomi takes a step back and Ivy pulls her leg back and says that is what I thought. Looks like we are done here.” Puts her leg down and turns her back to leave.

As Ivy is leaving, Naomi from behind goes to grab Ivy, but Ivy slides into a split and Naomi grabs nothing. Ivy looking up from the split, goes to punch Naomi standing above her in the chin, Except when Ivy goes to punch, Naomi dodges it and does high axe kick to the top of Ivy head as she is in the split, with a loud kiya.

Naomi goes to pick Ivy up, but Ivy from the ground does a one leg kick to Naomi head. Ivy now standing up and Naomi standing up and dazed, Ivy does scorpion kick to Naomi two or three in a row. High ones to her head). Ivy then goes for a high kick sequence to Naomi, but Naomi blocks it and counters with a high kick followed by a jump kick to Ivy knocking her back.

Naomi turns her back to Ivy and does some some show off high kicks, while Ivy is stunned. From behind Ivy grabs Naomi in bear hug. Naomi rolls her eyes, laughs and says are you kidding me and then does a high kick over her shoulder/head hitting Ivy. Ivy breaks the bear hug and Naomi turns around and does a cartwheel kick by her one way and then another cartwheel kick by her the other way. Then cartwheels back to the middle in front of Ivy.

Ivy frustrated runs towards her and does a jump kick, but Naomi does a split and Ivy goes over top of her. Ivy goes back towards Naomi, who quickly from the ground kicks her in the throat, but holds it there, and smiles at her taunting her.

Ivy stumbled back and Naomi gets up. Ivy says am done and tries to leave and turns her back to walk out,  but Naomi says where you going, am just getting started and does a high kick to her shoulder and puts her foot on it. Ivy stops and looks as Naomi begins to slowly push her down into a split and smiles.

After Ivy is in the split, Naomi says I will be right down there and does a split right next to her and then, while in a split each throw a few punches that they both either block or dodge. 

Ivy gets a punch in that knocks Naomi flat on her back. Ivy now standing Says you should Of let me leave when I wanted too. Standing she grabs/catches her foot and waits for Naomi to sit-up and when she does let’s go and connects with Naomi face (I can send picture of kick if needed) and Naomi once again falls back. Ivy the stands behind Naomi’s head as she is on the ground and slowly grabs her foot and lifts it above her head and when it is above her head says, you are finished and let’s it go towards Naomi forehead (this should be done from a POV with camera looking up at Ivy and another camera angle) but before it hits Naomi rolls out way and gets to her feet.

Naomi goes to do a side kick to Ivy face, but Ivy drops into split to avoid. Naomi sees this and stops her kick (never left chamber) and says saw that coming and kicks her in the face. Naomi puts her foot under Ivy chin (while on the ground) lifts her up to a standing position. Naomi does some kick combinations (roundhouse, few jump kicks, etc).

Ivy stumbles back to a wall. Naomi walks to her and does a kick to her head, Ivy does split punch (this should be POV. Should see her go down do it and look up at Naomi) . Ivy starts to get up, but Naomi recovers before she can does a cartwheel away from Ivy (still in split) and hits her foot under her chin. Naomi now away from Ivy (still in split) does cartwheel into Ivy,  who is still in a split and does a split into her (should look like letter T).

Naomi says she is bored with this now tells Ivy to get up so she can finish this. Naomi finishes it off be with a kick combos and some type of flexible/gymnastic move to knock her out and some split posing.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi demonstrates her flexibility to Ivy

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