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  • Agent Valerie lost the fight

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Here is my request: I want to see a Female fighting or Mixfight, one actor must be Valerie, and another one is depend on you. If it is mixed figting, the male actor need to wear mask and I wish Valerie lose the fight.

the length is about 10 mins, Valerie wear a like a agent with high-heeled shoes and Black silk stockings (like Valerie teach boor a lesson). At first, Valerie is confident and arrogant and she think she can win this fight. But after few kicks and punches from her, she is downwind gradually. Finally, she is down by kicks with no shoes (losing her shoes in fighting). And the winner taunt her when put his /her feet on Valerie's belly. Valerie lies on the floor can't move any more.

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Agent Valerie lost the fight

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