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  • Melanie captures the agent to squash him

Custom clip request 

Here is the scene for the order below:

Models: Melanie and one smaller male

Costume: Melanie in short black outfit from Melanie toys with the criminal before defeating him  with heels from Melanie makes man to obey

Note on leg crossing: May I request that when Melanie crosses her legs she does a smaller cross for this clip (not the wide but also beautiful ballerina cross) and hold the leg cross to be admired before she recrosses?

Premise: Melanie has set out to capture and crush her victim!


1. M comes up behind our unsuspecting Secret Agent.  She wraps her arms around him and squeezes him, weakening him.  

2. She pulls his head back towards her so she can whisper in his ear "Welcome, dear.  I've been expecting you and now I've got you. You'll be coming back with me."

3.  M wraps her arm back around him locking him in  another bear hug.  His arms are pinned. He's too stunned to resist.  She crushes him slowly lifting him off his feet

4. Side shot of his legs dandling next to hers.

5. M: "Shhh"

6. He is out in her arms.  She turns him around to face her.  He's out, she's holding him up

7. "You have no idea the fun I'm going to have with you, darling."

8. He wake up and sees Melanie sitting in a chair with her legs crossed.  

9. "Hello, darling.  Awake, at last. Did I crush you too hard?   I couldn't help myself.  I just love crushing men."

10. Cut to his POV of Melanie crossing her legs

11. "I'm going to to crush, darling.  Slowly.  But first, I'll make you mine with desire"

12.  POV of her crossing her legs. Seducing him.

13.  When he's weakened. She stands up and picks him up by the armpits (bent elbows, please, she lifts him just enough to look up at him) Side shot of their legs side by side.

14. "You belong to me now.  You're mine to crush."

15.  She lowers him, then wraps her arms around him.  She's "taller" so she can look down into his eyes and she crushes him slowly.  He's unable to resist her.

16. Shot of his legs from the sides next to her as she crushes him.  

17. She gently blows in his ear as she crushes him.

18. "MMMMmmm. Yes"

19. She releases him when she's ready.  He falls to the floor.  She gets down and pulls his body into a body scissor from behind.  her legs are around his waist.  She pulls his head back next to her cheek as she slowly crushes him

20.  She whispers in his ear "Feel my legs crushing you. Have you ever been crushed by legs as gorgeous as mine?" She laughs

21.  When she's ready she pulls him down into a side body scissor.  He is on his back now. Again, her legs are around his waist.  She props herself on one elbow so she can hold his chin to look at her while she crushes him.

22.  She smiles lovingly at him as she crushes him.

23.  "You're mine"

24.  She crushes until he is out between her legs.

25.  She kisses him on the forehead the releases him and sits in the chair crossing her legs. POV shot of Melanie up close.

Black out.

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Melanie captures the agent to squash him

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