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  • Female revenge. Lesley and Sasha vs Rob

Custom clip request 

This is a custom video with Lesley, Rob and Sasha: probably about 20 minutes.  It is a sequel to “Female Revenge Lesley vs Rob”.  I have attached short video clips and pictures to illustrate what I want.  You'll find them mentioned in bold type throughout the script.  


Your studio as we discussed would be great.   

Rob should wear the same white pants from “Female Revenge Lesley vs Rob”  

Lesley and Sasha should wear the same white Gi top with the sleeves cuffed at the wrists that Lesley wears in “Female Revenge Lesley vs Rob”.  Both girls should wear the top and bottoms that we discussed.  Both girls should have their hair down (no pony tail) and wear pantyhose like Lesley did in “Female Revenge Lesley vs Rob”. 

Rob has no dialogue, except once - when specifically requested.  Only Lesley and Sasha have dialogue.  I have attached some video clips to show you examples of what I want on specific parts.  

No Slow motions please.  I also don’t want any push kicks, and no karate chops.  I want this fight to be  hard-hitting, and REALISTIC.  No silly attacks like speed-bag punching.   

PART I (about 7 minutes):

The video begins with Lesley in the ring stretching her long legs when Rob surprise attacks her from behind.  The fight begins quickly as Rob throws Lesley in the corner of the ring.  He punches her in the stomach several times, and punches her in the face several times as she hangs on to the ropes with her arms and legs spread barely able to stand.  Rob steps back and delivers a strong kick to her groin (foot up between her legs – three angles of this kick).  Lesley struggles to stand for about 10 seconds while covering her groin in pain and moaning.  Finally she drops to her knees, still covering her groin as Rob looks down enjoying her pain.   

From this point on, Rob takes his revenge by attacking Lesley’s groin.    

Lesley should cover her groin with her hands every time she gets hit in the groin, to show her pain.    

This is a ONE-SIDED dirty fight where Rob beats up Lesley with mostly groin blows. Rob should include a few face punches and stomach punches to Lesley, but not too many.   This is Rob’s revenge, so most of it should be attacks to Lesley’s groin.  A couple times, Lesley should beg him to stop.  Include the following specific groin blows to Lesley in no particular order:  

- Lesley faces the ropes with her arms hanging over them and legs spread when Rob kicks her between the legs from behind (see attached clip “Ropes Kick”)  

- Rob lifts Lesley off the ground and drops her on his knee with an atomic drop (see attached clip “Atomic Drop”) – three camera angles.  Lesley rolls on the ground covering her groin in extreme pain.  After enjoying her suffering for a few seconds, Rob picks her up and does a reverse atomic drop (same as before, but Lesley faces away from him this time).  He drops her, groin first, onto his knee.  Instead of letting her fall to the ground, he keeps her on his knee causing Lesley lots of pain in her groin.   

- As Lesley stands with legs spread, Rob swings his forearm up between her legs from behind (see attached clip “Forearm Punch”)   

-Add a couple more groin attacks that you think of.  I like your creativity.

-MPORTANT SCENE and dialogue (begins at center of the ring): In the final few minutes of the fight, Rob decides to offend Lesley since she is beaten and in pain.  While both are standing, Rob grabs Lesley from behind and rubs one hand on her breasts and the other on her stomach, while grinding his groin into her butt (camera pans around them).  After that, Lesley slams her butt into Rob’s balls.  Rob is stunned but doesn’t let go.  Lesley then swings her head back and hits him in the face.  Rob is knocked back and covering his face in pain.  Lesley says, “You are wearing a cup for protection.  No matter.  My powerful legs can crush anything you put in your pants.”  Lesley then attacks Rob with two roundhouse kicks.  As Rob stands a bit dazed and his legs spread apart, Lesley delivers a strong kick up between his legs making a cracking sound in his pants – 3 camera angles (this should be a deep kick.  More ankle than foot).  The kick is so hard that it cracks the cup protecting Rob’s balls, causing him to drop to a seated position and covering his groin in lots of pain. Lesley smiles as she reaches down inside Rob’s pants and pulls out the cracked groin cup and throws it out of the ring.  Then she kicks Rob in the balls very hard and keeps her foot in his balls.  Rob hugs his arms around her leg in a tight embrace in lots of pain.  Lesley enjoying his suffering looks down on him and says, “Your desires betray you. I’m surprised you can still get it up after I destroyed your balls the last time we fight.” After about 10 seconds, Lesley pulls her foot out of Rob’s groin and walks around him.  

IMPORTANT FINAL SCENE and dialogue: Lesley then walks behind Rob and steps her right leg over his shoulder and grinds her heel up against his groin (see attached clip “Heel Grind”).  Lesley says, “You think you can beat me in a dirty fight.  Girls always win a dirty fight.  This time, I’ll make sure there’s nothing left between your legs when I’m finished with you.” She then raises her right leg up high and kicks her heel down hard into his balls (two camera angles).  Then she grinds her heel in Rob’s groin some more and says, “This is why girls are stronger than boys” as she then lifts her knee up high and this time stomps her heel down between his legs crushing his manhood (two camera angles).  She continues to grind her heel in Rob’s groin and says, “Who owns your balls.”  Rob is in so much pain that he can’t respond, so she lifts her knee up high one more time and stomps down onto his balls again (two camera angles).   

Lesley then says, “I want you to say my name.  Who owns your balls.” Rob finally answers with serious pain, “my balls, Lesley.”  Lesley then says, “I own your cock too,” then she twists her heel crushing what’s left of Rob’s manhood.  Rob is out and remains in a seated position between Lesley’s long legs with her heel still in his groin (just like the video clip).  They stay in this position, with Lesley looking down on his crushed manhood with satisfaction.  The camera fades out.  

PART II (about 13 minutes)  

IMPORTANT SCENE:  This one begins quickly.  Sasha is wearing a Gi, and in the middle of the ring and stretching her legs when Rob suddenly attacks her.  He pushes Sasha against the ropes and knees her in the stomach several times.  The he presses his body up against hers in a sexual way.  Sasha takes advantage of Rob’s distraction and puts her hands around his back (holding him close) and drives her knee up between his legs four times, crushing his balls.  There should be a pause between each knee kick.  Rob then drops to his knees covering his balls in lots of pain.  Sasha, too weakened to finish him, leans back against the ropes with Rob kneeling right in front of her.     

Sasha finally gathers her strength and reaches out to grab Rob’s hair, when Rob suddenly punches his fist up into her groin.  Sasha’s body jumps as her groin suffers from a powerful punch, and she covers her groin in pain.  Sasha then grabs Rob’s hair again ready to punch him, but Rob (still on his knees) delivers another fist punch up into her groin.  Sasha’s body jumps again as she covers her groin in lots of pain.  Rob is still on his knees covering his balls in pain, as Sasha continues to lean against the corner covering her own groin.  Both moan in lots of pain.  After a few seconds, Sasha reaches down and pulls Rob’s hands away from his balls, then kicks him in the balls.  Rob’s body jolts from the pain as he covers his balls and remains on his knees in front of Sasha.  Both are now in so much pain they are not able to continue the fight.  Sasha is still leaning against the ropes and covering her groin, while Rob remains on his knees in front of her covering his balls.     

After about 10 seconds, Rob gathers up his strength and picks up Sasha in a bear hug.  He carries her to the middle of the ring, as Sasha wraps her legs around his waist.  Sasha’s suffering from the bear hug lasts about 5 seconds when suddenly, Rob drops her (crotch first) onto his knee with an atomic drop (four angles – see attached “atomic drop” video clip).  Sasha drops to the ground in so much pain and covering her groin.  Rob watches her suffer for about 10 seconds, then he stands her up and removes her Gi.  Sasha begs him to stop, “No more, please, no more”.  Rob then grabs her hair and punches her in the stomach four times lifting her feet off the ground, with a short pause between each punch.    

Sasha stands tired and in pain, with her legs spread, and begs Rob, “I give up, please.  You’re too strong.”  Rob then delivers a strong foot kick up between her legs into the groin (three angles).  Sasha bends over covering her groin in pain, struggling to stand.  After about 10 seconds of watching Sasha in pain, Rob finishes her with a powerful upper cut punch, knocking her on her back.    

IMPORTANT SCENE: Sasha lays on her back (up on her forearms) with knees up.  She is beaten and scared and looking up at Rob standing over her.  She begs Rob, “Please don’t offend me again.  You win the fight.”  Rob leans over, places his hands on her knees and pulls them apart.  Lesley sneaks into the ring and removes her Gi.  She then walks up behind Rob with a stick and swings it with both hands up between his legs (from behind) crushing his balls (three camera angles). Lesley holds the stick up in his groin as Rob covers his balls (similar to attached clip “Kendo Stick”, but from behind).  Sasha stands up, looks into Rob’s suffering eyes, then grabs onto the other end of the Kendo stick in his crotch.  Sasha says, “still want to offend me?”, as she then jerks up on the stick crushing his balls some more.  After about 5 seconds, Lesley says, “Poor baby, it must really hurt to have balls.” Then she jerks up on the stick again from behind.  After about 10 more seconds of crushing Rob’s balls with the stick, both girls release the stick and Rob drops to the ground covering his balls.  The pain Rob shows should be EXTREME.  While staring down on him, Lesley says “I have crushed his balls many times with my powerful long legs, but he keepsoffending girls. And the more I bust his balls, the harder his cock gets.  He cannot control his desires.”  Sasha then says, “It will take both our legs to finish him.”  Both girls then put their Gi’s back on and prepare to destroy Rob.  They stand him up.  

IMPORTANT SCENE and dialogue: The two girls (one on each side of Rob) take turns kicking Rob with some sexy high knee kicks to his face, one after another (see “High Knee” pic).  After that, Sasha walks behind him and Lesley stands in front of him.  Both girls rub their hands up their long legs, teasing Rob, as he looks back and forth at them with desire.  Lesley says, “Spread your legs so I can see what kind of man you are”.  Rob does as he is asked. Lesley and Sasha then both kick their foot up into his balls at the same time, Lesley from the front and Sasha from behind.  Four camera angles of this kick.  The kick should land at the same time and come under the balls.  Rob falls to his knees and covers his balls.  Sasha says “All those muscles and all it takes to stop him is a pretty girl and a kick in his balls.”  Lesley then says, “That’s how you handle a man.  Kick him in his balls until he begs you to stop. Then kick him in his balls even harder.  Only then will he learn that woman is stronger.”   

IMPORTANT SCENE and dialogue:  Lesley and Sasha both give Rob an upper cut punch to the face at the same time, knocking him on his back with his knees up and spread apart.  Lesley says to Sasha, “I’ll show you why I like a man on his back.  Hold him down.”  Sasha holds Rob down with her long legs around his neck (see attached “Leg Lock pic” for position).  Lesley then puts her hands on Rob’s knees and says, “As a little girl, I learned that if a boy wants to fight, go for his balls.” She then hops up and drops knee first onto his balls (three camera angles including this angle from behind – see attached clip “Knee Bomb”).  Lesley then leans forward and says, “and turn him into a girl,” then delivers a quick twist of her knee crushing his balls.  Now it’s Sasha’s turn.  Lesley and Sasha switch places.  Lesley holds Rob down with her long legs around his neck, and Sasha with her hands on Rob’s knees says, “Isn’t having two girls every man’s desire?”  Then she hops up and drops her knee on Rob’s balls (three camera angles).  Sasha then leans forward and says, “Poor baby, does this make you hard?”  Then she twists her knee crushing his balls.  Sasha holds her knee on his balls about five more seconds feeling strong, and then both girls stand up.  After that, it is important that Rob cover his groin to show the terrible pain he is in while the girls look down on him.  Lesley then says “We are not finished yet.  I want to smash everything between his legs.  We will leave nothing of his manhood.”  

IMPORTANT SCENE and dialogue:  Lesley and Sasha pull Rob’s hands away from his balls and drop his arms to his sides. They now stand side by side at his feet.  Lesley then says with a smile, “We’ll make you hard one last time before we destroy your balls”, as the two girls untie their belts and drop their Gi’s to the ground showing their hot bodies.  They both bend down and rub their hands up their bodies from their ankles all the way up to their breasts, teasing Rob one last time.  Lesley and Sasha then each grab one of Rob’s ankles, lifts his legs up and hold them apart.  The two girls look down on him with pleasure, knowing they’re about to destroy him.  After about 10 seconds, Sasha says, “This is what you get when you offend girls.“  They both jump up and stomp down hard on his balls at the same time, keeping their foot in his groin crushing his manhood (This should be one hard stomp). There should be four camera angles of this stomp.  (The foot stomp and the crushing should be with the flat part of their foot, not the toes).  After about 10 seconds of Rob suffering, Lesley says, “No more balls for you”, then Sasha says, “And no more cock.” Then they both deliver a final twist of their foot at the same time finishing off what’s left of his balls (three camera angles) and Rob is out.  The two girls keep their foot on his balls, looking down on him with satisfaction (camera should pan around this scene).  They finally drop his legs and remove their feet from his groin.  Lesley says, “He will never again enjoy the pleasures of a woman’s sexy body.”  With Rob’s knees up and spread apart, Lesley and Sasha stand side by side with their hands on their hips looking down on his destroyed balls until the camera fades out.  The End.  

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Female revenge. Lesley and Sasha vs Rob

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