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  • Lillian, Sasha and Valerie punish the spy who tried to cheat them

Custom clip request 

Here is my idea: 

A man (POV) approaches each girl separately in different locations (or can be the same if it's easier for you). Each girl is wearing a casual outfit with a dress or skirt. The man asks if the girl can show some karate kicks, so each girl kicks towards the camera for 1 min. Then the man thanks them and invites them to a competition with 1 million dollars prize money. 

After these 4 mini-scenes, we arrive at the studio where all 4 girls are there, dressed in secret agent costume, leather skirt, black pantyhose, boots. If possible, could each girl wear a different colour of underwear? The man asks each girl to do a 2 min kata to demonstrate their skills, and the best one will win the money. Each girl kicks towards the camera for 2 min. 

Then, the man says - "Thank you, I have the footage I need. There will be no prize." 

He tries to turn around but Lilian is blocking his way. She says - "We know you are a spy. You cannot leave here alive." And she kicks the man in the face. 

Then, 3 mins of fighting with high kicks - please ask the girls to have fun and be creative, teach each other different kinds of high kicks, kick at the same time, etc. 

Then the girls take off their boots. Continue to kick for 3 min. 

Then 5 min of grappling moves - pov headscissors/bodyscissors/armbar if possible. Last 3 min, the girls take turns stepping on camera, putting their feet on camera. End with all 4 girls feet towards camera.  

How much would this custom cost? Or if too difficult with 4 girls at once, how much would it be with 3 girls? 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian, Sasha and Valerie punish the spy who tried to cheat them

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