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  • The criminal tries to escape Bionic Lesley

Custom clip request 


Lesley wears blouse, shorts and mules. Legs are bare. Tan skin. Both mules. The purple ones for 1 to 4, and black ones in 5 and ending. Makeup similar to Bionic Carly. Hair tied back. Whatever nail polish looks good

Lots  of camera shots(closeups)of her whole body. Head to toe. 

Man wears mask and casual outfit. Skinny actor. 


1 Man is sneaking through a room. Lesley is sitting down with legs crossed. Camera only shows Man at the start. He sees her and tries to run. He races to the door and leaves. 

30 seconds to 1 minute 

2 Lesley points her foot at the door and it appears onscreen. She’s using her bionic power to pull him back. The camera shows both sides of her foot and then shows her leg. It moves up her body to her face. Her other foot(floor) is arched.

We can hear the Man in the distance yelling as he struggles. Eventually he appears at the door acting like he’s being pulled. She laughs a little bit as she watches him. He gets to the middle of the room as she releases her hold. He falls on the floor.

2 minutes 

3 She walks over and stands next to him with her foot arched. In POV he looks at her foot and then at her face. She grabs him by the shirt and lifts him off the ground with one hand.

POV of her face

Lesley: Everytime the same Darling. I really think you like me catching you. Do you surrender?

Camera nods left and right

Lesley: Then you will get my legs. 

2 minutes 

4 She throws him to the ground. He stands up and looks around. She’s gone. She repeatedly shows up out of nowhere and hits him, then disappears. 

Lesley laughs during some of these. Take your pick. Not all of them.

-punches and kicks.

-she kicks his crotch while standing behind him. Show both sides of the foot.

-she grabs his crotch while standing next to him. The camera view is at waist/crotch height. 

Similar to crotch kick

-Stick her leg out from behind a column. When he comes over to look on all fours she kicks his face repeatedly.

-She stands with shoe on the stool multiple times. Either watching or hitting him. Could you actually show your foot stepping on the stool and arching it. Not everytime but sometimes.

-walking up and down the stairs. At least one closeup of Lesley face smiling and lifting an eyebrow while man runs down the stairs.

10 minutes 

5 She sits down and changes to the black mules. Man sees her shoes.  

Lesley: You like them. I use these for inflicting more pain..

She stands up and arches her foot.

Lesley : Well? Do you surrender?

He tries to run. She points her finger at him and  then at the ground. Very quick. Dont dwell on it. He acts like he’s been grabbed and falls backwards. He stands up again and gets ready to fight her.

Lesley: Why do you always fight?

He throws punches and kicks and she casually blocks them with her arms and legs. Also dodging his attacks. Stepping to the side. Or leaning to the side. She hits him back after a few attacks from him. She keeps doing this until he’s worn down. He eventually falls down again.

5 minutes 


She sits down again with legs crossed.

Lesley: So do you surrender?

He gets up and runs out the door. He’s tired and can’t move as fast anymore. She points her crossed leg at the door. Closeup of her shoe. Final shot.

Lesley: Idiot.(during same footshot)

30 seconds 1 minute

Language: English

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The criminal tries to escape Bionic Lesley

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