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  • Wrestling match. Lillian vs Brain
Custom clip request 
1) Main actress : Lillian
2) One male actor (no peference here).
a) It is possible for me that the male actor play in few episodes
b) It is not important for me if the male actor wears a mask or not

3) The same black clothes used by Lililian in "Lillian vs evil man"
4) 10 minutes
5) I would a maledom and one sided wrestling match with a lot of backbreaking holds in a and  in a 1vs1 (Lillian vs a man so). At least with 2 over the knee backbreaker and 2 camel clutches, 2 bow and arrow and 1 tor7ure rack and 1 Canadian backbreaker used against Lillian, with the man testing Lillian's flexibility. The man must hold backbreaking positions during 15-20 seconds each time and a neckhold lifting a little Lillian to finish the match. The order of the holds is not important (but the final neckhold). I'm not sure that it will take 10 minutes but I let you chose an another time one of the backbreaking hold described above or even let you invent another. The most important is to see the holds described above in the clip.
6) No special effect, it will be a simple wrestling match
7) The most important is really the backbreaking holds but also the fact that the man keep the pressure during 15-20 seconds for each hold

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Wrestling match. Lillian vs Brain

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