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  • Lesley and Melanie punish the clerk who was too rude

Custom clip with Lesley & Melanie & 1 actor.

Secretary Lesley and boss Melanie punish the clerk.


Lesley: Dress and the highest heels she can wear.

Melanie: Clothes from clip '' Carly and Melanie have argued whose fighter is better'' and the high heel platforms from clip ''Melanie searching for a boss to get his money part II''


Lesley is sitting in her office. The clerk comes and bother her. She does not like this. He throws the papers in the ground and she will be angry. She gets up from the chair and gives him some kicks in his balls and face.

He falls down holding his balls. He says sorry but it too late.

Melanie the boss gets into the room seeing her heels and walking slowly.She is strict and sadistic. She steps over the clerk and sits in another chair near the office. (2 chairs one in the office Lesley sits and another

near the office). Clerk stands up dizzy and looks at Melanie. She does a slow crossleg as in the clip '' Carly and Melanie have argued whose fighter is better''.

Lesley tells Melanie that her colleague bother her. Melanie says to him that he will be punished hard.

Lesley takes off her miniskirt. The clerk fall on knees and says to Lesley sorry begging her not to punish him but she starts kicking him many times. We see Melanie laughing sadisticly hearing the kicks as Lesley kicks the

clerk and does a 2nd crossleg.

Then Melanie gets up from the chair and both of them start kicking him mercilessly many times stepping over him.

The finishing comes from Melanie with neckbreaking. 1st Lesley steps over him and then Melanie does the same.

The poor clerk made a mistake and punished very hard from colleague and boss.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lesley and Melanie punish the clerk who was too rude

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