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  • Klara lost her superiority during the fight

Custom clip request 

This Custom is like the "Naomi accidentally lost the fight" Video. The Runtime is 10 Min, and like the other Video Klara plays a unbelievable strong Character Role. She can take many hits and she thinks she is invincible, i would like to see Head and a good Number

of Stomach punches against her.  Klara hits really hard, a few blows are enough to take the opponent down. She doesn´t care about her defence, she just take all the Hits against her, and goes quickly for Counter Attacks.

I already have a Custom with her, and her Body reaction from the Hits in the first Custom (her vs Naomi) was good, but she was to emotionless. Please make shure that she shows more emotions in this Video and she really need to moan/groan more. This is a little, but very important Detail for me!

As i said, this Video is like the other one: For 2 Min she is beating up the Guy really good, has fun and is superior.  She even rises him up with only one Hand and is chocking him. He can only give her some punches, but she don't care about it. After the first Belly Hit againt her she even loughs at him, she can´t even feel it.

After the 2 Min he tries more to avoid/dodge her attacks and everytime when he sees a chance, he is punching her. For 6 Min, she get the most hits, but never goes down or looks hurt. I would like to see this Twist scene  against her too. After this she is holding for a short Time her Body Side, but then she just smiles at him "Nice try, but worthless"  After this she immediately attacks him. It really seems that nothing can hurt her.

Nearly at the End of the 6 Min i would like to see her standing against a Wall and he is punching her Belly with quick punches.  At this Moment it seems he finally got her. She can take the first blows but then, for the first Time in this fight, we can see Pain in her Face and she moans more. This attack really hurts her over Time.

But then she surprisingly is attacking him and ignores quickly the Pain, so that he doesn't see, that he weaked her.  Klara fights serious now and only after some Hits, he is against a Wall.  "Let me show you how to do it right" And now she starts punching his Belly. She still hits really hard and only after 4-5 Hits he goes down.  Now she is choking him with her feet. Klara smiles  she thinks the fight is over. "You are done, but I have to admit you were really good"  And he really KOed! Klara looks satisfied, but then suddendly you can see that she is in Pain. She is holding her Belly " You even nearly defeated me..." Again She ignores the Pain. She turns around and starts leaving the Room.

Now we can see that the Guy opens his Eyes again! He stands up and befor Klara leaves the Room she turns around one last Time and sees him standing again. " This is impossible" He tells her that he only faked his KOing, it was the only chance for him to survive. She tells him that this makes no difference, she will take him out again and this Time she will make shure that he is really out. He tell her that he heard that she said she is weak and  she has no chance anymore. He goes in fighting position. Klara hesitates, its really possible for her that she lose a fight? That this silly Guy can beat her? Never!  She is approaching and starts attacking him!

But for the last Runtime he can avoid all of her attacks  and he keeps punching her. Over Time she become his punching bag and can´t hide  the Pain anymore. Every Hit hurts her now more and more.  She stumbles across the Room, after one hard Belly Hit she even says "Stop that" At the start she was laughing at him, and now is she like this. He is mocking her.

At the End he is punching her Head with some left and rights, then  she goes down, the first and only time, he i above her and starts punching her Belly. He really destroyed her Stomach Abs, you can see it on her Face and she moans more.  When he stops the attack Klara is really weak. She tries to stand up again, but she is just to weak. She is looking up to the Guy, she can´t believe that she has lost. He gives her a final blow against her head, she falls over and is out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Klara lost her superiority during the fight

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