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  • Sasha tickles bad guys with her feet. Part III

The basic premise is that the gang from the last video want revenge on Sasha for humiliating them. They come to her apartment one by one to fight her and she tickles them as before using her fingers and toes.

Fight 1

Sasha is in her room which contains a desk with a computer on it and a chair. She looks at her phone and says "So they are coming for their revenge. This should be fun!" She giggles and wiggles fingers at the camera, Then she goes to the back of the room and poses like a mannequin. The first attacker enters holding a large sword and walks up to her. He checks to see if the mannequin is real and is quickly fooled. Sasha smiles at his stupidity whenever he is not looking at her face.

The attacker sits down at the computer. Sasha slowly and quietly walks up behind him. He looks round three times thinking he has heard something but each time Sasha freezes into her mannequin pose and he is fooled, not noticing that she is getting closer and closer. Please film from angle below or similar, so Sasha's face is in shot as much as possible.

Sasha quietly takes his sword and puts it out his reach. She is trying not to laugh because the attacker does not notice. The attacker is typing fast on the keyboard. Sasha reaches under his arm and starts typing too. He sees her hand and stops typing. Sasha types "Are you still ticklish?" and the attacker shouts "yes!" and dives for his sword but it is not there. Sasha tickles him enthusiastically from behind, holding him in the chair as he tries to escape. If the chair is on wheels then he might try to get away, but Sasha chases him and stops him from getting up tickling him all the time, until he falls to the ground.

Fight 2

Sasha looks at her phone and says "Ah, the karate guy next, good. I will be ready for him!" She puts a chair next to the wall and sits down so she can fight him with her toes. The attacker comes in, in his karate suit, holding a rope. Sasha lifts her feet and wiggles her toes at him. "Ready for some more?" she says with a smile. "I have been training. This time I will win." he replies confidently. Sasha looks at him defiantly. He does some aggressive practice punches, finishing with a high kick, where he holds his pose with his foot in the air. Sasha reaches up with her foot and briefly tickles his sole. He falls backwards and then returns brandishing the rope. "First I will tie your feet. Then you will not think it is so funny!" he says."You will have to catch them first!" Sasha says defiantly.   

The attacker tries to tie Sasha's feet but she is too quick, moving them out of the way. Sometimes she tickles him while he is trying to tie her. Sometimes she lets him get one foot but teases him with the other and then frees the first one. As the fight goes on, she is tickling him more and more and he is getting tired from laughing.

I'd like this fight to be quite long, with Sasha teasing the attacker quite a lot, saying "oops" when he fails etc. All the angles that you filmed the last video from were great, as below, including some POV looking at Sasha.

At the end, Sasha takes the rope from him and ties it round one of his wrists. If she can do this with her toes then great, but if that is not possible she can use her hands. She then gets up and runs round the attacker a few times, tying him up with rope, tickling him  as she goes round. After a few more tickles he falls. Sasha bows over his body.

Fight 3

Sasha looks at her phone again and says "The boxer, good!" Then she waits behind the door for him to enter. As soon as he comes in she jumps on his back and twist his balaclava so he can't see. Then she says "Got you!" and jumps off to tease him. I would like this to be quite a long fight and similar to the the last video, where she tugs his shirt and calls him and then moves away so he tries to hit her but misses.

This time though, I would like Sasha to mix in some tickling with with the teasing. So sometimes she pokes him to get his attention and sometimes she tickles him for a little before backing off and making him punch and miss again.

At the end the attacker collapses on the floor as she tickles him. Sasha sits down next to him and tickles with her toes a little before he falls.

Fight 4

Sasha checks her phone again. She says "So they are going to try to tickle me? We'll see about that", with a thoughtful but confident expression on her face. She stands in the middle of the room waiting for the attacker. He comes in and wiggles her fingers at her and says confidently "Now it is your turn. Where are you ticklish?" Sasha pretends to be scared. "My feet. Please don't tickle my feet!" she says and tries to hide her feet. These pictures are from a custom I ordered elsewhere. The girl in yellow is playing Sasha's part and the girl in blue is playing the part of the attacker.

The attacker is confident and bends down tickle Sasha's feet, but Sasha is too quick, moving out of the way so he can't catch them.

After some chasing, the attacker loses his balance and he crawls and dives after Sasha while she keeps running round him.

After a chasing for a while, Sasha starts to tickle the attacker as she runs round him.

He continues to try to get her feet but she is always too quick and Sasha's tickling attacks get longer and longer. 

Eventually, Sasha sits down in front of the attacker and lifts her feet towards him. "Here you are!" she says offering to let him tickle them. He lunges at them but she is too quick, moving them out the way and then diving them under his arms to tickle him with her toes. She tickles him until he is out.

Sasha gets her phone and puts her foot on the attacker. she looks at and says "No more coming. I win again!"


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Sasha tickles bad guys with her feet. Part III

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