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  • Sven takes the arrogance out of Gerda. Part III

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Gerda wears the same top and shorts from the previous films, same make up or lack thereof, but now she has her hair tied back in a ponytail and wears black high heel boots, and no nail polish unless it’s black, white, clear, nude, or french. 

Sven wears a similar outfit as from the previous films.

Gerda demands yet another rematch from Sven, certain that she will win this time. Sven is annoyed. He’s already beaten her twice and has nothing to prove. Plus, how can she expect to fight, wearing those heels? Gerda’s arrogance is at an all time high, stating that she is so certain of victory, she will win wearing high heels. Sven scoffs, saying that this is ridiculous and a waste of time. Gerda refuses to take no for an answer, saying that he will fight her whether he likes it or not.

Gerda suddenly attacks Sven, landing a couple of punches to his head, a kick to chest and a kick to the head, knocking him to the floor. She presses her foot onto his neck and tells him that she would never  lose to someone like him again. She orders him to submit.

Sven manages to shove her off and get back to his feet. (I’ll let you decide exactly how he does this)

Gerda goes for another punch but Sven blocks and grabs Gerda by the throat, pulls her up against the wall. 

Gerda manages to break the hold (you can decide how she does that) and backs him up with a few punches to the face and a couple of kicks to the chest. 

Sven is not fazed this time. He heads toward her.

Sven kicks her in the chest, causing her to stumble back against the wall. She throws a punch, but Sven blocks and counters with a punch to the gut and then an uppercut, knocking her back against the wall. He then hits her with multiple rights and lefts to the head. He then batters her with several hard punches to the abdomen that knock the wind out of her and make her double over, but every time she is about to fall, he catches her or holds her up (maybe he holds her up by the throat). He switches and hits her with more rights and lefts to the head. The final punch knocks her to the floor. He walks away. 

As soon as Gerda manages to get back to her feet, Sven returns with a baton. This’ll teach her for trying to cheap-shot him. He batters her abdomen with the baton many times. Every time he hits her, it knocks the wind out of her and makes her double over, groaning/moaning in pain, but every time, Sven catches her or holds her up (maybe he holds her up by the throat).  After one final blow, he finally lets her drop to the floor, groaning/moaning in pain. 

Summoning all of her strength, she manages to stand and puts up her guard, though she can barely lift her arms. She throws a few punches. They are wild and sloppy, and Sven easily blocks and counters with more punches to her head. She is unable to defend herself as he continues to pummel her with several more punches to the head, mostly right and left hooks, a few straight punches to the face, and punches to the body. Every punch to the head rocks her and some of the body shots double her over. Every time it looks like she’s about to fall, he catches her and stands her back up. Sometimes he holds her as he punches her. A final right hook knocks her to the floor (she lands on her back).  She is barely conscious.

He grabs her by the hair and sits her up on her knees or her butt, and hits her with more punches to the face. With every punch, Gerda’s eyes become more dazed until she is knocked out. He lets her fall to the floor.

As she starts to get her bearings back, Sven stands between her legs and lifts them.  Realizing what he is about to do, her eyes widen in fear.

Sven stomps on her pussy several times, causing her to moan and groan in pain. He takes a second or two between each stomp so she can feel every hit. Eventually, the pain causes her to lose consciousness. He continues to stomp on her pussy a few more times for good measure.

POV and Close ups of Her Face

He taps her face and shakes her head to wake her up.  Gerda grabs her sore pussy, groaning/moaning in pain.

Sven reminds her that she said that she would rather be finished than lose. He is more than happy to oblige. He straightens her out and gets on top of her, straddling her. He then hits her over and over with many brutal ground n pound rights and lefts to the head. He alternates a few times, sometimes he holds her head with one hand while punching her with the other, sometimes he holds her while hitting her with straight punches to the face, sometimes he hits her with hammer-fists, but he always goes back to ground n pound rights and lefts. After a few minutes Sven doesn’t stop, continuing to punch her in the head several more times. Her body merely twitches from the impact of the punches. The ground n pound lasts for about 3 minutes.

He decides to take a break from punching and decides to brutalize her pussy some more by doing several running soccer (football) kicks to her pussy.

He then straddles her and goes back to hitting her with several more ground n pound rights and lefts for about another 5 minutes. (Similar angles as before)

Sven finally decides to stop. He stands and looks down at Gerda’s battered body, vindicated. Final body pans, ending with a close-up of Gerda’s face.

The End

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sven takes the arrogance out of Gerda. Part III

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