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  • Rob destroys Sasha's stomach

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The theme will be revenge. The beautifully sexy slim and subtly curvy Sasha has gained a notorious reputation for punching, kicking, kneeing and stomping guys in the crotch and destroying their testicles. She's known for taking great pleasure and delight in hearing and seeing the men react painfully to these tactics with bend over/double over and falling doubled up in clutching/holding, rolling and writhing in excrutiating pain and suffering.

All the comrades she has damaged between the legs have come together and selected a representative to pay Sasha a visit and exact revenge by completely destroying Sasha exclusively in her stomach organ, her sexy pouty belly just below her navel and her lower abdominal tummy core (her womb to crush her ovaries) to avenge them and cause her even worse pain than she inflicted upon them.

Sasha will wear the exact School.girl outfit from "Sasha's final showdown" down to the white cotton panties. The big guy can wear whatever but must wear hard shoes.

The action in this clip will focus on Sasha's excruciatingly extreme stomach pain and throbbing, aching abdominal belly/tummy agonizing suffering - and in the womb of Sasha. She must sell that she is in astronomical and otherwordly stomach and abdominal pain in her upper stomach organ, her middle pouty belly and the guts within and her lower abdominal tummy core- her womb where her ovaries get painfully crushed and obliterated - all by the big guy's hard knuckled fists propelled by his powerful arms and shoulders that torque destructive uppercut punches up Sasha's delicately weak and unprotected glass-like stomach organ- up into the pit of it - breaking and completely destroying it, making its fluid contents up out of it, up into Sasha's hot, tight velvety spasming and contracting and releasing throat and spilling out from her lips (she does not spit it out. It's just spills out. No spitting and absolutely no coughing through the clip).

He will use not only his fists, but the objects used in "Fatal test for Sasha" - the black billy club/night stick and the baseball bat. He will also kick, knee and stomp Sasha's stomach organ, belly guts and lower abdominal tummy core (womb) to completely annihilate them.

The scene will open with the big guy confronting Sasha "I am here to avenge my comrades that you destroyed in the crotch, punching, kicking, kneeing and stomping their balls.. You enjoyed hearing them groan in pain and writhe in agony but now it's your turn to roll and writhe doubled up in pain - STOMACH PAIN! And I will crush your womb and destroy your ovaries just as you crushed their testicles! This is revenge...in the guts!"

Sasha laughs saying "Go away little boy. You cant hurt my stomach and my belly is too strong for you. Leave now and I will spare your balls!"

It's what the big guy expected. He puts a balled fist up to Sasha's face. When he opens it theres a flash that stuns Sasha . This flash renders her unable to flex her abs and increases her stomach pain and also prevents her from KO from the extreme stomach and belly pain she will experience and keep her alive.

The guy drinks a solution that multiplies his strength 10x and protects his balls.

The beating begins:

Sasha is dazed and doesnt yet realize she can't flex her abs to protect her stomach organ- belly/guts and womb. She senses treachery from the guy and knees his crotch. The guy is not hurt. He laughs and uppercut punches Sasha up her pouty belly and she grunts hard and jackknifes and collapse to the floor hugging her midsection in horrible pain. She now discovers that she cannot flex her abs.

**Sasha must sell the stomach and abdominal pain with audio/visual body language and an involuntary panty show of her hot, wide, flat crotch and perfect shaped ass while she's bent over/doubled over hugging, holding, cradling and clutching her pain wracked stomach, belly and lower abdomen/tummy (womb) in breathless agony on her feet, on her knees and laying on her sides and back.**

Sasha is picked up and put against the wall with hands over head and hurting stomach stretched out and belly pouting. She has no defense...no escape.

He uppercut punches Sasha up her stomach organ 4-5 times pulling each out after denting her stomach in (he only leaves his fist up her stomach organ the 5th/last thrust up her stomach organ) She is in breatless agony and lifts her leg exposing her panties as she desperately clutches his forearm with both hands (she will clutch palms up). He pulls his fist out of her destroyed stomach organ and backs away to watch her suffer. She holds her throbbing, aching stomach and slowly slides down the wall...her knees bending up and parting fully exposing her panty crotch until she is almost sitting - then she falls over and doubles up in desperate stomach holding pain.

The big guy takes this opportunity with her laying on her side to kick her several hard times in the pit of her freshly throbbing, aching, hurting stomach organ and in her belly and lower in her womb. She is doubled up so he first kicks at her drawn up knees until she moves them down then he kicks at her stomach holding arms until she removes them from her midsection and he kicks her stomach, guts and womb until she rolls away like a log in pain only to be picked up by her hair and pinned back against the wall where she gets 4-5 more uppercuts this time up her pouty belly around her navel area. Again the 5th fist up her is pushed as she folds and clutches his forearm bringing her knee up in agonizing response to the crippling stomach pain until he pulls his fist out and she doubles full over and staggers a few steps from the wall and collapses to her knees and goes head down/ass up hugging her battered midsection putting on a rear view upskirt panty show of wide crotch and perfect ass.

Sasha suffers greatly in the stomach and the big guy let's her put on this stomach pain and panty covered crotch gap and ass show enjoying seeing her in pain. Sasha is broken physically and emotionally. Normally modest, Sasha's destroyed guts dictate the panty crotch and ass show. The big guy is just getting started. He picks Sasha up and impales her freshly throbbing midsection over his shoulder - her skirt riding up and her panties fully exposed and her crotch gap on display. We get good rear view upskirt shots before she is lowered to the wall..back to the wall, pinning her back against the side of the wall so he can drive his big strong shoulder into her hurting stomach repeatedly but his head does not hit wall because he has her at one end of the wall. He battering rams his massive shoulder into Sasha's weakened and aching guts driving stomach organ fluid up out of her. He rams her guts 5-6 times until she's breathless. He steps back and she collapses hugging her obliterated guts and writhes and rolls exposing her panties and and rolling up on knees pushing her ass up..way up with head on the floor and fluids pumping up and out and frantic with the pain of a broken stomach organ and rearranged realigned and battered bruised and broken guts. She keeps her head on the floor and gets on her toes and pushes her ass way up straightening her legs and locking her knees until she awkwardly half ass somersaults over and doubles up hugging her guts and slowing writing and rolling, spreading her smooth thighs and flailing her sexy legs and exposing her wide, flat panty covered crotch.

The big guy rolls her onto her back and stomps her arms holding her midsection until she removes them then he drives his heel into her broken stomach organ and into her shattered belly and particularly her lower abdominal tummy/womb and crushing her ovaries inflicting horrible abdominal pain. Sasha desperately clutches his leg with both hands as he stomps several times until she rolls away in frantic stomach suffering. She rolls side to side on her back hugging her battered guts and putting on and crotch show then rolls up onto her knees. She struggles to straighten up on her knees holding her hurting stomach then sits her ass on her heels She arches her back inward and throws her head back showing her hot sexy throat and spreads her knees for balance. She tries to stretch the stomach pain out and get some relief and tries to push the stomach pain out into her clutching hands. The big guy enjoys watching Sasha's body language of sexy stomach pain and suffering.

Sasha is in otherworldly pain in the stomach and belly/womb. She can't take anymore. She says "Please stop. I cant take anymore in the stomach. My stomach can't take anymore!" The big guy responds asking "You want mercy? Did you show mercy to my comrades or their balls? No...so your stomach will not be spared!" With that he pulls her stomach holding arms away from her stomach and pulls her hands up over her head. With her ass still sitting on her heels she painfully arches her back inward stretching her abdomen and making her battered midsection outward making a perfect target. While she agonizes in this position the big guy kicks her in the stomach and belly and in her womb. Her ass jutts up and back with each savage kick to her guts until she's breathless. The big guy releases Sasha's hands and she immediately hugs her freshly exploding guts and doubles full over as more stomach fluids spills from her mouth. She lifts up her ass and awkward somersaults again and squirms in stomach agony while he gets the black billy club/nightstick. He picks Sasha up by her hair. She reaches for her hair as he straightens her up leaving her stomach unprotected. He rams the end of the stick up Sasha's stomach and she grunts hard and doubles over as he rams it up her belly again and again the last time leaving it up her guts as she clutches it and lifts her leg. He gets on one knee and pushed It up her belly/womb impaling her head down/ass up. He then gets up leaving Sasha doubled over with the stick up her belly clutching it with both hands. She staggers a few steps and falls to her knees, then falls over onto her side and rolls onto her back still clutching the stick as if its stuck in her belly. He watches her. She suffers greatly as she writhes and rolls.

He takes the stick from her and she hugs her tuined guts and says "My stomach!!".He picks her up and repeats the ramming of the stick up her stomach until she collapses in stomach holding agony.

He gets the baseball bat. He picks broken and painwracked Sasha up and pins her to the wall with hands pinned overhead and rams the thick end of the bat into her lower abdominal belly/tummy (womb) several times. He pushes the last thrust into her womb with both hands as she also clutches it (palms up) and folds over lifting her leg. He finally pulls it out of her and she crumples to the floor in belly clutching agony showing her panty covered ass and crotch gap. He picks her up one final time.

Away from the wall he holds her up with one hand and rams the thick rounded end of it up Sasha's finished stomach. She grunts and doubles over it and the bat up her stomach is holding her up. She vomits stomach organ fluids..the last of it. Her pain-wracked stomach organ is empty now and hurts even more. He uses 2 hands now and gets on one knee and short-thrusts the bat up her belly 5 times until she is breatless. Sasha also instinctively clutches the bat as her belly is up thrusted.

The big guy gets up leaving the bat up Sasha's destroyed belly with her still clutching it..impaled up her belly. She falls to the floor still clutching the bat in her belly. She rolls and writhes....totally obliterated in the stomach, belly and womb. He kneels down next to her and grabs her hair and makes her look at him. He says "If you ever punch, kick, knee or stomp another comrade in the balls...I will be back to destroy your stomach and womb and you will not survive it!" He releases her and leaves and she writhes and rolls side to side a few more times, still clutching the bat in her guts, and then rolls to one side and brings her knees up around the bat and KO- the flash potion finally wearing off.

Sasha must always hug and hold her stomach/midsection when she is not being hit in the stomach/midsection. This is about Sasha in bend over/doubled over and doubled stomach holding pain and suffering from the big guy hitting/hurting her stomach.

I'm sure this vid can be done between 12-15 minutes length. Please tell me how much this will cost in US dollars.

I know this will be in Russian language with English subtitles, but can Sasha at least say "My Stomach!!!" in English sometimes? If not it's ok. Most important is Sasha's bend over/doubled over and doubled up stomach holding and panty covered crotch and ass show.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rob destroys Sasha's stomach

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