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  • Naomi made a mistake playing alone on a deserted beach

This clip was shot in July. Naomi is not available for shooting at the moment.

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If you are fan of female fights, followed by 2 vs 1 (mf vs f) one side beating - this video is for you. You will see a  lot of face kicks, stomach kicks, punches and other different karate techniques in this video. 

Naomi is practicing on a river beach with a badminton racket. She is dressed in black top and silver skirt, barefeet. She is trying to leave the shuttlecock in the air, hitting it with the badminton racket while dancing. Her dance is sexy, she shakes her silver skirt with a nice smile on her face.

When the shuttlecock falls on the ground, suddenly Klara steps on it. Klara is wearing black top and skirt, barefeet. Klara also holds a badminton racket. She puts her foot on the shuttlecock with an evil smile. Camera shows her feet close-up, and then we see a close-up of Naomi’s feet. Klara says that she can do better, and starts to hit the shuttlecock while dancing.  And she does. Girls turn by turn play with it, Klara plays better, dances better, Naomi sees this and starts to be angry. She kicks Klara in the stomach. Girls start to fight, they kick each other with their feet in opponents face and stomach, punch each other with badminton rackets. And here Naomi shows better skills. She sends her female-opponent on the sand.  Klara stands up and makes a series of kicks with her foot into Naomi's face.  Naomi fights back with a series of kicks to the stomach. Fight lasts eleven minutes, a couple of times Klara falls on the ground, and each time Naomi wipes her beautiful feet on Klara’s black skirt and even tries to tear it. After a couple of tries she succeeds in doing this. Klara also fights well, she succeeds in sending her white skirt opponent on the grass. She sits on Naomi's stomach and makes a series of punches in Naomi’s face. But the end of the fight is coming - Naomi tears off Klara’s skirt piece by piece, while putting her foot on Klara’s chest. Klara pushes her back and examines the skirt - there are a lot of holes on it. “You tore my entire skirt” - Klara cries. Naomi just smiles and laughs, looking at her rival lying on the ground. “That’s enough” - Klara says and snaps her fingers. Klara’s boyfriend, Henry, who was hiding behind the trees, runs to Naomi and attacks her. He punches her couple of times in the face, and gives Klara time to recover. Klara and Henry attack dazed and dumbfounded Naomi.Klara kicks her in the face and back, while Henry is holding her arms. Naomi is helpless, she cannot resist any attack from this duo, so after a relatively short period of time Naomi is on the sand. Henry helps her to stand up, and the evil couple continues to beat her.  Kicks to the face, stomach, back, head, punches, roundhouse kicks - all of this you will see in the next five minutes. At the end Naomi falls on her back, exhausted, and Klara says: “It is your punishment for tearing my skirt. In exchange, I will take yours”. Klara takes off her torn skirt and throws it at Naomy’s face, and then takes off Naomi’s skirt.  Klara dresses it and goes away, dancing, but suddenly stops and says to Henry: “take revenge on her for tearing my skirt”. Henry starts to punch helpless, lying on the ground Naomi in the face, Klara takes a badminton racket and starts practicing.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi made a mistake playing alone on a deserted beach

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