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  • Sasha fights against zombies

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sasha costume: Doctor Sasha punishes her assistants for medical error (without the white jacket)

scenario 1: 12 minutes
sasha enters a room with a table at the back of the room
a case on the table sasha tries to open the case but it does not open
it's a trap to lure sasha to the table
a zombie hiding under the table grabs an ankle
sasha tries to free herself but the zombie is too strong (a lot of wrestling with her legs)
another zombie enters the room comes from behind sasha and holds her by the neck
sasha wrestles and frees her legs
sasha turns around and a fight begins with the zombie standing
(punch and kick) the zombie under the table crawls out on the ground and grabs
sasha's ankles and tries to make her fall to the floor
(repeat the scene several times)
sasha tries to kick but the zombie on the ground blocks those legs
sasha frees herself and but ko the two zombies and gets out of the room

scenario 2:15 minutes

sasha enters another room and walks towards a table with a suitcase
sasha opens the suitcase and finds some secret documents to take
four zombies enter the room from behind sasha two zombies crawl on the ground
two zombies walking towards sasha
sasha turns around and starts the fight against the two standing zombies
(punch and kick) sasha doesn't mind the zombie on the ground
while sasha fights the two zombies on the ground grab sasha's legs to block her
(repeat the scene several times)
the two zombies standing take the opportunity to hit sasha (punch and kick)
sasha try to free those legs but the zombies are too strong
sasha free those legs and continue the fight with the two zombies standing
the two zombies on the ground crawl to a bed and hide under the bed
(sasha must not see them hiding under the bed)
the two zombie standing fights with sasha and sasha recedes back to the bed
when sasha arrives towards the bed the two zombies under the bed grab sasha's ankles
sasha try to free those legs but the zombies hold yours just fine
the two zombies standing punch sasha to make her fall on the bed
sasha falls on the bed the two zombies standing grab her arms
the four zombies stretch sasha's limbs
sasha screams in pain but the zombies are very strong and shoot more and more
on arms and legs
a zombie but a handkerchief with serum on the mouth to put sasha to sleep
sasha struggles a lot but can't get freed (legs and arms are well locked)
sasha is befuddled by the product of zombies
the two zombies standing leave the room
sasha gets up from the bed but the two zombies under the bed still hold her ankles
sasha falls to the ground and the two zombies pull her under the bed
(lots of wrestling with sasha's legs)

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Sasha fights against zombies

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