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  • Unexpected loss of Lillian

Custom clip request 

Characters: Lillian and two thugs


1. Crop top white t-shirt (that shows right above her navel) if possible, and unzipped black jacket or long black shirt on the outside. 

2. Same or similar jeans and hairstyle as she wears in the video "Lillian’s stomach is defeated".  

3. Same or similar shoes (and if you don't have a crop top tee you can use the same white shirt used in this video too) in the video "Protector".

4. Please make sure that her belly button is revealed in this outfit.

Part 1 (2:00)

The sequence begins with the thugs sitting, talking and laughing, saying things like "we're going to get rich"

The thugs hear the footsteps (you don't have to show it to the audience) and asked "who is there?"

Then they realized who she is, and they seem afraid and in panic. They immediately stand up and step backwards, saying "s..t, she is the best hitwoman that people talked about, we are done."

The camera introduces Lillian with a close-up shot of her belly, then reveals her body.

She walks towards the thugs and the thugs start to push against each other slightly. Finally one of them decides to attack Lillian, but she dodges the attack easily, then the other thug joins in the fight.

Lillian is clearly winning the fight as she dodges every attack and beating up the thugs. The thugs always get beaten and fall to the ground. One of the thugs stands up and running away, saying to his bud "I'll be back, please hold on".

Then Lillian beats up the thug until he sits on the ground in front of her.

Part 2A (2:00)

It was an easy fight for Lillian.

She puts her hands behind her head, stretching her body back slightly, showing her belly to the thug that sits in front of her (insert some close-up shot of her belly from the side and the front). 

“nice abs” the thug looks up at her belly and says, trying to gain some time for the other thug to come back, but Lillian does not respond.

The other thug comes back with a baseball bat behind Lillian, sneaking towards her, eye contacting the thug sitting in front of her, while Lillian does not notice him.

After he gets right behind Lillian, he throws the baseball bat to the thug sitting in front of her. 

The thug stands up immediately and pushing one end of the baseball bat right into Lillian's bellybutton (do a close-up shot from the side, can be slow-mo if possible). 

Lillian does not have time to block the hit as she was putting her hands behind her head.

It was a heavy hit and Lillian seems to be amazed, experiencing a huge pain as she is grabbing her belly and moaning loudly. 

She keeps grabbing her belly and moaning for almost 30 seconds. The thugs are gloating and say "does it hurt?"

As Lillian rubs her belly and grunts for another 10 seconds, she says "not even close."

Then Lillian starts to attack the thugs again. Even though she is injured, she was able to dodge and block every single attack from the thugs, and the thugs are getting beaten once again. 

Part 2B (0:30)

"Focus her belly!" One of the thugs says and grabs Lillian arms behind her. 

The other thug picks up the baseball bat and swings it heavily against Lillian's gut. 

Lillian moans painfully, grabbing her belly and falls to her knees. 

"Here we go!" The thug smiles and says, while Lillian rolls on the ground painfully, covering her belly with her arms. 

Part 3 (3:30)

The video fades in Lillian standing against the pillar, hands tied to the pillar, while she looks completely conscious. 

"Who sent you here?" The thug asks, but Lillian does not respond even after the thug asked her several times.

"Well, let's see how this thing destroys your perfect belly then." The thug picks up the baseball bat.

"Go ahead," Lillian responds calmly.

Then the thug starts to swing the baseball bat and hit against her belly, once every 3-5 seconds for around 1 minute. 

As Lillian is mourning painfully, the thug asks "how does it feel?" "I feel... nothing," she responds.

"Let me try it." The other thug takes over the baseball bat and starts to aim at her navel with one end of it.

Then he hits the baseball bat right against Lillian's navel. She seems to be amazed by how much it hurts, and her mouth forming an "O"

The thug repeats the action several times (with some close up shot focusing her navel), and he says "I can't believe you are the best hitwoman."

Then he throws away the baseball bat and starts to punch Lillian's belly rapidly.

"I am... The best..." She says in a painful voice.

After quick eye contact, the thugs smile and decided to let her go from the pillar.

"Show it to us." They said.

Part 4 (2:00) 

Even though Lillian is heavily injured, she is still evenly matched to the thugs. 

"Get the baseball bat!" Says one of the thugs.

The other thug picks up the baseball bat and swings it against Lillian's belly. She is visibly painful as she grabs her belly, but she isn't able to cover it for long since she is fighting against two people. She took several hits in the belly during the fight, and she falls on the ground after a heavy kick into her belly. 

She grunts and grabs her belly tightly, and slowly stands up, stunned and looking down at her belly. 

Then one of the thugs pushes one end of the baseball bat against her navel again and pushing it into her belly, while Lillian tries to push away the baseball bat from her belly button. 

She was able to push the baseball bat a little bit away from her belly until the other thug joined in to help to push against her, then the baseball bat pushes her navel once again. 

The thugs push the baseball bat and steps forward while Lillian steps backwards until her back is against the wall with the baseball bat pushing against her belly button.

Then the thugs start to twist the baseball bat as it is against Lillian's belly button (with close up). 

Lillian keeps moaning painfully, and she finally says "I admit... It really hurts my belly button."

"Well, it's too late" the thugs laughing and continuously twisting the baseball bat deeply against her navel until she seems completely exhausted and stopped to resist. 

After the thugs withdraw the baseball bat, Lillian falls to her knees, grunts weakly, grabs her belly and lies on the ground facing down.

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Unexpected loss of Lillian

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