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  • Naomi's avenge was failed

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The Story is connected with "Master Lillian loses the fight" Naomi is the Sister from Lillian and she come to the same Guy to revenge her Sister

Like Lillian she has a strong Body and can take many punshes, just the Lillian from the other Video as example, she played the Character perfect, her reaction and moaning was good and she had this arrogant look on her Face. I would love to see the same with Naomi.

At the beginning the Guy makes some sparring and he enters the Room:

"Hey Asshole" - He turns around

"Who are you?"

"You humiliated my Sister, and i am here to revenge her!"

"It was her fault, it has nothing to do with you. I don´t want to fight you"

"You have no choice."  She goes in fighting position "I will not go befor you are beaten"

"I defeated your Sister and i will defeat you!"

"We will see... " Naomi smiles.

The first fight beetween them is around 3 Min. and from the beginning its equal, he keeps punches her Belly / Head and she is punching him.

But like Lillian she is a Master and takes the Hits and he is over time more and more affected. After the 3 Min he is already weak and on the Ground

She starts choking him with a Feet " It that really all? I wonder how my Sister could lose against you."

He can free himself and stand up again. She attacks him immediately but for 1:30 Min  he can avoid all her attacks and keeps punching her.

He puts all his efforts in this, and at the End she stands against a Wall and he keeps punching her Belly over and over, with hard punches.

When he finally stops he is exhausted, but Naomi stands still strong befor him. "Nice try, but now its my turn" and she attacks his Head with left and rights.

During this he slowly steps backwards and at the End he stands to a Wall. "Let me show you how to do it right." And now she starts punching his Belly.

Every Hit hurts him and after only 5-6 Hits he goes down. Naomi  puts a Hand against his Throat and lifts him up.

"I could take you out right now, but I want to play with you a little bit  more" She smiles nasty and then punches  his Chest 3 Times after this she throws  him away, turns around and goes in to the middle of the Room. "Come on, don't disappoint me" Naomi is cocky, she gives him a sign to attack her.

He looks beaten " I didn´t want to use this, but you give me no other chance" he is approaching her, she attacks him but he can avoid her attack punches her Belly 3 Times and then he uses his crushing Hands technique on her Belly. Naomi falls back some steps, but she is not that

much affected as Lillian was. He looks surprised at her "How is this possible? No one can resist this" - "I knew you would use this

and i trained my Stomach Muscles."

Both are going in fighting position again, Naomi is self-confident " Now there is nothing anymore what you can do against me"

 Now he slowly starts to control the fight. Over the next 4 Min she become the most hits, there is some stuff from a Carly Video what i would like to see in this Time, the  Arm bending and the Rips punching.  He uses his crushing Hands against her

4 more Times in this 4 Min. (~ every Min once)  Naomi reacts more from this Hits, but its possible for her to take them. It seems really she is unbreakable.

After the 4 Min he again can put her against a Wall, and this time he punches her Belly with fast punches. (like at the End from "Naomi loses the fight")

The most Time he gives her normal punches, but then suddenly he chance to his crushing Hands and Hits her Belly with that many Times and fast too.

This is the final Moment when her strong Belly breakes, over Time she is more in Pain and groans more. She even make fists to endure  the Pain.

 When he finally stops she is holding one Hand on her Belly and is out of breath.

"No... i will not go down like my Sister"

"You should have taken me out , while you had the chance, but you were to conceited. Now its to late."

You can see das Naomi become angry, she tries to ignore the Pain and is attacking him. But over the last 1:30 she hits nothing anymore and become his punching bag.  At the end its all to much for her and she falls on her knees, he gives her some hits against her Head, she fall over to her back, he now goes for the  Belly. Every Hit really hurts her now, he did break her strong Belly. After this he gives her some final blows against her Head, and she lays without moving.

Language: Russian with English subtitles


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Naomi's avenge was failed

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