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  • Linda's stomach is defeated

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Outline: Linda is slowly overpowered with stomach punching by the thug using his special strength serum.

Clothing: Linda is in military fatigue pants (or in gym pants) and sport bra. Her stomach is fully revealed, from her lower belly to her ribcage. She uses comfortable sport shoes. The clothing of the thug is unimportant.

Punches: All punches go to Linda’s upper stomach (above her navel). They make contact with the body and go deep into her stomach (not bouncing).

Reactions: The transition in Linda’s reactions are the most important part of the acting. She suffers, but she does not scream, whimper or cry. She is gradually overpowered by the continuous punching, and her abs flexing is progressively unable to contain the damage. Throughout the clip, she gets weaker and weaker. But she contains her reactions as much as she can. By the end of the stomach beatdown, she can only moan and sigh very softly, eyes semi-closed.

Puncher: He is strong and in control. He remains silent all the time, no grunts or screams, showing no effort or emotions.

Camera takes: Camera stays close to Linda at all times, making close-ups of her stomach, the punches and Linda’s faces, from as many angles and positions as possible.

Language: Russian, with English subtitles (if possible).


Part 1 (3’): The video fades in Linda standing, hands tied up behind her, back against the wall. The thug is right in front of her. The thug says “So, you are one of the new comers, you think you have stronger abs than your friends?”. “I know you are a cheater, drinking your special serum” says Linda. “But I am stronger than I look…”. The asks “Oh, really?”. He punches her, and she slightly grunts, containing the situation. She punches her again, and she doubles forward a bit, slowly letting the air come out of her. The thug straightens her up. “So, you are a pro, after all”. Linda says “Go… on…”. He starts punching her stomach over and over. With every new punch Linda doubles forward and lets the air slowly come out of her body. The thug straightens her up and punches her again. The continuous punching weakens her gradually, until she falls to her knees and folds over. She says “asshole…”. The video fades out.

Part 2 (3’): The video fades in Linda standing, back against the wall, arms spread and hands tied as in crucifixion. She is visibly weakened, but still defiant. The thug positions himself very close to her, talking close to her ears. “Now that your abdominal resistance is over, let’s see how long you can resist”. He starts driving uppercuts into her stomach, one every 2-3 seconds. During the first minute her face looks up, eyes stunned by the power and speed of the punches. Then she can’t contain the punches and slumps over, producing softer and weaker reactions. During the last minute her head slumps on the thugs’ shoulder, eyes closed. She has trouble remaining awake, but she doesn’t goes out. As she is being punched, we can see water forming on the side of her mouth (no spitting).

Part 3 (4’): The video fades in Linda down on a mat, hands tied above her head. The thug kneels beside her, holding her hands. He says “I admit you are pretty resistant”. Linda is still defiant: “bring… it… on…”. The thug says “Of course. We need to test how long you can resist until you are out”. Then he starts to drill deep punches again above Linda’s navel. Linda uses the last bit of strength in her body to tense her abdominals, making short “uhh…” sounds. But the punches keep coming and her resistance starts to wane. By the second minute, her gasping shows she is winded, and her stomach starts to simply absorb the punches, her back flat against the mat. Linda’s cheeks fill up of air, then puff softly, unable to keep her oxygen. Then the thug makes a pause. “Almost gone”, he says. Linda manages to say “my… stomach…”. The thug says “You are quite strong, I give you that” and starts punching her again. Linda’s body slowly shuts down, producing weaker and softer moans and sighs, head slumped back, mouth open. The last punches only make her body shake, head arched back, her eyes gradually shutting down, mouth open, drool (water) slowly trickling from the side of her mouth.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Linda's stomach is defeated

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