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  • Sasha loses to Caleb. Part II

Custom clip request 

Actors- Sasha and Caleb (any man will do if not available)

Clothes- Sasha wearing what she wore in the SASHA LOSES TO CALEB video. Black bra with red bikini bottoms. Black MMA gloves. NOTHING on her legs. Barefoot. Hair hanging down not tied in any way. Caleb wears LONG PANTS of some kind. Only Sasha shows her legs.

Location- Please try to use the same room in the SASHA LOSES TO CALEB video. Please have great lighting as you did. 

Time- 20 minutes (Four 5 minute rounds)

Special Effects/Sound- Only low toned punches and kicks. Caleb doesn't make much noise. Only speaks when he makes Sasha submit. He just takes care of business. Sasha NEEDS TO MAKE NOISE. I want to hear her moan out in pain. Ouches and aahs throughout. She will also submit her defeat in each round as detailed below ("I give", "I cannot take anymore", "I'm done", "I'm too weak", etc)

Round 1- Sasha enters the room wearing that White Karate Coat over the Black bra and Red bikini bottoms. MMA finglerless gloves are on her hands. She takes coat off and warms up for the fight. Caleb enters the room. Go to a staredown and Sasha tells Caleb she is going "to kick his ass". Staredown ends and Sasha laughs as they go to their corners. Fight begins and Sasha takes down Caleb. She circles him on the mat, mounts him, and starts to beat on him. A punch to her gut, and she rolls over. It's a beat down from here on. I want this Round 1 to end with Caleb kneeling behind a sitting Sasha in a sleeper hold. As she struggles, I want Caleb BEATING ON HER STOMACH MANY TIMES (about a minute). SASHA SHOULD MOAN OUT IN PAIN AND SUBMITTING. She is KO'd. Caleb tosses Sasha to the side and she LANDS ON HER STOMACH FACEDOWN. Caleb now picks Sasha up by the hair, stands her up, marches her around in a headlock,MAKES HER SUBMIT AGAIN, and punches her in the head and Sasha falls VERY soft to the mat FACEDOWN KOed. GREAT CLOSEUPS OF BODY ESPECIALLY THE LEGS. VERY SLOW PLEASE. 

Round 2- Starts with Sasha struggling to get to her feet. Caleb beats on her immediately. Camel clutches, surfboards, Sasha is VERY soft at this point trying to fight back. End the Round 2 pretty much the same way as Round 1 except the Sleeperhold should have Sasha FACEDOWN and COed by Caleb's legs. She is out and is picked up by the hair. Caleb stands her up and she SUBMITS to Caleb. And a GUT PUNCH KO'S HER AND SHE FALLS soft TO THE MAT. FACEDOWN. GREAT CLOSEUPS OF BODY ESPECIALLY THE LEGS. VERY SLOW PLEASE. FLIP HER OVER AND PAN THE FRONT OH ER THE SAME WAY.

Round 3- Again starts with Sasha struggling to get to her feet. Caleb KOs her just about immediately. Sasha is COMPLETELY soft, BARELY AWAKE. Caleb puts her ON HER KNEES, bends her head over, and KOs her with a punch to the head. Stand her up and do the same. Caleb puts Sasha facedown and TAKES HER GLOVES OFF, TIES HER HANDS BEHIND HER BACK. ON SCREEN TYING PLEASE. He kicks her and finally stands her up, MAKES HER SUBMIT, bends her head over and KOs her. She falls to the mat soft AND FACEDOWN.

Round 4- Caleb unties her hands. Sasha struggles to get up. NO GLOVES ARE ON. Sasha is VERY soft. Caleb beats on her and KOs her with a PUNCH TO THE HEAD WHILE SHE IS IN A STANDING HEADLOCK. He now TIES HER ARMS BEHIND HER BACK AGAIN AS WELL AS TYING HER ANKLES TOGETHER WHILE SHE IS FACEDOWN. ON SCREEN TYING PLEASE. Kick her, put her on her knees and knock her down, and pushing her neck her out while she is down. Finally STAND HER UP AND MAKE HER SUBMIT AND BEND HER HEAD OVER AND KO HER. SHE FALLS soft TO THE MAT FACEDOWN. CALEB PICKS HER KOed HEAD UP BY THE HAIR LIKE A TROPHY AND LEAVES HER KOed  FACEDOWN.


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Sasha loses to Caleb. Part II

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