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Custom Video Request: 

Title: Female Justice (with Lesley as the female actress)

Indoor Fight Ring

Lesley is a young girl looking for revenge against her ex-boyfriend.  He used to bully her, humiliate her, and call her a weak little girl.  So she fight trained for a year and is ready to pay him back. 

The attitude: Lesley is bent on revenge in a cold, serious manner.  He is cocky at the beginning, but quickly realizes she is stronger than he thought.  The fight is aggressive and hard. 

Costumes (very important):

Lesley wears only a sexy karate Gi top (the one in “Crystal White Shinobi” - I also like the way the sleeves are cuffed at the wrists).  She should be barefoot.  Her undergarments should be a small white tube top (from “Boxing POV” – use a white bra underneath) and white panties (as discussed).  She should wear skin colored pantyhose.  Her hair should be down (no ponytails).

The ex-boyfriend with no shirt, wearing only a mask and karate pants (like in Lesley Avenges her Teacher).  The guy should be good looking with a fit body and muscles.  And bare feet for both fighters. 

No Dialogue from the ex-boyfriend.  Only Lesley has dialogue.

The cinematography

Please be very mindful of camera angles, editing, and framing of each shot. Minimal hand held camera motion. Try to find the best framing possible to highlight each part of the action. Please use multiple angles/replays/to highlight key moments of the action that I detail in the script.  No Slow motions please.  I also don’t want any push kicks, and no karate chops.  I want this fight to be hard, serious and REALISTIC.  No silly attacks like speed-bag punching.  And I don’t want to see a slow start.  This is a revenge match, so the fight should begin quickly with hard hits and intensity. 

The script:

Lesley and her ex-boyfriend meet in the middle of a field and she says, “I’m here to take my revenge.  You will never make me to be yours, or any girl, ever again.”  He is overly confident and sexually distracted by Lesley’s long legs. Lesley’s plan is already working, just as she expected (sexy smile from her and then a serious look as the fight begins). 

The first two minutes of the fight is competitive, but her ex-boyfriend clearly hits harder and has the upper hand.  The fight should be filled with punches, knees and kicks to the face and stomach (no open hand karate chops in this video).  This is a brutal fast paced fight with powerful blows back and forth (they both need to grunt in pain when they get the hardest hits).  However, his strength is too much for her as he begins to wear her down.  

The next three minutes, the fight slows down as he begins to fight dirty and beat her up good.  He delivers several painful shots to her groin, and she should look scared because she’s losing the fight.  She should also cover her groin with her hands every time she gets hit in the groin, to show her pain.

Next, create the following important scene and dialogue: He stands her up and punches her in the stomach four times - hard, deep punches that lift her off her feet (very brief pause between each hit as if he’s enjoying them). Then he steps back (with Lesley standing and legs spread) and delivers a strong kick to her groin (foot up between her legs - three angles of this kick).  She cups her crotch in so much pain.  He watches for about 10 seconds while she moans, staggers, and covers her groin with her hands struggling to stand (several camera angles).  She's overcome with LOTS of pain and finally drops to her knees still covering her groin.  She’s in so much pain that she finally begs him, “please…no more…please stop”, but he ignores her plea and drives his knee up into her face, knocking her flat on her back in a daze. 

Another important scene (important dialogue): He then sits on her lower stomach, unties her belt, and opens up her Gi, revealing her sexy body and undergarments. Then he lay down on top of her planning to have sex with her. He starts to slide his hand down the side of her body.  Once he reaches her waist, she drives her knee up between his thighs and crushes his balls (I attached a video clip titled “Knee” for an example of this position).  As he groans in pain, she says, “Now it’s my turn to kick you between the legs.”  They should remain in this position, him lying on top of her with her knee up between his thighs for about 5 seconds.  Then she knees him again with multiple camera angles of the blow (remain in this position for about 5 more seconds).  She says, “Your balls belong to me now.” Finally she pushes him off her and onto his back as he covers his balls in lots of pain.  She stands up, closes her Gi and ties her belt, smiles, and says, “You still want to have me?  Come and get it.”

Create the following important scene (important dialogue): He gets up angry and attacks her with several punches to her face and stomach knocking her back. She responds with a roundhouse kick that stops him.  She then punches him in the face three times, and then delivers a powerful kick with her foot - up between his legs (two angles of this kick).  He moans and drops to his knees covering his balls as she stares down on him with satisfaction and says, “You boys think your balls make you so strong, don’t you.”

Another important scene and dialogue: Once he recovers, he grabs her in a front body hug, making it difficult for her to breathe.  She struggles to get loose, but he is too strong.  Desperate for relief, she hugs him back and begins to manipulate his desires by moving her hips and sensually grinding her body up against his.  Lesley arouses him so much that his strength starts to weaken.  Lesley smiles because she knows she is now in control.  After a couple of minutes teasing him with her body pressed up against his, she says with a sexy tone, “Does this make you hard?  Someone isn’t wearing any underwear.”  He whimpers with weakness, and then she says “Awe, …poor baby.  You can’t control it, can you.“  He whimpers again and she says, “Busting your naked genitals, hanging helplessly between your legs, is going to be fun.”  Lesley then drives her thigh (hard) up between his legs crushing his balls (three camera views), but she doesn’t loosen the hug (please hold your balance).  With their bodies still pressed tightly together, she holds her thigh up in his balls for about 5 seconds, and then pulls it out and lets him drop to the ground covering his balls in serious pain. 

The rest of the fight is one sided, mostly groin blows.  There should be only a few face punches and kicks to his face mixed in: This is finally her revenge so it should be one blow to his balls after another, and he will no longer land any hits to Lesley.  Throughout the rest of this fight, Lesley should make several comments like “you want to have me now?  Huh?” and “this is what all boys deserve” (I’ll let you be creative with your comments).  Some of the groin blows should be counter moves to his failed attacks.  This section of the fight should show Lesley as confident and showing some smirks/smiles of satisfaction (but no laughing). There should also be lots of groin holding when he gets hit in the balls:

Include the following moves in no particular order:

- several kicks to the balls (foot up between the legs) at different points in the fight (no push kicks and no toe kicks.  One of these kicks in the corner of the ring).

- do the splits to the ground and upper cut punch his balls

- he grabs her from behind and she mule kicks him in the balls

- as he charges at her, she drops on her butt and thrusts both her feet up into his balls 

- as he runs at her, she drops to the ground and kicks one foot out into his balls (as seen in Sasha vs Iron Balls)

- he tries a roundhouse kick and she drops to the ground and does an upward groin kick 

- he grips his hands around her throat.  She slaps his ears with the palms of her hands, and as he loosens his grip she kicks him in the balls.

-as he lays on the ground, she kicks his legs apart and then kicks him in the balls.

-as he stands behind her, she punches her fist back into his balls. 

-she crawls up behind him (or in front of him) and swings her arm up between his legs, crushing his balls.

You guys are great and creative with groin blows, so you can decide the rest of them.  Her goal is to make him pay for insulting her and she wants to enjoy destroying his manhood.  She wants to humiliate him.  The camera should catch Lesley’s face switching between smiles of satisfaction and angry looks of revenge.

Important scene: this is how I want her to finish him off:

As he lays on his back with his knees up and spread, she puts her hands on his knees and leans over him.  As he begs her to stop (with hand gestures - no dialogue for him), she says “You don’t deserve the genitals that hang between your legs.  Say goodbye to your cock and balls.”  She then hops up and drops her knee onto his balls and holds it there (I attached a video clip called “Finishing Move” to show you what I mean).  This should be a hard final blow.  There should be four different views of this move.  He suffers under her knee for about 10 seconds and has a muffled cry because he can’t breathe from the intense pain.  She then leans forward and says, “Never forget… girls rule and boys drool when we crush your manhood,” as she then delivers one quick twist of her knee finishing off his balls (viewed from three angles).  His body jerks once and then immediately gets out.  She remains in this position (with her knee on his balls) for about 10 seconds (camera pans around the scene for full angle viewing) and she has a look of satisfaction and says, “This is what girl power looks like.  No more insulting for you.”  She then smiles sexy, blows a little kiss at him, and then stands up and stares down on the defeated bad guy with his knees spread open.

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Female revenge. Lesley vs Rob

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