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Custom clip request 

I was wondering if I can get a custom video with Sasha and a male actor. Preferably Kano. This custom video I will like it to be Shang Tsung and Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat. I would like this scene to start off with Sasha tied up in a dress and Shang Tsung walking in. I want this scene to be just like the mortal kombat movie where Shang Tsung tells Sonya to fight him in mortal kombat she of course refuses. She tells him that she will not fight him and she’s not playing his game. I will attach the clip of the movie. I will like it to be similar then Sonya accepts the challenge. Sonya then changes to her red bra and red underwear outfit. The same outfit in the video with Kano. 

In the fight Shang Tsung should be winning most of the fight. This will be Shang Tsung dominating Sonya. Every time Sonya gets hit she should

Moan real loud and at times stay down and cry in pain. Shang Tsung should laugh and tease her at times and call her weak. He should say “you’re weak baby. You finished Kano but not me” I would love it also if Shang Stung kicks her as well just like Kano and then says if it hurts baby as Sonya screams in pain. 

Toward the end of the fight I actually would

Love if Sonya does the leg drop on Shang Tsung however it doesn’t work. Shang Tsung just laughed when Sonya does it and just throws her down and kicks her while she’s on the floor. 

Then Sonya starts telling Shang Tsung she’s done and can’t fight anymore. Then Shang Tsung puts his legs around her neck like Sonya finished Kano and tells her “bye bye baby” then Sonya actually says just like Kano “Shang Tsung give me a break” then Shang Tsung finishes her. He then picks up her body and holds her up saying earthrealm is mine. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha Blade vs Shang Tsung

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