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  • Rhea can't believe that she lost the fight

Custom clip request 

Rhea: I would love to see her with the same look like „Rhea makes her boyfriend to believe himself“. In my Customs the Character Play from the Girls is the most important Thing. Rhea has a strong behave and is arrogant. She

Thinks no one can beat her in a fight. She has a strong Body and only Shows a Little reaction from the punches against her, she doesn´t bend Forward much from the Belly Blows against her.   She only Shows a little Body language from the Hits, but she still groans from every hit she gets. Rhea has a tanking fighting Style, this means she don´t care much About her Defence. She just takes the Blows against her Belly and Head and she hits very hard. A few punches of her are enough to really damange her Opponent.

On the other Side with Have the Guy, he his a good and faster fight than Rhea. He tries to avoid/dodge her attacks and gives her quick Punch Combos against her Belly/Head.

The Video starts with the Guy doing some Sparring and Rhea Comes into the Room. She is Looking at him with a smile on her Face, she tells him when he want to Have a real fight, he should fight against her.

He refuses because he doesn´t want to hurt her. Rhea just loughs at this, she tells him that he has no Chance against her, and to prove it, she will give him some free shots against her.

Rhea is very conceidet at this moment. She just stands befor him and he goes in Fighting Position. He starts with 2 Hits against her Belly, after this he gives her 2 punches against her Head.

She only Shows a Little reaction from the Hits. The Guy is  confused: How is this possible?   Rhea puts a Hand on his throat and Lifts him up with only one Hand.  She smiles at him and throws him away. He stands up again and tells her that she is to strong for him, he don´t want a fight.  But she makes him to fight, by attacking him and the fight beginns.

The first Part of this fight is like Sasha failed to avenge the Naomi's losing from 3:45 to 6:10. She tries to hit him, but he can dodge most of her attacks, and everytime when he can he gives her Punch

Combinations from 3-6 punches against her Belly/Head. But as a said, Rhea just takes alle the hits against her, she is even mocking him, About how weak hes is an she can barely feel the attacks .

From the beginning, she become the most hits, i would say 80% and he only 20%. But when she can hit him, her Blows Have a big Impact on him. 2-4 Hits from her, are enough to really hurt him.

Rhea Always puches the attack against him, he is more in Survival mode. But after 3 Min of Fighting, she became lucky and punches him into a Corner.  In this Position he can´t avoid her attacks and

She gives him several hits. He goes down and she walk away from him: „Come on, is this really all what You can do? how disappointing.“ She  gives him a Chance to recover and get up again.

He is in Fighting Position and Ready for her attack.

Now he fights faster, the fight is more like Sven takes the arrogance out of Gerda. It seems  Rhea is overwhelmed, because for 1 min she can´t land a single hit on him, and keeps punching her.

After the min of Fighting, he can give her a good Punch Combo and she stumples back.  „ Oh, now this fight became exciting, it seems i Need to fight serious now “  and she attacks him. And for the next

30 sec.  The Guy has a hard time to avoid her hard Blows. He can´t give her a single hit in this time. But after the 30 sec  he has adapted her Fighting style and can starts to Punch her again. At start

He just can give her 1 or 2 Hits, but over Time he became better and can give her 2-3 Hits, at the end is is really good and give her Combos from 3-6 Hits, like at the beginning.  The fight goes on for 3

Min and Rhea starts to become annyoed from the fight. He avoids nearly all of her hits and keeps punching her strong Body. She has lost her arrogant look and tries serious to take him out.

But she become more and more his punching bag.

After the time he finally can he pusch the attack against her. Rhea still  tries to attack him, but at this Point he is just to good for her. And her attacks are not that powerful anymore, he can easy avoid them.

After all the hits against her strong Body, Rhea starts Feeling the Pain. She groans more and we can see it on her Face and over time she even starts  a Little bit to stumple around.

At the End she stands against a Wall, from her strong behave is Nothing left anymore. She is in Pain and exhausted, the Guy stands Right before her in Fighting Position.  

Rhea tries to Fist Punch him, but he can stop her Fist, after this he give her 2 Belly punches  and 2 Head punches. We can clearly see that this hurts her. But she doesn´t give up, she tries to Punch him again, but he avoids her attack, punches her Head 2 times, followed with one hard Belly blow. Again we can see on her Face that she is in pain, she leans against the Wall, but she still refuses to give up. Now she puts both of her Hands against his Throat and tries to choke him. But he quickly gives her 4 fast punches against the Belly, she Releases him, he gives her 2 Head punches.

Rhea is nearly to break down, for one last time she tries a fist Punch against him. But  even before she can do it, he quickly gives her one Head Punch.. This is finally to much for her, and she goes down.

Rhea is broken now, she is exhausted and in Pain. She Looks up to the Guy, she tells him that she gives up. He stands casual and tells her that she should never bother him again. She agrees and he leaves to Room, the last seconds are Rhea, while she is on the Ground.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rhea can't believe that she lost the fight

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