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  • Sven Takes The Arrogance Out Of Gerda. 2nd round

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Gerda wants a rematch as revenge/paycheck for her previous defeat.

She remains as arrogant as before, she just doesn't accept she lost and that Sven is the better fighter.

Sven is not happy with having to fight with her again but Gerda's arrogance and that she didn't learned her lesson the first time annoys him so he accepts just to taugh her a lesson once and for all. This time there will be no mercy right from the start.

The fight is a total one-sided beatdown by Sven on Gerda. Gerda takes all the hits and she doesn't hit Sven a single time in the whole fight. 

Important details:

Language: Russian with english subtitles.

Gerda never hits Sven in the entire fight. All the hits is Sven on Gerda. Gerda loses the fight very badly.

All punches on Gerda are facepunches. No punches to Gerda's belly or body. I hate belly punches on girls in fem fights.

Most kicks Sven gives to Gerda also land on Gerda's face. Some also hit Gerda in the belly, but for the most part they hit on her face.

The great majority of the facepunches are left and right punches, complemented by uppercuts, crosses and jabs. But the vast majority are left and right punches.

In some of the hardest facepunches, i'd like to see Gerda initially with her back to the camera, Sven punches her and Gerda spins toward the camera, the punch is so hard she spints from the impact,  her hair flying about from the movement.

I love Gerda's long hair, so i wish her hair to move a lot in the fight, which is why i want most punches to be left and right punches, sher hair can move a lot.

I would like Gerda wears her hair down and free. I like a lot of how her hair looks in the video "Afwbr Cobra interrogates Gerda hanging her up", he looks great.

Gerda and Sven wear the same clothes they wore in my first custom called "Sven Takes The Arrogance Out Of Gerda".

Gerda gets a crushed nose on minute 3 of the fight and gets more hurt as the fight goes on.

I would like to see a lot of moments of Gerda getting the spit punches out of her, and filmed more close to her face, so to sell the idea the punch she received was a very powerful punch.

The Fight:

First Part: 7 minutes

Gerda is shadowboxing while Sven looks on her. Sven is clearly bored and unhappy. After a few seconds of shadowboxing, Gerda stops and turns to Sven. Both raise their fists prepared to fight.

Sven: "Why do you want to do this again?"

Gerda: "Last fight was unfair. I am the best and this time i'll correct the record. I'm the champion and i'll prove it again".

Sven: "Last time i went easy. This time there will be no mercy right from the start".

Gerda looks angry: "I'm the one who will not give any mercy to you. I'll beat you to a pulp".

Gerda throws a punch but misses, and Sven hits back with 10 punches.

Gerda looks surprised and angry.

Gerda: "This was the list time you hit me".

Sven: "This is just the begining. No mercy".

Gerda: "Yes, no mercy, i'm going to..."

Sven doesn't let Gerda finish her sentense and attacks her with lots of punches.

In this part Gerda tries to hit Sven but never lands a single hit on him.

All of Sven 's punches and kicks lands on Gerda and Gerda is never able to defend from Sven's attacks.

Most strikes by Sven are fast but soemtimes he strikes Gerda with a more powerful strike.

On the more powerful strikes, Gerda does a half-spin and sometimes even a full spin.

The fight goes very badly for Gerda. Gerda is angry she is so out-matched but she is too proud to stop and give up, even if she is taking a brutal beating from  Sven.

Gerda falls to the ground a few times from either a very strong strike or after getting a lot of punches non-stop.

Initially, Sven gives Gerda 5 to 8 punches after Gerda misses her pun ches, but as this part goes on, Sven gives more and more punches aftr each of Gerda's misses, that Sven gts to hit Gerda with 20 to 40 pu ches non-stop until Gerda attacks  again or falls to the ground.

Gerda is also pinned against the wall a few times and takes a long beating from Sven.

Like i write before above, all punches Gerda gets from Sven are facepunches. Most kicks are also t the face, with few kicks to Gerda's body.

Sven also hits Gerda with elbows, knees and headbutts to Gerda's face.

This part ends after Sven sends Gerda to the ground.

Part 2: 5 minutes

Gerda is on the floor beaten.

Sven: "I shouldn't stop and say this to you, but you can stop now".

Gerda: "I never give up. That's why i am the champion".

Sven: "You don't look like a champion now".

Gerda: "I am the champion, i'll always be the champion. You are going to pay for this right now".

Sven: "I'm done with you".

In this part, Sven spends most of gthe this part hitting Gerda with very strong punches that makes her bend or half-spin or full spin.

In this part the strikes are single strikes, very powerful. Sven is on a mission to destroy Gerda.

Sven punches the spit out of Gerda a lot in this part.

In this part the fight quickly becomes a brutal beating, and Gerda no longer is able to fight back, she just takes a beating, her pride is what keeps her going.

After taking a lot of very powerful punches, Gerda falls to her knees in front of Sven.

Sven: "There's still more to come for you".

Gerda looks up to Sven, defiant to the end: "Do your worse".

Sven throws a lot of left and right punches on Gerda as she is on her knees, taking them all.

The fight ends when Sven kicks Gerda in the face a few times and the last kick sends her back and she falls on her back to the ground, her hair spreaded out around her head like an halo. Gerda is KO, but yet beautiful.

The End.

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Sven Takes The Arrogance Out Of Gerda. 2nd round

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