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  • It's just her job nothing personal. Jake joins

As discussed, I'd like another custom similar to "It's just her job nothing personal" with Stella and Joe (or a different guy you may have who can speak English and do it well) having been hired/sent to badly beat up a victim with a pillow case over his head and hands tied, hand cuffed or duct taped behind his back.  Stella dressed same or similar as in "It's just her job nothing personal," but maybe socks slightly higher.  Joe MUST be wearing shorts, black crew socks, sneakers or work boots, tank top or t-shirt and also black leather gloves.  NO MASK or shirtless.  Shorts can be athletic/basketball shorts, cargo shorts, denim shorts, army shorts or work shorts.  MUST be NOT below the knees...preferably a little above his knees.  (Please refer to the pictures I've attached here and previous email for examples. They are in no particular order, but I would prefer cargo, denim, army or work shorts and work boots over athletic/basketball shorts and sneakers if possible.).  Same and similar sound effects, shots, angles and POV's as before.  15 minutes for this one.

Video starts Stella outside the room.  She's sitting on the floor in a squatting position or knees pulled to her chest with her back against the wall looking at her phone waiting for Joe, who arrives within moments.  They greet each other and Joe squats down in front of her.  Joe does not have his gloves on yet.

"Is he ready" Joe asks.

​"Yes" Stella replies.

​"What do we have to do?" he asks.

"Beat him up very bad and break his legs" Stella tells him.

"How bad do we have to beat him up?" Joe asks.

"Boss doesn't want him to see his face" she tells him.

"Ok,  no problem" Joe says as he stands up, takes his gloves out of his pocket and slips them on.  Stella also stands and puts her phone in her pocket.  

"Before I forget, I've got a little side job tonight and wanna know if you'd like in on it cause it's a girl and ya know I don't really like beating up women if I can avoid it" he asks.

"Sure...You hold her and I'll beat her up" Stella says casually.

"Cool" Joe says.  "I'll pick you up around 10" he adds.

"That's fine" she says.

"Ok, let's go to work" Joe says.

They enter the room where their target (victim) is sitting in a chair with a pillowcase over his head and his hands tied, handcuffed or duct taped behind his back He asks "who's there...who is it?"

"The boss wants you beaten up.  We're just paid to do the work" Joe says, clenching and rubbing his gloved fists while Stella moves behind him and places her hands on his shoulders.

"Please, don't" the victim pleads.

Stella tells him "It's not personal.  We don't know and don't care why your getting beat up.  You understand."

"We just do the job.  The boss wants you beat up, and we beat you up"  Joe adds.  "We just do the work, but you probably know why" he says, ignoring the victims continued pleas.

Stella, in an almost soothing and friendly manner, says "Shh.  Relax.  Take it easy.  It's gonna be alright...." as she tightens her grip and nods to Joe who immediately nails the victim in the face with a hard right cross or jab.

Stella holds the victim firmly in place by his shoulders as Joes delivers another right to the face, then a left.

She gives Joe another nod and he proceeds to batter his face with several more rights and lefts, hooks, jabs and crosses, until Stella lets go and one of Joe's punches knocks him out of the chair.

Joe or Stella kicks him in the gut.

"Break some fingers" Stella tells Joe.  He squats down behind him and quickly breaks a few fingers.

They sit him back in the chair.  Joes stands behind him and holds him in place, and Stella tells him "the boss doesn't wanna see your face around anymore." He knows what that means and pleads with more terror.  Stella cuts him off with a series of right and lefts, crosses, jabs and hooks equal or more than Joe did.  She eventually knocks him out of the chair with a right or left hook.

They lift the victim up and stand him against the wall and take turns punching (mostly) and kneeing him in the face, gut and chin from either side. They start punching him around the room and back and forth to each other.  He falls several times and is simply lifted back up, and the beating continues.  (various positions and action)  They also kick and stomp him a few times in the gut and chest when down, and hold him for each other till finally they let him stay down near one of the walls.

They make him kneel or sit on the floor.  Stella squats down behind him with her back against the wall and holds him in a kneeling/squatting or sitting position as Joe squats down in front of him and proceeds to bombard his face with more rights and lefts.  Mostly jabs and crosses, but a few hooks thrown in.  Then they switch.  Joe holds him from behind in the same position and Stella gives him more of the same from a same or similar squatting position.  

Then they bring him to his feet and beat him around the room again.  They also hold him alternately while the other punches and knees his face (mostly) and gut more, hold him against the wall and batter him from ether side and beat him up more in the chair.  (Lots of different positions and action).  They also kick and stomp him a little here and there.  He's knocked to the floor many times, and is just picked back up and beaten up more.  His face is now severely battered and broken under the pillowcase. The entire beating has been done very methodically, hard, emotionless and without any empathy.

He is put back in the chair at some point and is beaten by both simultaneously from either side.  Finally, he falls to the floor for a last time.  They look him over and decide he's been beaten up enough.

"Remember, don't show what's left of your face" Joes says.  "Do you want me to break his legs?" Joe asks Stella.

The victim, hearing this, moans and whimpers very loudly trying to beg, but Joe and Stella totally ignore him and continue working.  Victim can only moan, groan, cry and whimper since his face, mouth, nose and jaw is broken under the pillowcase.  Audible speech is not possible for him.

"I'll do it" Stella says.

​Joe brings the chair over, sits on it and brings victims feet up and holds his ankles together between his legs so victims legs are suspended at roughly a 45 degree angle with his back flat on the floor.

With the top of his head near the base of the floor and wall and his legs suspended and held in place, Stella stands over his head (his head between her legs on the floor) with her back against the wall for extra support and leverage.  With quick hard kicking stomps, she breaks his legs or kneecaps (or both).

​Joe throws his feet off the chair as he stands up, reaches down, lifts him up a little by the shirt, and gives him a last massive punch in the face knocking him out.  Stella kicks him in the face for good measure.

"Nice job" one says to the other as they take off their gloves and put them back in their pockets.  "Thanks. You to" the other replies, and they quietly leave.

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It's just her job nothing personal. Jake joins

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