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  • Ivy and Melanie punish the customers and take their wallets

Custom clip request 

Custom clip with Ivy , Melanie and 3 actors. Length 10 minutes.
Title: Ivy and Melanie punish the customers and take their wallets
Ivy:  a) Exactly the dress she wears in ''Agent Ivy destroys the boss of the local gang'' (I like that i see the half ass while she kicks)
        b) plus tights that end a litlle higher from the knee (as Terminator Carly)
        c) high heel black shoes from ''Collectors Ivy and Carly performing the task''
Melanie: a) The bikini and top from the clip ''Battle simulations.The clones of Melanie and Carly are defeated many times''
               b) plus black tights from clip ''Carly and Melanie have argued whos fighter is better''
               c) plus black high heel platforms from clip ''Lesley and Melanie punish the clerk who was too rude''
I would like to see it in the room with the pole in clip: ''Melanie kicks the guys who dared to touch her''
with a table and 3 chairs where the rich customers will sit with costums and if it is possible a little bit low light to look like a club. If not it is no problem do it with natural light.It is not important.
*** I forgot to tell you that in the previous clip Terminator Carly i liked very much the music. It matched perfectly with the script.
Clip starts with the customers sitting in the table. Melanie comes seeing and hearing her high heels. She starts
to dance in the pole and i would like with music.
After a while Ivy comes to the room and walks in front of the customers as Melanie dances. She stands in front
of them and one of the customers holds a dollar and says to Ivy that with his money he can do whatever he want to
her. The 3 customers are generally provocative and underestimate the actresses. She gets angry and starts to kick him hard.
Music stops and also Melanie stops the dance and the 2 girls start to kick mercilessly the 3 customers in face and balls.
A kick show for the 2 actors punishing hard and stepping over with their heels the 3 customers.
As they lie and crawl in the floor Ivy asks from them to stand up. After that she orders Melanie to finish them.
At this point i would like to hear the music in clip ''Terminator Carly gets the papers'' which plays when she machineg...s the 3 guards and the boss.
She goes in the other room with the curtain and brings the machine g... They beg her not to finish them but she shoots and executes all of them.They lie in the floor
in a distance and one of them near the curtain (Last scene ''Melanie kicks the guys who dared to touch her''). As Melanie shoots Ivy laughs sadisticly.
* I would like to hear the sound of the machine g... for 5-6 seconds.
After that they go to the bodies and take from them the wallets and money.
Ivy and Melanie step over their bodies and leave the room.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy and Melanie punish the customers and take their wallets

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