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  • Carly and Melanie have argued whose fighter is better

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Carly and Melanie walk in the room with two men behind them. 

Carly and Melanie look sexy. Carly dressed like " Carly kicks the guys who dare to touch her." Melanie dressed sexy, hair down, make up. dressed like Carly. 

Carly and Melanie go to different sides of the room and sit in a chair and the men stand in the center facing each other. Cross their legs occasionally. 

Men are muscular. No shirt and only jeans.

Carly says we will see who is the better trainer. Carly tells them to fight.

Men fight for 18-20 mins. Beatdown type fight. Back and forth. Each man taking lots of punishment before retaliating. Punches to face, body, knees to body and face, Knees to balls. Also both Men taking some punishment against the wall. 10 min or so. (Fighting type similar to (tom and Erick arranged a friendly competition, Lets finish this, steve vs alex.)

Multiple camera angles.

Some Angles that show both women in the background, some shots of the women's faces reacting to the men taking punishment. Some shots of the women smiling sexy as their fighter lands punches, kicks, knees. 

Carly's fighter wins after a five knees to the face that results in a knockout. Carly walks out of the room with her fighter. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carly and Melanie have argued whose fighter is better

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