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  • Newbie challenges the champion for a fight. Tom vs Rob

Hello again! I enjoyed the last custom you made for me very much, and I was curious if it would be possible for you to do another?

I was hoping to do another custom fight scene with two guys. I have attached screenshots of the guys I included in my script for reference. I was unsure of the first guy's name, so I referred to him as Tom. The second guy I remember being called Rob. Here is the script I came up with, and it would likely be the usual 15 minutes:

Tom: tight, black t-shirt, jeans, shoes

Rob: tight, plain white t-shirt, jeans with a belt, shoes

Gym location (if available; if not, any other location is still fine!) Rob is currently the undefeated champion of his local underground fighting league. Many challengers have approached him but none have managed to beat him. Tom is relatively new to the league, but he has quickly risen through the ranks. Having not lost a single match yet himself, Tom challenges Rob to become the new champion. A series of 3 fights, with the last man standing will determine the winner.

The match starts with Tom arriving at Rob's location and challenging him to a fight. Rob is surprised, seeing how much smaller Tom is compared to him. Rob flexes his biceps, asking, “Are you sure you really want to fight me?” Tom looks unimpressed and says, “Yeah, I'm not exactly worried.” From there, the fight is on.

Fight 1

As the first fight begins, Rob begins to realize that he might be at a slight disadvantage. Tom is much faster than him, and is easily able to dodge most of his punches. Rob is built more for power and heavier hits. Throughout the fight, Rob manages to land a few hits that briefly stun Tom, but Tom continues to wear him down over time with quick punches and kicks. Eventually, after dodging another of Rob's punches, Tom delivers a quick knee strike to Rob's stomach that leaves him doubled over. Tom follows up with an uppercut that leaves Rob stunned and reeling. Next Tom attacks Rob's stomach with fast abdominal punches for at least ten seconds. He ends his attack with one last uppercut. Rob is left dizzy and unstable for about 20 seconds (keep the camera focused on him during this time) before he rolls his eyes and collapses flat on his back with a moan, KO'd. Tom briefly admires his handiwork, saying, “You're gonna have to be a little faster than that next time, champ!” The camera focuses on the unconscious Rob for a few seconds. He's completely out cold at the moment. The camera slowly fades.

Fight 2

Tom eventually reaches down to tap his opponent awake. Rob slowly comes to, and Tom helps pull him to his feet. “You did good in that first fight, kid,” Rob says acknowledging his defeat, “but I'm on to you now.” Tom shrugs his shoulders and says, “Show me what you've got then, big guy!” The next fight begins. At first, this fight seems to be going the same way as the last. Tom dodges many of Rob's punches and gets punches in when he can. However, Rob eventually fakes out Tom and delivers a punch that knocks him to the floor. Tom struggles to get back to his feet and continue the fight. Rob goes onto the offensive and Tom soon finds himself getting worn down over time as he begins receiving more of Rob's heavy punches, even when he tries to dodge or block. Finally, once Tom is exhausted, Rob shoves him up against a wall behind him. Too tired to react, Tom receives a full force punch to his stomach from Rob that weakens him further. Rob then rapidly punches Tom's head like a speedbag for at least 10 seconds. With Tom now completely disoriented, Rob pulls him off the wall and back out to the gym floor. He steadies the dazed and barely conscious Tom with a hand on his shoulder to support him. He then delivers one last powerful gutpunch, making sure to have Tom lean into it. Tom's eyes go wide as he moans in pain from the punch. Rob keeps his fist pressed in deep while still holding Tom upright. Tom's eyes begin to droop and he gasps for breath as he starts to pass out. Satisfied, Rob releases his fist from Tom's stomach and then lets go of his shoulder. Tom remains dizzy and unstable, unconscious on his feet for about 20 seconds (keep the camera focused on him), before collapsing flat on his back KO'd. Rob inspects his opponent to make sure he's out cold before saying, “You had a good run, kid. It's all over for you now, though.” He proudly flexes his biceps for the camera. Lastly, the camera focuses on Tom for a few seconds. He's taken an especially hard beating in this fight and looks like he may not be awake for a while. The camera slowly fades out.

Fight 3

Tom eventually wakes up and is helped to his feet by Rob. Tom clutches his aching stomach and says, “Alright. I'll admit it was a bad idea to ask you to show me what you've got.” Rob laughs, “Only one more fight to go. Once you're knocked out, you'll get some good rest.” The two guys prepare for their final fight by taking off their shirts and tossing them away off-camera. As the two ready their fists, Tom says, “Don't worry, I already got my nap in. I'll make sure yours is nice and long.” Both guys fight their hardest through this final fight. Tom continues to wear down Rob with quick hits, but powerful hits from Rob occssionally knock Tom to the floor several times. Tom's plan to exhaust Rob appears to work over time. Rob stops to catch his breath, and Tom immediately attacks with fast abdominal punches for about 15 seconds. Afterward, Rob attempts to throw a punch, but Tom dodges it. Tom counters with a painful groin kick that drops Rob down on all fours. Before he can react, Tom delivers a knee strike to Rob's head that knocks him to the floor, flat on his back. He then drops to straddle Rob's waist. Tom pummels Rob's stomach with punches for the next 10 seconds until it's clear Rob is nearly beaten. Tom stands back and pulls Rob into an upright sitting position. Rob is dizzy and sways for 10 seconds. Satisfied, Tom playfully winds up a punch, blowing on his fist for good measure, and then throws a final knockout punch at Rob's face. Rob is immediately knocked flat on his back, completely KO'd. Tom flexes his biceps in victory and places a foot on his opponent's stomach. “Looks like it's time for you to retire. I'll wait for you to finish your nap first, though!” Tom smiles one last time down at his handiwork before exiting off-camera. Lastly, the camera focuses on the KO'd Rob for several seconds. He had seriously underestimated his opponent. Rob definitely won't be waking up any time soon. The camera slowly fades out. END.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Newbie challenges the champion for a fight. Tom vs Rob

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