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  • Jake and Joe fight for a girl

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Jake: tight, black t-shirt, jeans (or gym shorts if unavailable), shoes

Joe: tight, plain white t-shirt, jeans (or gym shorts if unavailable), shoes

Living room location. Jake and Joe are brothers who constantly go head to head with one another. This time, they both realize they're attracted to the same girl. In order to decide who gets to ask the girl out, they decide to fight for it. The last man standing after 3 fights will be declared the winner. 

The video begins as the two brothers agree to the terms of their challenge and shake hands on it before readying their fists.

Fight 1 (Joe Wins):

At first, the two are evenly matched. Both brothers go back and forth throwing punches while the other blocks or avoids the hit. Soon, both of them start landing their punches. The two evenly trade between gutpunches and punches to the face. Soon, however, Joe throws a heavy gutpunch to Jake's stomach (show a close up shot of Jake's stomach receiving the punch, see other attached pic for reference). The punch knocks the wind out of him, and Jake clutches his stomach in surprise. Joe then hits him with an uppercut to the jaw. Jake staggers back a few steps and then becomes dizzy for about ten seconds. Joe laughs at his disoriented brother before throwing one last punch, causing Jake to roll his eyes and collapse flat on his back, KO’d. Joe smiles and flexes his biceps, taunting his brother by saying, “I’d say my chances are looking pretty good. I hope you're enjoying your nap!” Lastly the camera zooms in on the unconscious Jake for a few seconds as his chest slowly rises and falls before fading to black.

Fight 2 (Jake Wins):

Jake slowly wakes from his recent defeat and gets to his feet. “Are you sure you wanna go for a second round?” mocks Joe. Jake ignores him and readies his fists for another fight. For the first part of the fight, Joe dominates with heavy punches against the weakened Jake. Jake does his best to endure his brother's attacks and manages to fight back with a few hard-hitting punches himself. He lands several powerful punches to Joe's face and jaw. Joe staggers back a few steps, trying to shake himself awake. Jake winds up another punch, and Joe instinctively tries to block another incoming face punch, but Jake surprises him with a gutpunch instead (show a close-up shot of Joe receiving the punch to his stomach). Joe can only stare in shock and disbelief as his brother keeps his fist pressed in. Jake follows up with an uppercut that finally leaves Joe dizzy for about ten seconds. Jake smiles at the damage he's done. Finally Joe rolls his eyes and collapses flat on his back with a groan, KO’d. Jake flexes his biceps in victory, saying, “You had no idea how good that felt to knock you out, bro!” The camera zooms in on the unconscious Joe for a few seconds as his chest slowly rises and falls before fading to black.

Fight 3 (Jake Wins):

Joe slowly wakes from his unexpected defeat, and gets to his feet. He shakes himself awake before telling his brother, “Wow. I have to admit, you got me good in that last fight.” Jake smiles and replies, “I’ve been training. Gotta show up my older brother one of these days.” Joe smiles before pulling his shirt off and tossing it aside, “Alright then. May the stronger brother win!” Jake also pulls his shirt off and tosses it aside before readying his fists. The two brothers stand facing each other and decide to hold their last fight by trading face and stomach punches back and forth between them until there's only one man left standing. Throughout the fight, each guy becomes weaker and more exhausted over time. Each guy is nearly knocked out at different points. Finally, a punch to Joe's jaw causes him to sway unsteadily on his feet for a few seconds before he collapses flat on his back with a groan. Barely conscious, Joe looks up at his younger brother and weakly says, “I’m proud of you, bro… you got me… Now finish me off… you earned it…” Jake kneels beside his brother and then begins throwing punch after punch to Joe's stomach for the next 30 seconds. Joe grunts and jolts from the impact of each punch at first but slowly weakens until he no longer makes a sound or reacts by the last few hits. With his final punch, Jake keeps his fist pressed into Joe's stomach for several seconds until he's satisfied knowing his older brother is finally KO’d. He stands up and flexes his biceps in victory over his older brother before saying, “You put up a good fight, bro, but it looks like I get the girl.” Jake leans down to give a friendly pat on his unconscious brother's stomach before leaving the room, “Why don't we have a rematch soon? I'd love to knock you out again!” Lastly, once he's gone, the camera zooms in on the KO’d Joe for several seconds as his chest very lightly rises and falls. He fought hard, but he'll be out cold for a while now. END

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Jake and Joe fight for a girl

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