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  • Invincible Sasha vs Stella and her clones

Stella and her army have taken over a building. 

Sasha breezes in and finds Stella #1 wearing the red leotard http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=537&search=stella&page=2 Sasha says she is looking for a challenge. Stella is not aware how powerful Sasha is. Sasha tells Stella that she is here to fight and defeat her army. Stella 1 laughs that off says she is going to take Sasha prisoner and take her to the real Stella. Stella 1 grabs Sasha's arm and tries to drag her away with all her strength but she can't budge her an inch.

Stella  thinks it's some kind of trick so she attacks with all punches to the stomach that don't have the slightest effect. then she starts desperately searching for a weak spot (including a karate chop to her neck) and  targets her head. Sasha talks trash to Stella keeps presenting herself wide open and laughs at the attempts to hurt her. She asks her to hit harder. Stella puts all her effort into one huge front kick to the stomach that makes Stella to fall back on the ground. Sasha just walks past her knowing this Stella 1 is no threat. After Sasha is gone the Stella 1 clone calls the real Stella on her phone and warns her they have a big problem.

Stella #2  dressed in sports bra and jean shorts http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=559&search=Stella Sasha approach and Stella hits her a bunch of times, but it is very obvious that she fails to hurt her in the slightest. "Are you even trying?" Stella pulls a blade, attempts to hit Sasha in her stomach, but it fails to penetrate her skin. "Doesn't seem very effective, does it?" In desperation she uses her fist to try and hammer the blade into her body, but nothing happens to Sasha. Sasha eventually grows bored and knocks this Stella out with one casual backhand slap.

Stella #3 will be in the black shirt and pants from this. http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=559&search=Stella I wasn't sure if you had a hallway location that was warm enough to shoot a short scene in. I wanted Sasha to appear at one end of the hall and Stella with a shooter at the other. Sasha just walks toward Stella who unloads an entire clip and the bullets just bounce off. Sasha snatches the shooter out of Stellas hand and throws it away. Sasha offers one chance for Stella to do something, puts her hands behind her head. Stella throws one incredibly hard punch into Sasha's stomach but it just breaks bones in her hand. Sasha lifts her up in a throat lift until she falls.

Stella #4 wearing this http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=507&search=Stella&page=2 The Real Stella is on the phone with her, tells her to take the serum, tells her it will give her the strength of 500 men. She takes it as Sasha walks in. Stella 4 brags about the power she feels taking over her body. Relaxed, Sasha opens her arms to invite her to punch her. Stella 4 smiles confidently and laughs at her. She delivers a hard right blow into her abs. A little earth shakes but Sasha again isn’t affected at all. Stella punches for a while again into her stomach, screaming in anger, and STELLA keeps standing there happy and unharmed.

Stella #4 grabs Sasha in a bearhug squeezes her with all her strength but she can't cause Sasha the slightest discomfort. Sasha easily breaks out of the bearhug, put her own bearhug on Stella. It's almost effortless on Sasha's part and Stella is hurting badly. Sasha stop squeezing, blows a kiss at Stella, she makes her put her back into the wall. Stella tries one more attack, throws her hardest punch into Sasha's chin, the room shakes, but she just badly hurts her hand. Stella then tries to headbutt Sasha but she just knocks herself out.

Sasha takes on the Real Stella wearing http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=393&search=Stella&page=2 - The final scene will feature some moments from the other "Invulnerable series' film.

Sasha will enter and Stella will drink another potion. She lets her know that this one give her the strength of 10,000 men.

Sasha seems excited and happy to see her this strong. She’s still friendly and calm.  I hope I can finally feel something. Sasha puts her hands behind her back again, awaiting for her to start.  STELLA: I have never felt this much power. I will destroy you" She walks up to her, delivers a massive, giant punch into her abs that makes the earth shake. SASHA Oh, that was a joke, right? Was that the strength of 10000 men? Please, try again as hard as you can.

For 30 seconds Stella delivers slow, heavy blows to abs and face, all to no effect. How are you so strong? Why won't you go down? Why can't I hurt you?

And after that I kind of want to be surprised. I'll let you finish the story off from there. Sasha obviously the winner.

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Invincible Sasha vs Stella and her clones

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