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  • Captured agents have to fight each other to survive

Custom clip request 

Scene 1:

Lora and Karina are on the rooftop of mob boss's house. They were both sent to eliminate the mob boss, failed, and were captured. The mob boss tells them to fight each other. Winner gets to walk away. Bad things will happen to the loser. Lora and Karina fight for 10 mins. This should be a hard fight, both girls are fighting to survive. I would like to see more of what I liked in the first custom: lots of movement, spinning/jumping kicks, and girls getting hit hard and falling/rolling on the ground. Don't purposefully damage the costumes (ie no pulling & ripping) but its ok if they get damaged during the fight. Both girls are evenly matched but Lora eventually gets the upper hand and overwhelms Karina. The mob boss tells Lora to "finish her off". Lora refuses, telling the mob boss to do it himself. The mob boss gets angry and tells his henchman to finish Lora off.

Scene 2:

This scene starts with Lora vs the henchman. Lora is tied from the previous fight and in big trouble. She is able to dodge the first few hits, but her hits are weak and the henchman just takes it and laughs. Eventually she gets hit hard a few times and goes down. Lora is now on her back, crawling backwards trying to escape the henchman. He runs up and grabs Lora by the neck, and starts to squeeze. Just when it looks like its over for Lora, Karina hit the henchman hard and pushs him aside, saving Lora. Karina helps Lora up, and now both of them fight the henchman together.

When the henchman is about to lose, the mob boss joins in and now its a 2v2. I leave the ending up to you, surprise me.

Some additional details:

Lora is in the black&hot pink skirt from my second custom, with black side facing out and pink side facing in.

Karina is in the light pink skirt from my first custom.

Both girls in sexy tops, bare midriff, use a silk/satin material if possible. Lora has a leather jacket on top.

Both girls in sexy underwear, as revealing as possible.

No pantyhose like last time.

Both girls in heels to start but up to you when they lose the heels.

Please shoot outdoors, in full sunlight, like last time.

Please iron both silk skirts before the shoot.

Don't care about the male actors, can be same or different.

Please pay attention to position of sun: sun should be behind camera to get the best footage, please do not shoot against the sun as it darkens everything and blurs the footage.

If possible, please have a few upskirt POV shots when the girls are doing high kicks.

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Captured agents have to fight each other to survive

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