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  • Stomach resistance competition. Sasha vs Ivy

Custop clip request 


This is belly punching contest match

   They trade belly punch for each other 5 times in 1 turn. 


 The 1st attacker attack 5 times , and  2nd attacker attack 5 times.  These turn repeats...)

  ・My expression request

  ・belly attack are almost so deep

      attack (like upper body blow and screw their body and solar plexus)  

Hit belly and screw fist and keep fist 

(3~5 seconds) 

   These over suffering reactions

  ・more suffering reactions with 

      hard cough 

  ・suffering with sticking their tongue            slightly

  ・covering belly with hands when 

      they are belly punched , sometimes

      crouch down on the ground.

  ・spitting dynamically by belly        

      punching  like spray, jet 

     (not dripping like drool)

  if they can with no problems ,

     I want them to use viscous liquid for

     spitting on many scenes, 

     for example, viscous liquid is milk,


Special Scenes 

1.Spitting when the fight is end

Finally the winner  make a guts pose .

But the winner is about to spit because of damages by belly punch fight,

and the winner cover her mouth and try to endure spitting,

but finally the winner spit dynamically.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Stomach resistance competition. Sasha vs Ivy

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