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  • The training of secret agents Melanie and Gerda

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Gerda is training to be a secret agent under Melanie. Open with Gerda in casual clothes practicing high kicks towards the camera for 1 min. Enter Melanie, in secret agent gear (leather skirt, black pantyhose, white underwear, no boots yet). She tells Gerda to get ready, and Gerda changes into a similar costume. After changing they warm up by practicing different types of high kicks pov to camera for 3 mins. 

Melanie tells Gerda - today we will learn new finishing moves. Melanie puts Gerda in a standing foot choke, a reverse headscissors, and an armbar. After each one, Gerda tries the same technique on Melanie. Gerda is having fun with the training, laughing and enjoying herself. 

Melanie brings in a male actor. "Now we will test your skills on a real target. Put your boots on." Both melanie and gerda put on high leather boots. They take turns kicking the male actor for 2 mins, and then knock him down by kicking together. Gerda puts the male actor in a reverse head scissors for 20sec. Melanie says "you have knocked him out. I still need to show you one more technique." 

Melanie points at the cameraperson. Both Melanie and Gerda kick at the cameraperson for 2min. They take off their boots and continue kicking for 2 min. Cameraperson is knocked down, and Gerda puts them in a reverse headscissors. Melanie tells her to stop, and both stand over the cameraperson. She says, "lesson for today, is we always humiliate our enemy." She puts her foot on the lens for a few secs, and takes it off. Gerda does the same. Then, both agents put their feet onto the lens. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The training of secret agents Melanie and Gerda

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