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  • Karina and Stella punished the thugs making them to play the ponies

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Karina is riding a horse on the beach and enjoying the scenery. A guy appears and leads her to the forest. He shows her a big trunk. When Karina trys to open it, he attacks her from behind. She gets rid of him and they begin to fight. When Karina beats down him and mounts him to interrogates him, another guy attacks her from behind and drugs her.

The guys take Karina to their camp. Their boss uses some witchcraft to inject an evil empress soul into her. Karina wakes up, but her quality has been changed. She is the empress now. The boss wants to control her mind and make her work for him, but empress won’t work for anyone. She tells the boss that she will replace him and rule them all.

So they fight. Empress beats the guys down easily. Then she sits astride the boss, punches him, asks him who’s the boss now. The boss finally surrenders, begs her for mercy and promises he will obey her from now on. Empress tells him that he must be her slave to show his loyalty. She stands up but still crossing him, orders him to gets up on all fours. Then she sits down on his back just like on a horse. She holds him, orders one guy to get the rope(that uesd to bind her). The guy obeys, he brings the rope to her(with kneel down). She makes the boss to mouth it as a rein.

Empress orders the two guys to kiss her boots to show their loyalty. After that, she rides the boss as a horse around the camp. After she enjoyed enough, she gets off him and orders him to kiss her ass. After that, she orders another guy to come and bend down on all fours. She sits down on his back as a chair.

She begins to ask them questions. The boss and the other guy kneels down, listening. She asks them who they are, what’s their purpose,etc. 

So, from what the guys tell, the Empress knows that there are two special girls, Karina and Stella, their DNA contains superpowers. If their DNA fused, it will creat very powerful energy that can rule the world. Now she has already occupyed Karina’s body, if she finds Stella, and takes her soul, she will be the most powerful goddess.

So she decides to sent the three guys to find Stella.

The next day. Stella is riding a horse on the beach. She is looking for Karina. Three guys appear. Stella asks them if they had ever seen a girl in white blouse and jodhpurs riding a horse here. The guys know that she is looking for Karina. So they say yes and lead her to the forest. When stella gtes off her horse, the boss tells the two guys to kidnap her. Then they fight.

Stella beats down all the guys finally. She sits astride the boss and interrogates him. When the boss just going to tell her, Kairina appears with riding a horse.

Stella is surprised and pleasantly to see Karina appearing. But Karina is the empress now. She orders Stella to surrender. Stella can’t understand what happened. After some dialogue, Karina attacks Stella. So the two girls begin to fight.

It’s a well-matched fight. After some standing fight, Stella manages to get on top of Karina. She punches her to try to drive the empress soul away. But empress is stronger, she manages to get rid of Stella and turns on top of her. She grabs Stella’s neck, wants to destroy her and take her soul.

Stella is so sad, she says to Karina that it’s her, Stella, her best friend. She says that with a faint voice again and again. Finally, Karina is roused by Stella’s words( some special effect).

After some dialogue, the two girls understand that it is the three guys done this.

Then the two girls fight against the three guys. In order to deal with two strong girls, The boss uses some witchcraft to make the guys stronger than before. But the girls are still better than them. After a short time well-matched, the girls gets the upper hand.

They finish the boss together. Then they wrestl the two guys down, sit astride them, punch them powerfully. The guys try to struggle, but the girls sitting stablely, with knees pressing their arms. So they can’t get rid of them. After a whlie, the guys surrender and begin to beg the girls for mercy. There’re some dialogue, and the girls finally agree to spare them.

But the girls come up with an idea, as a punishment, they decide to make the guys to be their mounts. So the girls stand up, order the guys to get up on all fours. They find ropes from the guys(used to bind them), they uses it as their reins. And they also get their short whips.

So the two girls ride the two guys as their horses. They order them to crwal along the beach for a long distance, then turn around. They enjoy the riding very much. Then they decide to ride separate to get their real horses. When Karina rides the guy to her real horse, she gets off the guy, and uses the guy’s back as a step to get on her real horse. Then orders the guy to kiss her boot while she is on her horse. Stella order the other guy to do this, too.

Finally, the girls gather together on the beach. They already tie the guys behind their horses with the ropes. The girls seems very happy. And they ride their horses away by slowly steps.

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Karina and Stella punished the thugs making them to play the ponies

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