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  • Casey proves that she doesn't need anybody to guard her

Custom clip request 

Here's another video request with Casey and 4 guys that played Bo, Rob, Jay and Joe.


Casey - in an athletic outfit, her hair in pigtails, athletic shoes

Bo, Rob, Jay and Joe - shirtless, in athletic shorts and shoe, no masks


In the room you call the flats.

The scene starts with the 4 guys (still with shirts on) in a room having a contest who is the best among them in a arm wrestling. Then, Casey  walks in the room and says “Looks like you boys are having fun, can I join in?” The boys laugh in a cocky manner. Jay would say “You? A girl, having a contest with us? Impossible!” Joe would say “Yeah! Girls are weak and you are no match to any of us guys!” Casey will be unimpressed and say “Really? I could take all four of you, actually.” The boys laugh again. Jay would say “That’s what you think! Well just look at this!” All the boys will now take their shirts off at this time and start flexing in a cocky manner and teasing Casey with words like “you’re a girl, you’re weak” Have the guys flex for about 20 seconds. Then Casey would say “Well now, shall we begin?” Bo will laugh and say “She is really serious about this, alright, you know what, I could take care of you on my own. You boys just watch, I got this!” Bo then flexes once more as he approach Casey. The other 3 guys will just watch for now. Bo then attacks Casey but she keeps in dodging his attacks. Then Casey catches Bo’s fist, she twist his arm then kicks him in the gut, followed by a knee to the chin brings Bo to dizziness. Make him dizzy 10 seconds then Casey delivers 10 seconds of fast abdominal punches then an uppercut sends Bo KO’d to the floor. Casey places her foot on Bo’s chest and says to the 3 guys watching “So, which one of you guys is next” The guys look at each other then decided that they will attack Casey at the same time. Casey would say “Aaww... 3 against 1, I like it!” The three guys, Joe, Jay and Rob attack Casey but she keeps in dodging their attacks. Finally, the guys surround Casey and they all attack at the same time. Casey ducks and the guys hit each other instead and bring them to dizziness. Have them dizzy for 20 seconds then Casey will give Rob 10 seconds fast abdominal punches then an uppercut, Rob will stay dizzy. Then Casey delivers the same attack to Jay with 10 seconds gut and an uppercut sends Jay dizzy beside Rob. Casey will then do the same to Joe and with the uppercut, Joe will be dizzy beside Jay. Now three guys are dizzy side by side with Jay in the middle. Like in the previous video, Casey will deliver the 5 double gut punch and 5 double uppercut, since there are three guys, Jay will always get hit. She starts with Rob and Jay, doing 5 double gut punch and 5 double uppercuts repeated twice then moves onto Joe and Jay delivering the same 5 double gut lunch and 5 double uppercuts twice, then moves back to Rob and Jay then again to Joe and Jay, do this for maybe 4 cycles. After that, show the guys dizzy for about ten seconds then Casey delivers karate chops to each guys neck making them kneel in front of her. Casey then attacks with the left and right foot slaps hitting all three guys for about 15 seconds. I like how you did it in the previous video, you start with 15 seconds foot slap with Casey’s right foot then you switch with another 15 seconds foot slap with her left foot, same camera work from previous video. After that, show the guys dizzy for 15 seconds then Casey delivers an uppercut to each guy making them stand up again, still dizzy. Bo then wakes up and notices the the three guys are in trouble, he tried to sneak up on Casey but she knows, she dodges Bo’s attack from behind and gives Bo a knee to the gut then an uppercut making him dizzy beside Joe. With four guys dizzy, Casey laughs and says “I though you guys were strong? Oh, well” Casey then does the 5 double uppercut and 5 double gut punches to the guys starting with Rob and Jay then to Joe and Bo, repeat it for maybe 5 cycles. After that, 15 seconds if dizziness for the guys. Casey finishes each guy with a set of combo moves that I will leave to you, you know the moves I like, such as speed bagging the head or the consecutive uppercuts like charging the arm etc... Just start with Rob, then Bo, then Joe and lastly Jay. Have the guys KO’d like in the picture. Casey with her foot at Jay’s chest looks down at the guys and says “Not really a challenge. Waste if my time” Then Casey leaves. Have the camera focus on the KO’d guys on the floor for about 20 seconds then the camera fades. 

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Casey proves that she doesn't need anybody to guard her

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