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  • Anna brought Erick and Drago to dizziness

Custom clip request 

Hello Lesley, 

I would like to request another custom video this time with Anna and the guys that played Drago and Erick, this time, Anna shall bring the dizziness to the guys


Anna - wearing something sporty, let her hair loose as it is. She will have a playful attitude just like with Lora from previous requests

Drago and Erick - both will be shirtless, wearing sporty shorts only


The gym that you always use will be the perfect location. Drago and Erick are two top boxers and Anna will be their trainer.

The video starts with Drago and Erick training, boxing each other (both guys still have shirts on at this time) After about 30 seconds of training with each other, Anna walks in the gym and notices the guys, she would say "so, are you boys ready to train?" Drago and Erick then looks at Anna with disbelief, Drago would say "you? A girl? Will train us?" Both guys would laugh. Erick would say "you girls are weak, there's no way your training us" both guys continue to laugh. Anna would be unimpressed, left hand on her waist and right hand twirling her hair. She would say, "well, this girl will kick your cocky ass". Both guys continue to laugh in a cocky manner, Drago would say "Girls can never beat guys!" Erick would say "just take a look at this!". Then both guys will take their shirts off and flex their muscles in front of Anna. Focus the camera on the guys flexing for about 30 seconds. Then Anna, looks unimpressed says "ok then, let's prove your point, let me see you both beat me!" Drago would then say, "you just challenged yourself to defeat" Drago then steps forward towards Anna to attack her but Erick hold his shoulder to stop him, Erick will then say "Let me handle this one, this should be easy" Drago agrees and let's Erick go first. Erick flexes once more before he attacks. Have Erick attack Anna for maybe 30 seconds but Anna dodges all of his attacks. Finally, Erick is angry and throws a punch, Anna ducks down then uppercuts Erick in the belly, Anna then knees him in the head, then gives him 10 gut punches, followed by 5 uppercuts, another 10 gut punches then an uppercut brings Erick to dizziness in front of Anna. Have the camera focus on Erick dizzy for 15 seconds. Also show Drago in surprise that Anna was able to take on Erick, Drago would say "This cannot be" angrily. Then Anna decides to KO Erick, as Anna was about to punch Erick in the head, Drago wraps his arms around Anna to stop her, Drago would then say "c'mon Erick, attack her now, I got her locked" But Erick cannot hear anything, he just remains dizzy. Anna laughs and says "you guys are cheating now, I thought your gonna take me one on one" Anna then kicks Erick in the gut, then in the chin which KO's Erick to the ground. Focus the camera on the koed Erick for 10 seconds. Then Drago will look down at Erick in disbelief. Anna then steps on Drago's foot, Drago releases his hold on Anna due to pain. Drago recovers and attacks Anna but she catches his punch, twists his arms then kicks him in the gut. Anna then knees Drago in the head, then she delivers 10 guy punches followed by 5 uppercuts, then 10 gut punches and an uppercut bring Drago to dizziness. Focus the camera on Drago dizzy for 15 seconds. After that, Anna says "you guys are no fun" she grabs Drago by his neck and moves him close, next to the KOed Erick, Anna gives Drago a gut punch and an uppercut sending him to the ground KOed next to Erick, both guys side by side Koed. Anna puts her foot on Drago's chest then says "you're not good enough" then moves to Erick and she puts her foot on Ericks chest and says "your not good either" Anna walks away and looks at her phone. Then the camera focuses back in the guys KOed for 15 seconds then it fades.

The scene opens again with Anna waiting for the guys to recover. Both guys woke up, confused as to what happened. Anna says "finally, you guys are awake, took you long enough" Both guys got mad. Anna says "so, you guys ready to train?" Both guys did not listen, they focused on attacking Anna. They surround her and attack her from both sides. She ducks and both guys hit each other instead bringing them to dizziness. Anna then holds Drago by his shoulders and places his back on a wall, now Drago is dizzy with his back resting on a wall. Anna gives Drago 10 gut punches and an uppercut, he stays dizzy. Then Anna grabs Erick by his shoulder and places him on top of Drago, Erick's back resting in front of Drago (like they're in a line) Anna gives Erick a gut punch but she noticed that as she gut punches Erick, it seems like Drago can also feel it as Drago reacts like he was getting a gut punch as well. It's like her punch was so strong that it reaches Drago on the back even though it was delivered to Erick in the front. Anna continues to attack with 10 gut punches then 5 uppercuts to Erick, Drago will also react as if he is receiving gut punches and uppercuts. Another 10 gut punch and 5 uppercuts then repeat once more. After that, 10 seconds left and right hooks in Erick's head (Drago will react as well). A gut punch, an uppercut then a right hook spins Erick out of place to the right side, dizzy, Drago stays in place though. Anna then delivers a gut punch, and uppercut then a left hook spins Drago out of place to left side. Anna ko's Drago first with fast abdominal punches, an uppercut, followed by a charged spinning uppercut while hitting Drago as she charges it. Drago is KOed on the floor. Anna puts her foot on his chest then looks at the dizzy Erick. She says "training is over" she grabs Erick by the shoulder and moves him closer to the Koed Drago. She finishes Erick with the same move she finished Drago, and Erick get KOed on top of Drago. Have them KOed piled like in the image attached to this email. Then Anna places her foot on Ericks chest and says " better luck next time boys" she walks away, the camera focuses on the guys koed for 20 seconds in different angles then it fades.

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Anna brought Erick and Drago to dizziness

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