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Custom clip request 

Number of participants: Lora + three male enemies (can use the male actor if he wears a mask, or different men, it's up to you)


Anything bikini-cut for the bottoms to show off her legs, for example "Wonder Lora" or even a bikini. If she wears pantyhose, they should be transparent/skin color. Something simple and feminine for the top (like maybe a tank top), and something basic for footwear (maybe tennis shoes or basic heels or something). Her hair would be down too (not in a ponytail or tied up). For the enemies, I have no preference (they can wear masks too if you use the same male actor).


Lora getting revenge on three bad guys, one at a time. She starts out reading the newspaper and is shocked and angry to discover that there are three bad guys who have been criminalizing her town. She decides to put a stop to this and make the men pay the ultimate price. She has three separate encounters, with each encounter being a one-on-one fight (see below for details). Each encounter would start with some dialogue, then the fighting which would last for roughly 2-3 minutes, and end with her saying something witty and castrating him with a particular attack. During the fights, Lora should also attack other areas of the body as well (about 40% groin attacks, 60% other areas of the body). The fights would be relatively close in the beginning, maybe even the male having a slight advantage, but with Lora gaining a greater advantage as she starts using more groin attacks.

Some additional details:

- Lora's attitude should be angry and vengeful throughout (not really acting flirtatious). At the end of each attack, she should still feel angry, but also a little more smug/satisfied at the end of each encounter.

- For all of the dialogue, can you have Lora and the male actor(s) speaking in English please?

- For type of groin attacks, it would be mainly front kicks (foot coming up into the groin and making contact from underneath, not like a front "push" kick), as well as knees to the groin. Some grabs, hand strikes, uppercut punch while doing the splits, etc. would be fine too for variety. In the videos I've seen, Laura does the groin kicks very well and they look so realistic!

- Each enemy's reaction should be realistic and very pained, especially for the groin attacks. He should make the stereotypical, out-of-breath groaning noise as he clutches himself.

- Her attacks would look very forceful (for example, winding up her kicking leg or exaggerating the motion) and she would yell "Kiyaa!" or "Hiii-yaa!" for the more powerful ones. The more powerful attacks to the groin should be repeated from multiple creative camera angles and low camera angles, and some in slow motion.

- Each encounter should end with Lora's line of dialogue, and the camera slowly panning up Lora's body as she looks down at her defeated opponent, satisfied and smirking a little but still angry. Can you have this happen from the front, back, and side, for different views?

First encounter:

The first encounter would be against a man with no weapons (hand-to-hand combat). It would start with Lora saying she's found him, that she's hunting down the bad guys and making them pay, etc. The guy would laugh and tell her she's next, and after a brief exchange, they would fight. (Aside from the above requests/details, you can design the fight as you like, since you guys have excellent creativity in your other clips!) However, for the finishing move, Lora would give him multiple, hard front kicks to the balls (6 or more kicks) in a row, in rapid succession. As the man is clutching himself and struggling to remain standing, Lora should say, "Do you know what my favorite sound is for a the guy like you?" and then deliver a final, devastating front kick with an accompanying sound effect ("crunching" noise). This final kick should be shown from several camera angles, including low camera angles (between the man's legs, from behind and to the side of Lora, and others angles), and some cuts shown in slow motion. And then she says, "That. That's my favorite sound." Then the camera slowly pans up Lora's body to her face as she watches him. 

Second encounter:

This encounter would be against a man with a baseball bat or club. It would start similar to the first encounter with some brief dialogue, then the fighting starts. Again, please design the fight as you would like, but Lora should strike him in the balls with the bat at least once or twice, in addition to the other groin attacks. Near the end of the fight, the man should be laying on the ground, trying to scoot away from Lora and begging her to stop. For the finishing move, Lora would lift up her leg and hold it there for a few seconds. (The camera angle would be from the man's perspective on the ground, looking up at her as she has her leg raised.) While doing this, she would say, "But this is the best part. Never mess with a woman who knows where to aim, asshole!" Then she angrily stomps down on his groin and yells, "Kiyaa!" and then grinds her foot, completing the job. Again, can you show her stomping down and grinding from multiple angles (including one from behind her), and add sound effects to emphasize that he is destroyed. He will squirm for a few seconds as she is doing this, and then he is out from the pain.

Third encounter:

This final encounter starts out similar to the previous one with short dialogue. However, this final guy is worse. He brags about how he's victimized the most women. This angers Lora, and she tells him that he's the last of the three that she's looking for. He asks where his two other friends are, and she says, "They're busy clutching their manhood. Or, what's left of it." They start fighting, and he's a little tougher than the other two initially. But again, as she starts incorporating more groin attacks, she starts getting control. Near the end, the man is almost defeated and very angry - he pulls out a trunk and threatens to end her. Lora disarms him and gains control of the trunk and points it at his head. She tells him how his days of hurting women are over. Still standing, he begs her to spare him. She replies with, "I won't eliminate you...but you'll wish I had." Then she lowers the trunk slowly down to his groin and says, "Hope you enjoyed having your balls." Then she shoots him twice, first in the left testicle, then in the right testicle. The man reacts as expected, in extreme agony. Lora says, "ooooh..." while smiling and wincing, like she's mock-sympathizing with his pain. Then she aims for his groin again and says, "And now for the grand prize...", shoots him there again, and says, "Right in the dick. I've always wanted to do that." He moans in pain. (It would be awesome if you could add firing effects.) Then she walks off, finally looking happy and no longer angry. The camera should also be close behind her as she walks away for a final view of her from behind.

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The day of reckoning

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