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  • Casey vs the team of karate. Part II

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The four guys are practicing karate in the gym: two pairs sparring. Casey comes in.  The guys stop and turn to her.  She strolls in confidently.

Casey: "How did your tournament go?"

One of the guys: "We won.  We are the champions now. [ Introduces his partners ]  Those two are now world champion in their weight classes.  [Points to the third, and then himself ] Him and me, we came in second.  

We are famous now!"

Casey: "Well, champion or not, I show you that you will still loose to a girl"

The guys laugh.  They say: "Haha, that's funny.  You caught us last time, unprepared and untrained." " Since then, we have trained six months, perfecting our fighting skill."  "You really want to fight us now?"

Casey: "You still don't stand a chance against me.  I can beat any one of you."  The guys don't know what to say.  Casey: "I tell you what.  I like a bit of a challenge today.  All four of you, against me, at the 

same time.  I bet you cannot beat me." The guys laugh.

First fight: the fight is on.  They line up, Casey on the other side.  Have some nice shots from behind her, with all the guys in front of her, 

getting ready to attack.  They start encircling her. One of them "Let's not be stupid like last time.  Let's attack her all at once!".  So they do.  They all simultaneously come forward. Casey did not quite 

anticipate that.  So, a tough fight commences. Back and forth.  The guys come at her, two, three or all four at once.  They occasionally  manage to hold her, punch her: in the abs, also the face.  She struggles against these holds, trying to break free, but they hold her tight.  She kicks the punchers away, manages to break free, goes on an attack, kicks one down, but the other three attack her again.  They manage to wrestle her to the ground, they fight on the ground for a bit, but she gets the better of them.  And so forth.  Feel free to be creative.  Mix in ground fighting.  The tide gradually turns in her favor.  She starts taunting them more and more, becoming increasingly cocky, as the guys become increasingly desperate: "C'mon, attack me now!"  "Here, help your friend, he can't handle me alone!"  "Is that all you got?"  "You are so weak and pathetic."  "Punch harder!" "Punch again!".  Etc.. Eventually, all four are on the ground, moaning. She has beaten them.

Casey: "See, I told you.  Even the four of you together cannot defeat me.  I am just better than four male world champions combined! And I am just a girl!"

The guys get up, shaking off the beating.  They shout "You just got lucky, that's all!" "Yeah, we were just going easy on you!"  "We are world champions!  Nobody can beat us!" Casey: "Oh yeah?  I just beat you, though."  Smiles. Casey: "Let me make it easier for you."  She points to the additional belt. "You can tie my hands behind my back.  I can still beat you then, no problem!".  The guys look baffled:  "You hear what she said!  Let's do it"  "Yeah, let's beat her up now, her fault!".  They tie her hands behind her back.

Second fight, a variation of the first fight.  Even tougher for Casey now, that her hands are tied behind her back.  Back and forth. They grab her multiple times, holding her really tight, punching her abs, while she struggles to get out or beat away the attackers, etc.. She eventually wins.  The guys are once again on the ground, while she is triumphant.

Casey taunts them, while they are getting up: " You call yourself world champions?  You just got beaten by a girl!  What a shame!" The guys get up.  One of the guys: "Well, we are still tired from the tournament!"  

Casey: "What, you can't last fifteen minutes?  You are getting tired already?  You are so pathetic and weak."  She walks around them. "Ok, one last challenge.  Here, take off the belt from my hands first".  One guy unties her now.  Casey: "I will make it even tougher for me.  We just fight on the ground, all four against me.  I lie down, and you get to start the attack any way you want.  Let's see who wins now!"  The guys: "Haha, she is too cocky!" "Let's clobber this bitch now!"  "You will be sorry that you suggested that ... once you wake up after being knocked out!"  They are almost celebrating, anticipating their victory.  

Casey: "You really think this will be much of a challenge for me?  Think again!"

Third fight, on the ground.  Casey lies down.  The guys approach her, take positions.  Two guys hold her arms, one her legs, one on top of her. Casey "Are you ready?  Let's fight!" They start fighting.  The guy on top starts punching her, while the others hold on tight to her.  She struggles, gets to a better position.  All four of them attack her.  She keeps attacking one, then another one, trying to chоke them or armbar them, while trying to hold others with her legs.  The four of them do well counterattacking, though. Back and forth, toughest fight.  Casey looks like she might be loosing. But the guys start tiring.  She starts to be increasingly successful, chоking one of them or scissor-pressing another one: they are struggling and in pain, while Casey increasingly starts taunting the others to come in and help their friends in need. 

Eventually, two guys are on the floor, having been chоked out, while she holds the last two, who are now exhausted, in pain and tap out. She releases them, they collapse.

Casey gets up.  She piles up the four guys on one heap, does a victory pose.  The camera lingers on that, going around, showing multiple angles. Casey: "I told you I am much stronger than you four world champions combined!  I promised you, you didn't stand a chance!  I was able to defeat you, even when giving you all kinds of advantages!  I win!  I win every time!"  She walks out: "Bye guys! This was lots of fun!  Let's do it again, sometimes! I can beat you anytime anywhere!"  

The end.

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Casey vs the team of karate. Part II

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