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  • Zara crushes men with her hands

Custom clip request 

For the custom, I would like to add one or two things : it must be exactly the same as the one with Sasha (same filming angles, same strikes, some other if you want as you know what I like but the victims are always tied) except for two things. 

1. Zara must have natural nails with a colorless shiny painting. Catsuit and long sleeves like Sasha (with the strip of cloth between the thumb and the forefinger, it is really sexy). And please, make her straddle her victims as often as possible. 

2. The POV scene at the end must be long (almost 1/4 of the clip, that means about 4 mn). I want to be scared by her attitude. She must say my name (Arno) many many times and tell me horrible things in how she will eliminate me. She must butcher me with her hands and fingers (karate chops, neck snapping, hard strangle, ripping Adam's apple, serpent strikes), with half her hand always visible at each strikes (and the thumb, as always). And she strike slowly, letting her hand on the point of impact like on her other victims. She must show real hate on me when she strikes me. She must really look like as if she wanted to eliminate me. 

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Zara crushes men with her hands

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