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  • Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part VI

Custom clip request  

Hi Lesley, here is custom for You 


Karate man is on the floor hurt, you walk in hands over waist put toes front of his eyes, please put toes as close as possible to his eye not above his eyes but in front of his eyes. You bends checks his pulse on the neck keeps hands on his neck asks him where are the rest of the gang. He says they are all in this hi rise building.  You still have hands on his neck, and he keeps looking at her toes, You say “karate is the only solution here” you then walks out of the room slowly with him looking at her. Her feet flat on the floor toes side way (not up).

Scene.2  - They fight knees bent this entire scene

Karate man practicing karate you walk in show him your secret agent ID card and tell him “you are under arrest”. He kicks at her ID throws it away, goes to karate pose. They now bow each other may times looking each other toes he stares at your toes. They now both go down knees bent hands chopped fight like that this entire scene pic.3,4  (not standing but knees bent). They are in karate pose hands chopped. They attack each other with karate chops but they block each other’s hands. They circle around each other with lots of focus and knees still bent. Fight continues knees bent hands chopped in front  You hits him in the stomach hands like a knife few times then karate chop his neck during the fight and makes him dizzy he karate chop your too but you bends or goes side way and miss. At this time your karate chops had already taken it’s effect on him but he doesn’t even know it. You knows he is not feeling good looks at him underneath his face with karate pose. You knows he is finiyoud but the man doesn’t know it yet. They both focus very hard hand chopped staring each other 5 seconds . All the sudden he get dizzy and falls hard on the floor front of your toes. Please show this from behind you too just like pic.5,6 (you had bent knees then stand up looking at him toes side way).

Scene 3.

Stare way scene, but you can do the throw in the room window then resume scene he is on stairways.

They are not on the stairs but in the room. Karate man stealing government documents and sees your reinforce toes front on him on the floor. He looks at you from toes up, gets angry you has hands on your waist. He gets up karate chop your neck and kicks him in the stomach pushes you on the floor. You is on the floor. He now knows this is his last chance to finish you, he raise his feet to crush you in the face you opens your eyes in the last minute and sweeps his legs he falls hard on the floor.  You now stretches your leg way up after throw. The man knows he has no chance gets up and escapes.

You follow him from one room to another or in the lobby, they now enter the other room. He throws objects at you you bend and he misses. They now fight very close to the stairs throw lots of  high kicks and chops at each other knees bend karate poses. Then Hands chop to each other stomach but your chops have more effect. You are very close to the stairs. He now attacks you with a pounding punch to throw you out from stairs. You block his hand twist it put it behind his back pushing him a little and at the same time put your both hands up just like pic7 and same exact time says “haaaaaaa” at this point cut the scene. On resume scene the man is on stairway down broken body please show this scene on the actual stairway. You now go down to visit him on stairways come front of him stands one steps above or below him put hands over waist look down at him, they stare each other. You say “karate man thrown away of stairway with karate, all broken bones here”. They keep staring at each other his eyes open, you now raise both hands again pic.7 look down at him, say “haaaaaa” again. Then say “world is saved now from karate gangs”. Please make pic.7 show your full body toes too.


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Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part VI

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