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  • Black belt will not save you from mortal Lesley's feet

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Scene 1 : you are the karate angel bare feet, you come to a piece with a coat and sexy mule shoes (like photo) and you take of your coat that we discover you GI TOP. you slowly take of your shoes with a close up of your feet (maxi 30 seconds for all). And you do a karate pose behind the men. the fight began. no stop fight, always kick men.

A woman vs 3 men at the same Time...no Hands fight, just kick, High kick, round kick and finish them at the end of the fight, a man with her barefeet on a wall, she lift the man With her leg...a close up  that we could see the legs in air of the man and the foot of the woman on the ground, a second man destroyed With high kick in the head and the woman stay in High kick and the man is extended on the ground With several plans, the last man finished With flying kick in the head.

i like slow motion to when we see the bare feet kick the man.

At The End you bring together The 3 men and you do a victory pose ( 30 seconds) that we see Your barefeet on the men, but not flat feet on The 3 men...you curve your feet on the 3 men and say...merry christmas my dear, you know I'm waiting for you to worship my feet (close up).

The kick on the men is essentially on the head with some close up when you kick man face but with realism and some slow motion, you could do some stomach kick but the camera will be a little down to catch the scene. 

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Black belt will not save you from mortal Lesley's feet

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